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[Room Setting]
There are many comfortable, yet simple chairs facing a wood-backed chair of different design than the others and slightly larger. A three foot long black blackboard at the right of the door as you enter has a single bit of chalk and one eraser on the shelf below it. The walls are grey and very plain.


A woman in a red dress sits in the different chair, waiting for her students to arrive. A large bag lies beside her feet.

Raphael walked in and muttered a, "Hello.." He then walked over to a spot on the floor and sat down. He took out and older looking book and started to read.

"Come, sit. The chairs are there for a reason." The woman smiles slightly.

Raphael looks around and nods. He gets up and goes and sit in a chair, in a little discomfort he continues to read his book wondering to himself when the lesson will start.

Arus walks in grabbing the nearest seat, he quickley pulls out the things he'll need for the class.

The woman laughs softly. "Put your things away, Arus, is it? You won't need them. I believe I should start the class, as it's ten past. The other students will just have to catch up." She looks at both students carefully.

Arus glances at her, then begins packing away the things he had just been taking out, finally he said "so, what are we gonna do?"

"We are going to bring the magic out in you. I take it that neither of you have had any magical training before this?"

Arus raised his hand "I'v had some minor training, but nothing this solid, though I've been reading the books, and practicing, it's still kinda hard to control."

She nods. "Good. I am Professor Ylaraniala Aspengold, Professor Ylara or Mistress Ylara to you. You are Raphael" She nods at him "And you are Arus. Raphael, what magical teaching have you had in the past?"

Carana sneaks in quietly, her pale face mouthing the words "sorry I'm late". She takes a seat in an unobtrusive corner of the room and listens intently.

Raphael stated, "Well, I have had any training by a tudor or any thing, I have trained by myself mostly elemental stuff but that's it...well and lots of meditation."

She nods. "Carana, as you are late, I will talk to you at the end of the class. Now, first I want to tell you that magic is NOT something that's just fun. You can use magic for many things, but you still should be careful. If you are not, you may die. That is a risk we all take. Now. Your first lesson is to make an energy, cold, or heat ball; as beginners you will find that the first ball you can make is normally the one that is easiest for you. Put your hands as if they were holding a ball about as big as your hands. Then concentrate on the area between them." She watches all three intently.

Raphael focuses intently on the area between his hands...slowly a black ball forms with small electrical pops every now and then.

The professor gasps and stares. "My god!"

Raphael gets startled and the ball dissappears...,"What...what did I do wrong!" He stammered over his words not realizing what was going on.

"Are you certain you have not taken magical lessons."

He looks frightened, "I'mm sure...tell me what I did..was it bad..I didn't mean to...I'll try not to do it again."

Carana eyes Raphael curiously, then tries herself.

A small but bright round shape appears between her hand. Its light does not flicker, but the ball refuses to grow.
Carana looks at her result disappointedly and, accordingly, the ball turns a sickly blue shade and then fades.

"Alright, Raphael, you shouldn't try to make that ball that you did any larger than it was. And only do that once every week. You made a shock-ball by the look of it... Now, Carana, don't be disappointed. That's what you were supposed to get from this exercise. In fact, it's not a bad start at all." Professor Ylara takes a deep breath.

As she walks quietly in, Elfy smiles at the Professor, and sits down at a near chair, holding a small book with her.

Raphael nods, not sure what to feel...he tries again this time he is mainly concentrating on not making..whatever it was he made last time. Soon in the middle of his hand there was a small ball emitting a cold aura. He nodded at the mistress with satisfaction.

Professor Ylara looks at Raphael's ball and nods with satisfaction. "Excellent. That's a little less powerful, easier to learn to control. You have made a cold ball. Carana, you made an energy ball." She turns toward the new girl and repeats the instructions for making an energy, cold, or heat ball. "And next time," she adds, "be on time."

She looked down embarresed and blusshingly, "I am sorry Proffesor, I just came in." As she holds her hand up and shows the Professor a purfect cold energy ball. As she blinks and let's it shimmer away as it seppeard.

Carana tries her energy ball again. This time, it grows bigger than before with a warm yellow light, then suddenly wavers and becomes unstable.
Carana tears her hands away startled and the ball disappears. "Ouch!" she squeaks and shakes her hands. Disappointed, she wonders why her classmates are doing so well while she seems to screw up.

Looks at the girl and blinks, handing her, her cold energy ball smiling, "This is all I can give." as she speaks softly, still blusshing greatly cause of that she wear way too late. As she smiles softly and holds her hand out "Hej.. I am Lessien Telemnar, but my friends call me Elfy, so can you if you want." As she blinks again and looks back to the Proffesor "Excuse me.. Do I get extra homework now? Cause of I was too late?...".

"No, Lessien, you do not. Next time you may, however. Firstly though, the cold ball is what you have. An energy ball is different; you obviously misunderstood me. As for you, Carana..." She glances very sharply at the girl "I want you to understand this. You are doing VERY well. Many students have been unable to do anything after many tries, while you succeeded at doing so with your first. You did make an energy ball. Be satisfied with your accomplishment, though try again to perfect it. Lessien, you may sit next to Carana if you wish."

She smiled blusshingly, as Lessien sitted down next Carana, "I understand, Proffesor. Thank you. Next time I will be on time. I promise." Looking down her desk softly holding her hands toghter. Staying quietly.

"Thank you!" Carana smiles at the Professor, then at Elfy.

Elfy looks up and smiles back at Carana. Thinking she made a new friend.

"You may talk by the way. All of you may. However, it is preferred that you talk only about the lesson. If you distract another student too much you may get an extra essay." After this announcement, Professor Ylara goes over to Raphael and Arus to see how they are doing.

Carana turnes to Elfy. "You're not doing this for the first time, did you? Have you been at a Magic School before?"

Blusshes and smiles softly, "No I did this before.. My mom you see... She is an Elf, my dad.. Is likewise a human.. My mom teached me when I was a little girl.." As she looks down still holding her little book by her, holding it close on her lap.

The teacher glances at them and frowns. "Keep practising." is all that she says.

Looks up "Yes Madame." And folds her hands again trying to make a cold ball instead of a energy ball.

Carana sticks to her energy ball, concentrating at keeping it stable, if small.

Looks at Carana and does the same, looking how diffecult it is to keep it small. Lessien thinks.

Elizabeth walked in, looking embarressed that she was late..."im sorry im late"

The professor gives a long, exasperated sigh. "Oh well... I was told I might have eleven or so students, at least you showed up. Next time you are late, though, you will get an extra essay. Sit down next to Carana and Lessien, they'll tell you what to do."

Elizabeth nodded, "sorry again". she sat down near Carana and Lessien very quietly.

She smiled at the new girl quietly, and holds her hand out "Hej.. I am Lessien." as she speaks softly, and points to Carana "This is Carana." Smiling she forgot her ball and loses it again, trying to keep it up, holding it verry small. While whispering to Elizabeth "Your new, eh? Like me?". Looking at her curious.

"em..yes, i am new, im Elizabeth" she said nerviously and slightly shaking

Smiles happily knowing now she ain't the only new and too late one in class. Grinning softly slightly blusshing "I wear late too in class.." Lessien said softly showing Elizabeth what they have to learn.

she smiled nerviously, "Im new to all of this"

"I am too, shall we go afther this lesson to the girls room, did you got allready a bed?" Lessien asks quiestionly, as she looks at Elizabeth, softly letting the ball grow.

"no, i havent, ive just arrived" elizabeth said and them paused.."so what should i be doing?"

Lessien looked at the Proffesor "I think better you can ask her, she is better at explaining things. Better then me anyway :p". Lessien said.

Elizabeth nodded timidly and put her hand up, waiting to be told when to speak.

"Yes, Elizabeth?" Ylaraniala asks.

Lessien continued working on the ball, making it small like a mouse.

"Im sorry to disturb you, but im not entirley sure in what i am supposed to be doing" elizabeth said lowering her hand

The professor laughs merrily. "Don't worry about disturbing me, Elizabeth. That's what I'm here for. Your first lesson is to make an energy, cold, or heat ball; as a beginner you will find that the first ball you can make is normally the one that is easiest for you. Put your hands as if they were holding a ball about as big as your hands. Then concentrate on the area between them."

"even though that's what you are here for, i still do not wish to distub you" Elizabeth said, remembering everything her family had told her about "manners" and the laws she was brought up to abie by. she placed her hands in the postition she was told and concentrated.

Keeps an hold on the little small ball of energy and blinks at it as it grows for a sec, looking at Elizabeth and Carana, she let's the ball go from one hand to her other playing with it lightly, Lessien drops it, and the ball dissapears, blusshingly, makes a new one and just holds it.

Carana's energy ball gradually grows as she concentrates really hard.

Raphael concentrates once again until a small cold snowball like ball forms. He turns when the teacher isn't looking and tosses it at Carana to get he attention. He whispered, "It helps if you think about the already being there..hehe..instead of trying to force it to be there."

The teacher turns around. "Very funny, Raphael. You will be able to do that in five minutes, we will have three minutes left after that, specifically for what you've just done."

Elizabeth ignored everything, but still concertrated on her hands until she finely did it.

"Excellent, Elizabeth. One minute, students."

Forms a half snow ball in her hands, as she concentrates harder, hoping this is good for a first try. Lessien ponders and pokes her snowball gently.

Elizabeth smiled slightly and concentraited harder as it grew alittle.

Raphael grinned at the Mistress and went back to making numerous fire balls...occasionally burning himself.

"Time is up. Homework: Describe how making heat balls, cold balls, and energy balls is different and the easiest one for you to make. It must be one page. Now, you may do what you will for the last five minutes."

Raphael looked around for a second then out of no where six or seven snowballs appeared at his feet. "SNOWBALL FIGHT!" He picked up two and hurled them at Arus.

Elizabeth stood, "i dident think you lot were capable of acting in such a child-like mannor"

Raphael laughed, "Aww come on Lizzy lighten up" He threw one right at Elizabeth.

"I agree. Being childish is being alive." The professor whacks Raphael firmly with a huge cold ball, blasting him all over to freezing.

Carana gets off balance as a snowball flies just past her ear. "Huah..." she squeals as she zaps her left hand violently on the now disappearing energy ball. She frowns at Raphael.

Elizabeth dodged the ball and folded her arms, "I'm sorry, but i was not brought up to be included in such a childish event" elizabeth said walking and sitting in the corner, opening her bag to bring out a book

Arus dodged the snow ball thrown at him, while trying to conjure one of his own ends up with a little ball of water, he frowns for a moment dissapointed, then shrugs and throws it Rapheal "Ha ha! you didn't say it had to be snow."

"Alright, that's enough! Off to your next class!" The professor laughs.

Carana walks up to the professor.
"You wanted to talk to me, Miss?"

"Ah yes. You missed the beginning of the class... you really should be on time. Now, you seem to be grasping this pretty well, I want you to do me a favor. Could you help everyone be on time next time?"

Elizabeth stood "im sorry again for being late" she said putting her book in her bag and opening the door, walking out

"I'll do my best, Miss... I'll look for the girls in the dorm." Carana replies.

"Good, and the guys too if you can. Now go on, I don't want to keep you."

Carana smiles at the professor, then leaves class and runs down the hall.

Raphael gets up, and runs out the door after Carana, "HEY wait!"

Arus walked and looked around, "Hello?, anyone here?, guess not."

Ylaraniala quietly comes in and again sits down in the master's chair. She nods at Arus. "Apologies for not being here first, Student."

Elizabeth walked in, carring her bag on her sholder on weakly smiling as she sat

Lessien fallows Elizabeth and sits at a table, looking down at her feeth, sighing some, but remains quietly.

Raphael walked in the door with a slight grin on his face and sat down.

"Alright, let's start the class. I know that all of you did very well with the energy ball, though each of you, as expected, have a different take on it. This class we will test you on what your personal talent is. Students, please make an energy ball." The professor smiles slightly, lifting a hand and making one of her own.

Lessien raissed her hand lightly just above the table and made a energyball apear easly upon her handpalm.

((I am going to assume that everyone made an energy ball)) "Lessien, let's start with you. Concentrate on an image of something you like, and try to make the ball into that form." Ylara watches Lessien's hand carefully.

Lessien closed her eyes and concetrates her on a thing that came randomly in her head, and makes her energyball take that form halfly, seeing it is a half unfinished phoenix, biting her bottemlip cause of it's not fully yet.. Concentrating some harder, getting it fully done, hoping it was okej, and let's it sit on her handpalm, looking at the Proffesor "P-Proffesor, like this, you mean?" As she looked at the Proffesor with half raissed eyebrows of her own abbilty to do that.

elizabeth watched carefully, sitting tall, not slouching like she was told

"By your reaction, I am guessing that you did as I told you to, but that is not your talent. We can't see your magic, nor could anyone but the spellcaster unless you were an Illusionist. Elizabeth, how about you try it?"

elizabeth stood and elegantly held out her hand concentraiting..a group of 3 small people forming in her hand

"I cannot see it for you either. Elizabeth, try to access my mind. Just cast your energies toward me." She closes her eyes for a moment, then looks straight at Elizabeth.

elizabeth paused, looked at her concentraiting hard

"I feel something, but not much... try to move this." Ylara shows a marble.

Arus slowely focuses his mind on an image and slowely the ball takes on a watery form, but, it seems to be burning at the same time.

Ylara glances at the other students and sees Arus's accomplishment. "Woah. It seems that you are a Destroyer, Arus."

Lessien watches Arus quietly, and tries again, and let's her image fly around her handpalm.

Raphael looks around and figure he could do it... a black wisp forms slowly eventually the torn cloaked figure of a hooded wraith appeared. The wraith seemed to not walk but rather float.

Elizabeth looked at the marble, concentrate and felt her hand rise uncontrolingly, she held her hand infront of it and it raised

Ylaraniala is truly delighted. "Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful, this is the fastest I have ever been able to give others their ability. Elizabeth, you are a Telekinetic. Raphael and Arus, you are both Destroyers. Lessien... I don't know what you are yet... Will you please meet me after class?"

Elizabeth paused, droping her hand and the marble fell.."im telekinetic..intresting.." elizabeth sighed

At that the professor glances at her sharply. "Are you disappointed?"

elizabeth shook her head.."no no, not disappointed, i just find it intresting,,that i never knew before"

Arus looked up from his palm, "Well, I'm not that surprised that I'm a Destroyer, and it suits me just fine," Arus gave a big grin.

Ylara grins too. "It would suit me as well, yet I am not one... I'm a Kyther." She smirks.

Arus looks at her for a moment, "Kythers are cool, I mean it's a really neat ability, one of my friends is a Kyther, a really good one two," Arus seems to shudder for a moment.

Elizabeth curtsyed slightly..she was always told to do so, before turning her back on somone..she turned facing her bag, and raised her hand

Arus watched closely, having never seen a telekinetic work before.

elizabeth paused as her bag rose and levetated to her and caught it quick

Arus grinned, "Cool!, that's a really cool power."

Lessien smiled some and looked amazed at Elizabeth whispering "Asome" as she grins and let's her power float away and sits back down on her chair.

Elizabeth smiled, and nodded putting her bag on her sholder, "thannk you" she said returnig to her seat

The professor smiles. "That's the bell, magi. Off you go now, it's lunch time."

Lessien standed up and bowed to the Proffesor, "Have a nice meal Proffesor.." as she walked out of the class going to get her lunch.

Elizabeth smiled and stood, bowing and waiting for her signal to turn her back and leave.

Raphael got up and stretched, "Man I am hungary too."

Ylaraniala waves her hand. "I have already dismissed you, Elizabeth."

"Im sorry, but i was brought in to be to be very polite, strict obeidence" she said bowing once more, "good day" se said finely turning and leaving

Arus lazily picked himself up out of his chair, and begins carelessly stroling out the door, he turns back for just a second to say "Later, professor," and leaves.

Magen walks in quickly looking around she sits down in a chair looking at the teacher. "Sorry I'm so late... didn't know they let me in yet."

The professor chuckles. "Actually, all the rest of the students went off to lunch. So you have a choice: Catch up or go to lunch."

She thinks for a minute. "I would rather catch up... ate before I came here anyway."

"Alright then, take a seat and put your hands in the position that they would be if you were holding a one-inch ball. Concentrate on it."

She nods some and holds her hands out like she was told. She looks between her hands for a moment concentrating on it and a small yellow ball appears and small sparks appear around it. She looks at the teacher.

"Describe what you see." The professor smiles slightly.

She stares at it for a moment and then the yellow ball disappears... "I am thinking some kind of ball that uses electricity..."

Ylara says, somewhat sharply "Describe what you SAW, not what you are thinking. Color? What makes you think of electricity? Ect."

She sighs some looking down then looks back up at the professor. "I saw a yellow ball with sparks flying. Sparks remind me of electricity..."

She smiles. "Thank you. I don't mind you telling me what it reminds you of, I just needed to know what it was as well. Would you try to lift the hairs on my arm?" The teacher is a bit apologetic.

She smiles some and looks at her. "It's fine.. you want me to raise the hairs on your arm?" She says curiously not sure if she was being funny or not.

"No," she corrects, "I want you to TRY."

She looks at her for a moment and thinks to herself. "I'm not sure what to do or how to do this so...." She walked over to her and touches her arm sparks appearing around her hand she sighs as she pulls her arm away. "I don't think I can."

"Of course you can. Concentrate on the area where you want to raise the hair; it doesn't have to be huge. Then imagine the hair's raising and send the energy from your energy ball to it."

She takes a deep breathe and raises her hand again concentrating on her arm sparks appear around her hand and a small patch of her hair on her arm raises. She holds it there for a moment looking up at the professor.

She smiles. "Excellent! You may release the energy now. This is basically what the first lesson covered."

She puts her hand down the sparks disappear she looks at her. "Can you explain my power to me.. like is it controling electricity or what?"

"No, it is controlling energy... all magic is energy, energy of life, energy of electricity, energy of heat."

Nods and smiles some. "Is that all for today?"

"If you wish. If you do not, I can continue teaching you." She smiles slightly.

Nods some. "Let's continue... so whats next?"

"Next is today's lesson. Each Magus has a talent, and I mean to find what yours is. You will only be able to do one of the things that I ask you to do, so don't be discouraged. First, try to talk to me in my mind. Just concentrate on contacting me."

She takes a deep breathe listening to her talk and then concentrates closing her eyes she tries to talk to her in her mind. She shakes her head looking at the professor...

*"Can you hear me?"*

Looks at the professor waiting for her to say something...

"Apparently you are no kyther. Very well, try to move this pebble." A small rock appears in the professor's hand.

She looks at the rock for a moment and concentrates on it. The rock rises and floats over to one of the chairs sitting on it. She looks from the rock to the professor.

"That was fast. Congratulations, you are a Telekinetic." She smiles.

Smiles and looks from the rock to the professor. "Thanks... a telekinetic... so I can move things with my mind? What else is there?"

"Yes, that is about right. You can move things about, but what most don't realize is that you can also move things like wind, clouds, and flame. Of course, you can't move the sun, it has too much of a force behind it and is too far away... almost anything else you can, besides other suns. And there are infinite other talents; I myself am a Kyther, someone who touches other peoples' minds. There are Healers, though there are also various ways that others can heal, they specialize in it. There are Summoners, who can summon other small species, like elementals and demons. Astrals, that can teleport their souls to other places. As I said, there are infinite talents. Yours is somewhat rare." Ylara smiles a little.

"Interesting... thanks for telling me." She smiles some.

"Certainly. I believe there is another class period though, we used up lunch. See you tomorrow!" (Class #3 may start)

Stretches her arms some and walks into the class she finds a seat near the front of the room nodding at the teacher she smiles some and waits for class to start.

Lessien came in quietly and sit down on her usual place.

Elizabeth walked in, still holding her book and she stood beside a chair, waiting for permission to sit from the teacher.

Ylaraniala nods at Elizabeth and smiles at everyone, looking quietly at each in turn.

Arus runs in, tripping over a desk leg on the way in and falling flat on his face, "I'm okay," he picks himself up and looks around, "I'm not late, right?" he seems a bit rushed.

Lessien looks worried to Arus and looks at him "Your really are okej? As she blinks and tilts her head.. "Wait.. Here.." She hands him a tissue for the bit of blood that comes out of his nose. "I think your bleeding." smiling gently she blinks and nods.

Arus gives her a blank look and blinks, he holds the tissue up to his nose and pulls it away, seeing blood on it, he gets and annoyed look on his face, "Aw great, that's the third one today, first falling out of bed, then falling down in the hall, and now this, I can tell, today is going to be a bad day for me," then he remembers where he is and looks around at all the people staring at him, "um...hi..." he turns to Lessien and quietly thanks her for the tissue, he then takes his seat.

Lessien smiles as a 'your welcome' and quietly says 'hi' back.

The professor mutters to herself and only a few words can be heard by the class: "Magic school... honestly... rowdy... what... expect." She clears her throat. "Now that you are all seated, let us begin. Have any of you learned anything extra about your magic between classes that you would care to tell?"

Arus raised his hand.

"Go ahead Arus."

Arus starts, "I learned that if I be careful with my powers I can use them for more, normal tasks."

Ylara smiles slightly. "Such as?"

Arus speaks, "Well. If I'm careful with the heat I can heat the air to dry off my clothes when I- I mean...if I fall in the oasis."

Shakes her head some.. letting the professor know she hadn't... she glances at the other people in the room then leaned back in her chair.

Raphael walked in munching on an apple, he muttered with a mouth full, "Sowwy 'm la..e" He swallowed, "but I was starving!" He slowly sat down next to Arus and whispered, "What are we doing?"

Ylara smiles at Arus. "Excellent point, Arus. Oh, and Raphael, three page essay on why it is important not to be late to class. Anyone else?"

Raphael sighed," Great just..great..."

"Just be glad it isn't a thousand-page essay, mister." Ylaraniala looks at him sternly.

Magen looks at Raphael for a moment then looks back at the professor she pays attention closely.

Lessien looked at Arus for a moment feeling sorry for him, but remains attention and shakes her head some that she hadn't too.

Arus glances at Lessien out of the corner of his eye, wondering what she's doing, he then whispers to Rapheal, "We're talking about uses for our magik other than what we already knew."

elizabeth, ,who had been sitting watching without speaking, gave Raphael a disaproving look and then sighed and then raised her hand, looking down as not to look the teacher in the eyes until she spoke to her.

Ylara smiles slightly at all the looks at Raphael, then nods at Elizabeth. "Yes?"

Elizabeth rose her head and lowered her hand, "well, proffesser, if that i may call the book of 'magic terms and uses', under telekinteses it illastralates how one who has such a power must learn how to control it, if the person who posseses it does not do this, it can spiral out of control, harming youself and people around you, though, when mastered can become very useful indeed".

Raphael grinned and raised his hand half-heartidly...

Magen listens intently looking from the Professor to Elizabeth.. she looks back to the professor.

"Actually, Elizabeth, that is quite true. But what they fail to mention is that ALL talents are that way. For example: Summoning. If THAT gets out of control, which it is easy to do, you have a whole bunch of beings rampaging around the world and normally trashing it. Be careful with your talent. But don't be afraid. Yes, Raphael?" The teacher appears extremely pleased.

Elizabeth nodded, with a blank expression on her face, she looked back to Rapheal with yet another disaproving look.

Raphael stared at his apple core intently and it dissappeared, but you could still see he was holding it. "I learned how to do that, but the only things I can see it being useful for are mischevious...." He grinned again and watched his apple core reappear, He put it on his desk and sunk in his chair to a more comfortable postion.

Magen glances toward the professor... she then watches Raphael in awe.. "Thats pretty neat.."

The professor grins in slight surprise and almost intense pleasure. "You may be bad at class attendance and paying attention, Mr. Raphael, but you apparently are a quick learner.. and willing to try things. Now: To learning. Will each of you please change this dress of mine a different color: Raphael, you have orange; Arus, you have blue; Elizabeth, purple; Magen, yellow; and Lessien, green. You will basically be battling in this exercise, which is why I want you to only try to do this for sixty seconds. On my mark: GO."

As Lessien heardt that she looks blanky at the Proffesor and looks at her dress, focussing on the colour green pointing at the dress.. getting sort of green mix with light purple between it, muttering in herself, trying it again, trying to get the purple out of the colour, slightly chaninging the colour in her head to dark green instead of light green thinking the minute is almost passed over.. she points again at the dress seeing it turned light green with no purple in it, thinking she did her best. Whiping away the sweat away from her forehead looking at the proffesor.. "Is this okej....?" she asks quietly and unsure.

Not completely sure how to do this Arus focused on the dress and thought hard of the color blue, the dress began to change, fadeing more, slowly, from green to blue.

Lessien blinked and tilted her head and smiled some. "Cool Arus.. Nice colour.".

Raphael concetrated on one point of the dress and when that small spot turned a light orange he let the color fan out feeding off of the energy of that spot.

Arus blinked, then looked up at Rapheal, Arus grinned, "'re much better at this than I am."

"All of you did a pretty good job there... and now let's change that dress back, eh?" She laughs and suddenly it is back to red. "Now I want you to practise that spell throughout the week, I will test you on it then. I think we're out of time, please proceed to lunch. Don't forget about the essay, Raphael. It WILL be a thousand-page one if you forget. Class dismissed."

Lessien bowed some to the Professor and walked out of the classroom with a white rose in her hand thinking of a colour changing it purple when she points at it,
before she walks out of the classroom to the hall.

Elizabeth paused with a sour look upon her face as she stood and walked to the proffesser, waiting for permission to speak

Magen looks at the professor for a moment the dress going to a bright yellow she looks up at the professors face waiting for her reaction..

"Elizabeth, you may speak... though I suggest you watch your tone." She ignores the banana-yellow dress.

Elizabeth crossed her arms and watched the proffesser a moment before speaking, "I speak of my mind, and my tone stays the same. but none the less my veiw will still have the same point." elizabeth said taking a few steps to her right, "i know, i am speaking out of role ere, ,but my personallity will not let itstay unsaid so you must do as you will. I think the method of teaching you have just showe was highly unappropate. giving each a colour and then puttin us against eachother to see who is the stronger. Each person, as in any class, have diffrnt rates of learning, to which i thinkit would have been best to do it indivulaty. the method you had chosen however can make many people feel unworthy of such a class, unable to lern at the rate of others" Elizabeth said, taking a few steps to her left so she was standing infrount of the proffesser, her arms sill crossed, "and if you are wondering, No..i dident try to turn your dres purple..i dident see the point".

Arus, who had been picking up his stuff to leave, looked up, a small grin on his face, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but you, Elizabeth, weren't sounding like yourself right there."

Elizabeth raised her eye-brow and turned her face to look at him over her sholder, her long black hair, which today was in tight curls was hanging over her sholder also, her arms still crossed, "oh really, and you know me do you?"

The professor chuckles a little. "Yes, it was something that puts each student against all other students. It makes it a little competitive, which is something I have found to actually HELP people be better instead of otherwise. Also, I was expecting one of two things: either each of the students waits for their turn, or they all try at once and come up with a muddy color. Either way works well in teaching the metaphoric necessity of magic, that everyone has a talent and everyone is important, and you should be the best you can be. I am sorry that you did not like the exercise, but I found it important, Elizabeth." There is the tiniest suggestion of sharpness and disappointment in Professor Ylara's words.

"On the contray, proffesser, i found it completely useless. Teaching competiveness only divid's students and makes them unable to return to normal, talking to their friends in the appropate mannor" Elizabeth said, her arms still crossed, "And i know, i am speaking out of role here, and i am being very disobedent in speaking my opnion to somone such as yourself, however, i hope you will not hold it against me..oh...and yellow is such an awful colour" Elizabeth said eyeing the bannana coloured dress. she paused, concentrating as the dress turned to purple in an instant, "see, not that hard...but still...i think it would be best in future to do these tasks individullaly, it would be alot easer..and i would not blame you if you gave me an essay..i really dont care, i find them very librating" she smirked.

Magen shifts her eyes over to Elizabeth watching her for a moment she rolls her eyes and heads for the door pushing some of her brown hair out of her face.

Raphael looked at the Proffesor and smiled then looked at Elizabeth. Slowly her hair turned pitch black with a small band of blonde hanging over her left eye, his smile turned a little more affectionate, "Look, I think you should just lighten up a bit, the reason I do well in the stuff is simple to explain, I stay relaxed, magic dosen't work so well when your so tense," He started to walk out, "And don't even think about changing your hair back, It won't work, It's a hex that works only if I say the "magic word" but if your nice to me I might give you a few hints..." With this he looked at the Professor, nodded and walked out, "I'll be in the Garden if any one needs me."

"oh how dare he!" Elizabeth screamed in fustration and shouted after him "I dident say you were good or better than anyone else! i just dident see the point, NOW GET BACK HERE NOW! I DONT SUIT BLONDE!" she said, starting to get angry and the glass in the window cracked alittle.

"First, Elizabeth, stop shouting. Second, thank you for telling me you don't mind essays. You have detention. I expect this room to be sparkling clean by next class. And the only reason I like imput from a student is to understand how well they like it... and from everyone else's reactions, they liked it quite well. And you may tell Mr. Raphael that I make his three page essay a ten page one. You are dismissed."

"ok, one: shall i start cleaning now and two: what are you going to do about my hair!..its blonde!" Elizabeth said, she dident seem to care about the fact she had a detention.

Arus finally walked out, with a smile on his face, I know I shouldn't be smiling, but that was to funny, he thought to himself.

It is, is it Arus? Well then The professor turns his hair a brilliant shade of pink with letters in bright green saying "LAUGH". That must be funny too! "Yes, you should start cleaning. And well, I can't really do much about it, that isn't my area of expertise. But if Raphael gives you any trouble for turning it back, then just tell him that instead of a ten page essay it will be a thousand page one unless your hair is normal by next lesson." Ylara smiles slightly. "I think he will be rather eager to change it back."

Arus had noticed the abrupt change in his hair color, and was surprised, not knowing why, he hadn't realized that the Proffesor could read his thoughts, and was now desperately panicking, he ran to the dorms as discreetly, and as fast, as he possibly could be. 

"so indulge me, how am i supposed to tell him that when i will be in here until next class?" Elizabeth asked, ,giving the pink haired boy a raised eyebrow look before he left.

Magen sighed some as she left the room disappearing in the mass of students in the halls.

"Elizabeth, this room isn't exactly the dirtiest room in the school... it probably will only take you a half hour or so to clean it." She shrugs slightly. "Worst case you can tell him next class, I give you permission to talk to him during it."

"Thank you, ishall get started then" Elizabethsmiled and opened her hand as a mop hovered into her palm.

Ylara smiles slightly. "Good. I must be going, I shall see you next class." She leaves quietly.

Elizabeth started to mop the floor, and after a wile she managed to finish the whole room until it was spotless. after she stood a moment or tow, admireing the room she sat down and began to write.

She took a deep breathe and walked into the classroom only seeing Elizabeth she smiled weakly and walked over to a chair on the far right in the middle row. She took out a notebook and started writing in it waiting for class to start.

Elizabeth sighed and stopped writting. she had now finished the room, and a 7 page apology for the proffessor. she sighed as she looked to the cracked window..she shouldent have lost her temper.

Magen looked at Elizabeth and shook her head. "I couldn't write seven pages apologizing."

"i am afraid in this case it was nessary, and proper, im used to writing essays, i find them exilarting." elizabeth smiled

"Everyone has their talents.." Magen smiled some and looked around as she put her pencil down reading what she had already.

"oh i wouldn't call it a talent, more...a chore, a dire hobby" elizabeth said, looking back to the window, "why cant i contro my temper?" she whispered to herself

"Because you like to speak your mind. As I do." Magen said slowly.

The professor comes in, glancing at the two students and smiling. "Good morning, glad to see someone is early today. And VERY good job with the room, Elizabeth, it sparkles." She goes and sits down, waiting.

Lessien knocked on the door before entering, as she looks at the Professor, waiting till she agrees she can sit down.

Elizabeth handed the proffesser the essay, "i know you said to only do the room but i thought it nessary" she said then wated for the signal to return to her seat

"Why thank you Elizabeth!" She reads the first lines and beams. "That was very nice of you. Both of you may sit down."

Elizabeth nodded and sat down, tiding her desk and sighing, she felt so tired and weak..and still was annoyed by the blonde in her hair

Arus walked in just then, he had been unable to return his hair to normal, but had managed to turn all of it a very dark green, so the pink could no longer be seen, he was trying to keep quit and small, suddenly one of the folders on his desk fell to the floor creating a very loud FWACK! noise, and every eye in the room turned to look at him.

His hair inexplicably turns back to its normal shade.

Lessien turned and watches Arus, blinking slightly giggeling, hiding her giggle behind her hand, and walks away to her seat, wondering if she should help or not..

Raphael walked in and waved his hand at Elizabeth and her hair turned normal..."Sorry, just tryin to loosen you up..." He turned away and walked to his seat.

Elizabeth narowed her eyes at him, "oh, i feel so privalaged! had no right to do that...blonde is such an awful could have picked a half way descent colour..lik...punk pink!...then again, im not sure i care if you think i need to lighten up, i was brought up in a way you will never know, so if i were you, i would butt out of my personallity....however, i never said you couldent talk to me in a civil on time...thats always a good start" she sighed

Arus, who had retrieved his stuff and, upon realizing his hair was back to normal, had turned his hair a shade of blue somwhere between sky blue and sea blue, decided to jump into the conversation, "I have to agree with both of you, Rapheal and Elizabeth, it's your business how you act and things like that," he said to Elizabeth, "and I do agree with you, Rapheal, Elizabeth here is a bit to uptite, no one would mind if you relaxed a little, alot actually, it's not like your at a formal meeting, and everyone would probably feel more relaxed around you if you acted more sincere and loosened up a bit." he said, he found a comic he'd brought with him and started reading, waiting for class to begin.

The comic's characters change into Arus and the professor. Ylara glares at Arus and waves her arms. "Class is starting now mister, pay attention!" Then it changes back to normal as Ylara says calmly, though with the tinest of smirks, "I'm glad that all of you are on time... and some actually early." She smiles happily. "I would like each of you to start working on your particular talents. Telekinetics, please start lifting items into the air, as many as you can... I got some chalk so that you would be able to have as many as needed. Destroyers, here are some slates: you may work on them. If anyone needs help, please ask." She starts handing out the items.

Lessien noded, and transformed a red rose in her hands thanks to the lessons of energyballs she learned how to make them. As Lessien trys to change colour of the rose, she also trys to let it stay in the air on the same place, which works for a fuw seconds as it drops atmidely on the ground, Lessien keeps on trying, turning to a corner of the class and sits there, knowing some of the students don't like her so much.. As Lessien think's that.. She continue's trying.

Magen looks over at Lessien and smiles slightly. "So your telekentic too? Hmmm.. wondered who else was." She looked toward a few of the pieces of chalk and stared at them for a few minutes as they lifted up in the air a few feet. She held out her hand as the chalk dropped slowly in her hand.. she looked at Lessien. "We can be friends if you want?"

Arus closed his eyes, focusing, he slowly reached out and placed his hand on the stone slabe, suddenly it rocked back as if it had been punched, hard, and Arus removed his hand, where his hand had been the slab had cracked.

Elizabeth paused as he lifted 2 chalks in the air, "bye the bye, if i loosen up, and rethurned home like that, ,it wouldent be the best would be the worst possible senario"

Lessien looked up seprisely and blusshes havily "I.. I... " She looked down embarced and dropped the rose as it had the colour black. "Sure.." She stampled looking towards the ground.

Magen smiled brightly and began lifting the chalk again and letting it float around in the air for a few minutes she looks toward the professor.. "Is there any way I can start lifting something a bit heavier?" she looks at the piece of chalk again as it lowers into her hand.

Lessien looked up and smiled back. As she commanded the rose to lift up and float before her, she coloured the rose in all colours of the rainbow. Sighing.. "How beautifull.." She said while looking at the rose, smiling.

"Certainly." Professor Ylara reaches into the bag that is perpetually by her chair and pulls out various sizes of rock. "I would prefer it you practised over here however, as some of these are quite large and I don't want my chairs broken."

She looks at Lessien and smiles some.. "Talk later?" she walks over to the professor and looks down at the rocks.. looking at some of the smaller ones she looks up at her. "Can I start with the smaller ones and work my way up?"

"Of course. That's how everything should be done, it's far less strain on a person and their magic... go ahead." Ylara smiles.

She puts her hand over a few of the rocks as they start to lift up into the air. She pulls her hand away and lifts them higher and higher. "Professor? I think I can move objects with my hands without touching them too.. because thats what I just did." She looked at the professor for a moment then back at the rocks floating about five feet above her.. she let them float to the floor slowly landing with a small soft thud.

"Excellent! Try lifting all the rocks from now on without your hands." The professor looks at the other students and nods approvingly. "Excellent, Arus. Lessien, that's beautiful, but could you please try and lift the chalk?"

Lessien took the rose down on a table before her and walked in the middle of the class and pointed at the blackboard and lifted a chalk up and started to write on the board. "Yes Proffesor." She wrote on the blackboard smiled and letted the chalk lay down nicely on the desk of the proffesor.

Ylara reads what it says.

Lessien turned and looked at the professor "Is this good?" she blinked and wonderd if she didn't do anything wrong.

"Yes, quite..." The professor seems ever so slightly distracted.

Lessien sitted down on a chair she sat before and played with the rose she had, turning the rose into a book and lets it floar a bit up. Wondering what's wrong with the professor, as she think's it is her fault she looks at the ground and mumbles some words and makes the small book bigger letting it float higher above her.

Magen smiled and put her hands down lifting the much bigger rocks up.. them not moving to begin with then after a few minutes they lift into the air quickly... she keeps them up there and makes them spin some.

Lessien looked amazed at Magen softly smiling. "Your good.." She wishperd softly.

Elizabeth sighed as the rock she had rose into the air and floaed above her, she moved it so it ran circles around the lamp shade, in and out of it, throught it and round it, "is there anyways i could do somthing more testing? "

"Certainly, if you want to try. Lift me. Then ask your classmates if they would mind flying." Ylara grins suddenly.

"are you sure? do you think i can do that?" elizabeth asked

She shrugs. "Worst case I get a few bruises. Nothing I haven't gotten before. Go ahead, I trust you." Ylara closes her eyes.

Elizabeth nodded as the rocks softly landed on the table. she moved closer to the proffessor and clenched her hand into a fist, concentariting hard on her as she slowly lifted. she unclenched her fist and faced her palm to the proffessor to steady her.

She looked at Lessien and smiles softly. "Thanks." She lets the rocks float slowly to the ground and she looks at the professor.. "May I try lifting someone then?"

"Certainly... as long as they agree to it." Ylara sits neatly in the air, settling on the energy comfortably.

She looks toward Lessien and smiles softly. "Do you think I could try lifting you? Only if you trust me though..."

Lessien looked at her. "I... I.. Sure.. But I don't know if I'm too heavy for it.." As she looked down ashamed. "But I trust you, you could try.." As she looked up and smiled some at Magen.

"im not makeing you uncomftorable proffessor am i?" Elizabeth asked, her plam still raised and concentraiting

"Not at all. In fact, I find sitting in magic quite comfortable. Like being in a form fitting chair." She laughs a little, then the professor gently shifts a bit.

"oh i see, well do tell me if i am doing anything wrong" she smiled

Magen looked at Lessien for a minute and smiled brightly. "Thank you." She studied her for a moment as Lessien began rising in the air slowly.. she floated for a bit up in the air. She smiled brightly and looked at Lessien. "See? Your not heavy."

Lessien blinked and looked at the ground "Cool.." As she blushed 'cause of what Magen said about her weight she smiled some "Thanks.." Sitting down like a indian in the air and sitted still.

She smiled and moved her over to snother seat and made her land on the seat very slowly. "Was that so bad?"

Lessien smiled "No not really."

Magen looked at the professor and smiled. "Anything else that we have to do?"

Ylara glances at her watch. "We have ten more minutes. Try honing your abilities, like writing on the blackboard or damaging a particular spot on your slates."

Magen smiled weakly and picked up a few chalk pieces and they began to rise out of her hand.. and floated over to the chalkboard.. she began writing.. "Professor.. thanks for the help." she looked towards the professor.

"Certainly, it's my job." Ylara laughs, smiling at all the progress around her.

Magen studied the chalkboard starting to sketch a picture of a woman sitting on a chair in a room with students surrounding her lifting various objects in the air and others with slates in their hands.

"tell me when you want down proffessor" Elizabeth smiled

She looked at Elizabeth as the chalk lowered to the tray. She rolled her eyes some and massaged her temples some.

Lessien tried to lift up a small easy chair as she smiled it worked, she lifted it up and brought it down a fuw meters to the right.

"I would like to go down now, considering that there are only a few minutes to lunch. Class dismissed, you may take what you want of the equipment for practise. Except for the rocks."

Elizabeth lowered her down, "why ofcourse"

Magen smiled and grabbed a few pieces of chalk. She looked at Lessien and smiled again... "See you soon!" She walked out into the hall disappearing down a corridor leading to the girls dorms..

Lessien smiled back at Magen happily finnaly founding a friend. As she conciderd herself not to go to the Majik's Garden but goes to the Girls Dorms too, humming to herself. Letting her books and the rose float behind her in a small schoolbag, as she walks.

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2005-02-16 [~Arus~]: sweet.

2005-02-16 [Ylaraniala Majere]: Okay guys, I need to know your specific talents now... you can be a Summoner, a Destructor, a Kyther (basically someone who can read and manipulate minds), a Healer, an Illusionist, a Nature Manipulator, etc. You can also have your own talent type if you clear it with me first, but I need to know it now.

2005-02-16 [someelf]: okej.. umm I am healer.. Kyther.. a little bit, i can shimmer thing's to me, or send thing's away, i can .. umm...-.- i will find the words later.. but i can work with all elementals.. >.>.<.<

2005-02-16 [Ylaraniala Majere]: This true or just roleplay? Because you should choose only one if it's just roleplay, tis easier.

2005-02-17 [someelf]: hehe.. i can heal irl too with my hands.. only light headacks trough, and small pains, but the rest is rp, and i still work on my skills and such ^^'

2005-02-17 [~Arus~]: for rp I'm a destroyer, though there is some exetremely basic healer

2005-03-01 [SkyLynn07]: So how do you want me to jump in this? I enrolled so do I just come here.

2005-03-01 [Ylaraniala Majere]: Just pop in the door.

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2005-03-11 [Nevermore.]: hey!! im telekinetic 2!!! kool

2005-03-15 [Ylaraniala Majere]: *coughs* Guys! Class three!!!!

2005-03-25 [~Arus~]: I can't post! What's going on?

2005-03-26 [Ylaraniala Majere]: I don't know... I'll check it out.

2005-03-26 [Ylaraniala Majere]: I see no problems with it...

2005-03-27 [~Arus~]: I can post now, I think it was because, when I couldn't post, I was on a school computer, and now I'm on my home computer.

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