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2007-07-22 15:18:40
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Elf Pets


This page is dedicated to all Elftowners and their pets! Feel free to add your pets on here so everyone can see your furry friends at home!!


Elf-Guinea pig


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2007-07-09 [Wednesday]: lol lol lol i forgot about the fish!!! but do people take pictures of their fish?

2007-07-09 [moira hawthorne]: sure! I do .. and I know other people who do on ET... Ive seen them on their house... speacially betas... they are fun to photogragh!

2007-07-09 [Wednesday]: Cool! I used to have fish when I was still in school, but I never took pictures of them! ......they wouldnt stand still! lol

2007-07-09 [moira hawthorne]: its a challege!... see.. A Fishie story

2007-07-09 [Wednesday]: *runs off to have a look*

2007-07-09 [Wednesday]: *comes back* those are really nice !!! I had a blue and a red one like that!

2007-07-09 [moira hawthorne]: thx u... yes betas come in all kinddas of colours... very beautiful fish!

another pet I know ETers have... Elf-Horses...

2007-07-09 [Wednesday]: ah! my cousin had a horse! but then again she lived like outside town and had the money and space to have a horse!!! *jelous*

2007-07-09 [moira hawthorne]: I use to ride... for 10 yrs I rode regularly... more than once a week... and Ive had several opportunitys to buy a horse... just never enough money

2007-07-09 [Wednesday]: they are very expensive! but i love riding a horse!

2007-07-09 [no one123456]: My cousin's grandfather owns a huge ass stable in Puerto Rico. I love to ride and play with the horses. ^.^

2007-07-09 [Wednesday]: he is one lucky man then! *jelous*

2007-07-09 [no one123456]: Lol yep.

2007-07-10 [moira hawthorne]: have you advertise this wiki on say... The wiki┬┤s wiki page ..???

2007-07-10 [Wednesday]: no, i didnt know about it! will have a look! thanks

2007-07-25 [Wednesday]: Any Artists around wanting to try out their skills on the Banners???

2007-07-25 [no one123456]: Umm... I can draw a few of those but I don't have a scanner.

2007-07-29 [Demon Epona]: Oooh! *raises hand* I'll try! ^^ It may take awhile though...

2007-07-30 [Wednesday]: what i do ..if you dont have a scanner...once you finished with your drawing you can take a photo of it! ....

2007-07-30 [Wednesday]: Come on people lets see those banners and Imagine pet ideas!

2007-07-31 [Demon Epona]: I've got it all planned out in my head, but I just need the time.... >.<;

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