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Official Competitions

A list of all the currently running official contests
in art, photography, photomanipulation, writing,
crafts, costume design, etc.


Slightly less official contests all with holiday
themes from various cultures around the world.

Daily Poem

Get your poetry featured on Main Street!

Featured Art

Nominate a friend's art to be featured
on Main Street!

Featured Member

Nominate your friend to be interviewed
and featured on Main Street!

Featured Wiki

Nominate a wiki you or your friend made
to be featured on Main Street!

Featured Story

Nominate a story you or your friend wrote
to be featured on Main Street!

The Town Herald

Join the Town Herald team and contribute
to each issue of Elftown's Official E-Zine.

Elftown Museum

Contribute some of your art for display in the
museum, or even design your own exhibit. There
are many ways to contribute to the museum.

Elftown Webart Donations

Donate art to Elftown for use on official


Know a way to improve Elftown? Check here
to see if it's been suggested before or
to make a suggestion.

<forum:Elftown, Suggestions>

Alternatively, you can make your suggestion
in the suggestions forum.

Elftown - Resources

Elftown has many art resources that can
also be contributed to (some of which may
earn you a badge) - find them here!


This page lists great unofficial ways to
contribute to Elftown and make the
community better.

Suggest A Poll

Suggest a poll to be used on Main Street
when there are no contest polls running.
They can be silly or serious.

Upcoming News

Suggest something to be featured in
the news so the whole community reads it.


Donate money to Elftown to help
keep the site up and running.


Want to help translate some of Elftown's help
pages into another language? Find out what
needs doing here.

Tutorials and Lessons

Make tutorials and write information pages
for other Elftowners!


Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The help index

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2004-07-17 [skiman]: HEDDA SUCKS!

2004-08-06 [Reapuh]: Hey I think that if you would like me and My friends could make you guys a game based on your site because the banner you have for mainst is very intresting I think a game would do nicely I could make you a game along with some friends in c++ if you like also we would only like a small payment

2004-08-09 [griffins rage]: how go i send poitry in?

2004-08-18 [Drezella]: Periodically changing the boreders would be a rather nice touch...dont you think?

2004-08-24 [jenoclone1]: i think that would be nice

2004-09-02 [Ryu Durress]: oi reapuh great idea a game could make this place even better

2004-09-02 [songing]: I think that a map would be helpful.

2004-09-05 [loko_puertorro]: i think that one chold see ones house!!!

2004-09-05 [loko_puertorro]: that would be kool dependiong on your fantasy race that would change your house and your status on the page also and to buy stuff or to have it on the background

2004-09-05 [loko_puertorro]: or create yourself!!!

2004-09-05 [loko_puertorro]: but pleaseeee change the backgrounds or thy somethings cause green is not bad but you kinda get tired of it aaaand well green calms on but put a bit of darkness or bright colors !!! wheeeeee

2004-09-05 [loko_puertorro]: im bored so i think that one comes up with koolthings when one is bored so lets see what things i can come up with

2004-09-06 [Ocean Dreaming]: If you want to change the green - you could always make your own style sheet.

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