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Express yourself by competing in Elftown's official
competitions in art, poetry, prose, crafts, photography
or photomanipulation.


Let us all know how you feel about books, movies,
games or other products by writing a review
about it. To read reviews, go to: reviews

Writing Contests

Express yourself by entering poetry and prose
contests set up by other members of the
community, or start your own contest.

Art Contests

Express yourself by entering art contests set up by
other members of the community, or start your
own contest.

Art Section

The Art Section of the Elftown Museum has many
galleries displaying various works of art from the
community. Express yourself by submitting your
own art, or curating your own exhibition

Photo Contests

Express yourself by entering photography contests
set up by other members of the community, or
start your own contest.

Artist Wiki

A big list of the art galleries of members of Elftown
and also of groups who love to talk about art.

Literature Wiki

A big list of all the writing archives of members of
Elftown, and also of groups who love to talk about
literature - prose and poetry.
This button in the top navigation bar will take you
to your journal (<URI:home.html?show=diary>),
where you can write entries about what you're
doing or how you feel.


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-The wiki-index
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2004-07-14 [EmoPanda]: PUT THE WIKI PAGE LIKE IT WAAS

2004-07-16 [44. Caliber Love Letter]: NO!!! It's better this way-give it time you'll get used to it!

2004-07-16 [44. Caliber Love Letter]: ...DO YOU REALLY THINK IT'S THAT BAD?

2004-07-16 [Romymari]: i dont...

2004-07-17 [jokerzladykrazy]: how was it before??

2004-07-18 [Romymari]: A Bit Messier...They had all the contests on one page...I think, if i remember right... :-o

2004-07-20 [lil_half_demon]: Hi.

2004-07-20 [lil_half_demon]: how's your live?

2004-07-20 [lil_half_demon]: *sigh*...nm

2004-07-20 [mind_poet]: Aww, *pats lil demon's head* They not listen to you? :(

2004-07-21 [Romymari]: Isn't it adorable...*gazes out onto the lil' half demon

2004-07-23 [Augury]: yelly people.

2004-07-26 [Jaco_Luv77]: Um excuse me...

2004-07-26 [Jaco_Luv77]: Um excuse me...How do i get to role play i'm sorry if i interupted something!!

2004-07-26 [Jaco_Luv77]: *Cries*Why is it that Everytime I say somthing im regected?Please talk to me!I'm new I don't know my way around ElfTown

2004-07-26 [Jaco_Luv77]: *Weeps*Please say somthing!!

2004-07-26 [hellsangel]: something

2004-07-26 [hellsangel]: Are u happy now?!

2004-07-26 [Jaco_Luv77]: No not really!

2004-07-26 [Romymari]: Instead of coming to the Elftown Expressions you should have went to Elftown Community...then to Text Games...but I think I just give you the link here... Text.

2004-07-27 [Jaco_Luv77]: If anyone would like to do a really dramatic and action roleplay go to celines love roleplay!

2004-07-27 [shadiz]: *mysterious green haired elf walks up and looks aroud*...  *then laeves*

2004-08-08 [DarkJenni]: loves how the new wiki page is, but was startled and confused when she found out...O.o!

2004-08-13 [prince of phlesh and phlame]: hey everybody...since this is the expressions wiki i was wonderin if anybody here culd check out my fantasty story im writiyng

2004-08-13 [prince of phlesh and phlame]: thanx in advance

2004-08-13 [iluvturtlepie]: prince of phlesh and phlame i never knew about that website

2004-08-14 [Cascading water lillies]: Hi I would like it very very much if anyone, who could spare a few mins, would like to see a lovely fantasy love story at AsthemistclearsPandora. It's a w.i.p. Tell me what you think? Thank you so much!

2004-08-25 [Praise Adonai]: ummm >sinful vampyre looks at commints, melts them with her steely gaze and stalks off to cook bniets while wondering if anyone will ever sign her guest book or check out her polls<

2004-08-27 [Crownless Kiya]: someone here?

2004-09-05 [dookaraki]: yea

2004-09-05 [Ryvre]: pale gothic elven girl walks up sits and stares into your eyes

2004-09-05 [Ryvre]: konnichiwa

2004-09-05 [Ryvre]: ogenki desu-ka?

2004-09-06 [dracotta]: im bored

2004-09-07 [sexy4you]: anyone here to talk to

2004-09-08 [Ryvre]: hello

2004-09-08 [Lily~]: o namea wa nan deska? Ithink thats how you spell it... ^.^

2004-09-08 [Ocean Dreaming]: <KIA>Onamae ha nan desu ka. ;) Or, if you want to be completely correct: お名前は何ですか。 Of course a person's (screen)name is generally easily found. ;) A lot of people don't like giving out their real names. A good policy, too. ^-^ Anyway - watashi no namae ha Shanra desu. ^-^

2004-09-10 [Lily~]: Hey there!! Umm I can't get Japenease charectures so I can't be compleatly correct *cries* Well I was basicly wondering what everyone wants to be called...

2004-09-19 [Ryvre]: you can call me.......taranee

2004-09-20 [Lily~]: Nice to meet you! ^.^ I'm Lily!! ;)

2004-09-21 [dweebhight]: Hola. What is this

2004-09-25 [apokryph]: w0ot!

2004-09-26 [deadbandages]: hey

2004-09-26 [deadbandages]: hey n e 1 heard dis poem          i am war, i am pain, iam all u ve ever slain, i will cheat and i will lie, i am death, u must die

2004-09-26 [Ocean Dreaming]: If you mean: "I am war/I am pain/I am all you've ever slain.// I will cheat and I will lie/I am death/You must die." - then no, I've not heard of it. And there's plenty of room for improvement on it. Short, but far from any standard upheld in poetry, imo.

2004-09-26 [tinsnip]: I like the poem, It sounds like a song or something.

2004-09-27 [Lily~]: I agree with [tinsnip]!

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