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Elfpack is a general community for meeting new people on the net. It doesn't have to emphasize fantasy, art, games, or Elfwood, though of course some of the members like those things since they are pretty cool.
Elfpack looks a little bit like Elftown, but for some people, it may turn out to be so much better! Why?

• It has all the good things in Elftown, and then some!
• The Council and Guards on Elfpack tend to be more lax than they are here.
• Elfpack's Uploading Art Rules are a lot less strict. You can put up ASCII art or art that has been marked free for your use, right in your house, as long as it isn't racist or child porn.
• You can play Toggery! It's a fun strategic online trading card game. Or if you don't feel like playing, you can always submit your art to be made into Toggery cards so that more people will see it.
• Jokes on Mainstuff, their version of Main Street.
• Daily Goofs, which are members who get featured on Mainstuff (if they want to) just for looking goofy.
• Adopt pets for your house at the Giffie Pet Store!
• You can give out Coolpoints to any member you think is cool, and of course, you can receive them from anyone.
• Because Elfpack fits a much wider category of people than Elftown, you'll be able to meet way more different types of people there.
• There's a greater variety of really fun contests there.
• You don't have to write a "good enough" bio to join. You just join.

So come to Elfpack, guys!

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