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2007-01-29 20:08:42
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Me and the Witchking of Angmar

This is my dad, the most gorgeos man in the world.
And I don't mean that by looks.

[Gilraen Miriel] not able to stay awake during Maths.

Singing Frogs!

The Fairyking!

The giant from Little Thumbling!

The Trollking!

Oooh scary innit?

[Nicronimo] and me^^

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2005-12-30 [Jitter]: LMAO <img50*0:stuff/frogs.jpg>

2005-12-31 [Melocrie]: LOOL! Yeah, they're from a fairytale theme park, called the Efteling. As is the giant, the troll- and fairy king, and the scary thing on the wall.

2006-01-14 [Nicronimo]: OMG NOO O_o take it off..^^

2006-01-14 [Nicronimo]: Where's yer B A yutiful piccie btw?

2006-01-14 [Melocrie]: Oh, het stond op me house, maar ik heb em al weggehaald. Kijk maar op

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