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Elfje's Pristontale Fanfiction

Hello people! Here on this wiki I will place the chapters of my Pristontale fanfiction, to get more readers. You see, I could find no real fanfictions of this on the internet, and I really enjoyed writing one, but no one seems to really care.
I think it's a huge step for me that I've begun writing again, even though it's only a fanfic. I really want it to be more popular, because I've tried so hard to make it a good one.
Anyways, I really hope you have the time to read it through, even though you don't know the game.
My Regards.


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What is Pristontale?
Pristontale is a MMORPG, just like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. Though Pristontale isn't as populair as these, I think personally it has the best story. This story though, isn't made very clear in the rpg itself (one of the reasons I started to write a fanfiction).
If you want to learn more, go to

DecennioN (my current clan on PT)

Pristontale: The City of Dusk

Volume 1. Melocrie sets off with a party from Ricarten, in a quest for Navisko, the cursed city. There they find that things are worse than they thought. Navisko is reigned by a terrible clan called the Koltans, who possess great and powerful weapons.
The curses of the Midranda have scarred all of Priston, but light shines in the darkness. For Melocrie isn't what she always thought she was, and she finds out that she is special, as she decides to turn Destiny's Tide.

1 - TCODchapterA The Hour of Fate
2 - TCODchapterB The Elected Warriors
3 - TCODchapterC The Cursed Land
4 - TCODchapterD The Lunans and the Koltans
5 - TCODchapterE The Way to Navisko
6 - TCODchapterF Cursed Navisko
7 - TCODchapterG No Other Choice
8 - TCODchapterH The Titan and the Figon
9 - TCODchapterI Destiny's Tide
10 - TCODchapterJ Child of the Gods

TCOD SPOILERS For anyone who loves spoilers ;)


Main Theme

Destiny's Tide

Pristontale: The Eye of Midranda

Volume 2. When Eura is invaded by the Disciples, Daemon ends up with the Hellphoenix Guild. In the meantime, the old party is revealing more about Priston's history, as Yiro escapes from the dungeon and continues his rage over the world.
As three groups oppose each other for the fate of Priston, the great truth becomes clear. Priston's fate had been crumbling for many years and now everyone's struggling to find out whether it's too late to save themselves.

1. TEOMchapterA The Hour of Fate
2. TEOMchapterB Yiro's First Strike
3. TEOMchapterC The Shadow Approaches
4. TEOMchapterD The Escape
5. TEOMchapterE Loss of the East
6. TEOMchapterF The Falcorra
7. TEOMchapterG HellPhoeniX
8. TEOMchapterH Midrandos of Majok

Still in progress...

TEOM SPOILERS For anyone who loves spoilers ;)


March of the Phoenix


Lenaen's Theme

Pristontale: The War of the Gods

Volume 3 (the last part) - Yet to be written


Final Ending Theme

Please be patient while the story and this wiki are under construction...


Holy Messengers

D'sT - FGPT Remix

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