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Ancient Egyptian Mythology

Welcome to Ancient Egyptian Mythology!

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Brief Outline:

1. In the beginning
2. The Gods


In the beginning

Many books have been written on religion in ancient Egypt. This brief overview is meant only to explain some of the basic concepts and to introduce some of the gods. Religion in ancient Egypt was not unlike modern times. Today, not everyone believes in the same way, or of the same god. Egypt was no different. Individual kings worshipped their own gods, as did the workers, priests, merchants and peasants. Pre-dynastic Egypt had formulated the ideas and beliefs of a "greater being", which was expressed in pictures, but some scholars suggest that "writing" was invented in order to communicate spiritual thoughts to the masses. Now the pictures had ideas, and took on human traits. The gods lived, died, hunted, went into battle, gave birth, ate, drank, and had human emotions.

Continued on in In the beginning Egyptain Mythology


The Gods

Human and semihuman forms of some of the chief Egyptian deities: 1) Horus, son of Osiris, a sky god closely connected with the king. 2) Set, enemy of Horus and Osiris, god of storms and disorder. 3) Thoth, a moon deity and god of writing, counting and wisdom. 4) Khnum, a ram god who shapes men and their kas on his potter's wheel. 5) Hathor, goddess of love birth and death. 6) Sobek, the crocodile god, Lord of the Faiyum. 7) Ra, the sun god in his many forms. 8) Amon, a creator god often linked with Ra. 9) Ptah, another creator god and the patron of craftsmen. 1O) Anubis, god of mummification. 11) Osiris, god of agriculture and ruler of the dead. 12) Isis, wife of Osiris, mother of Horus and Mistress of Magic.

Continued on in The Gods of Egyptain Mythology


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2003-04-02 [warrlokk]: awww shucks, nah i ain't, i was just tryin to be helpful

2003-04-03 [Erin]: Is there anything specific you want to learn?

2003-04-04 [warrlokk]: Everything :D hehe ain't i a great help as a student hehehe

2003-04-04 [Erin]: Yes dear you are a great student.

2003-04-11 [Erin]: I will be absent all next week so I may not be able to give a lesson but I hope to have another one ready when i get back =D Hopefully

2003-04-27 [Amythest Cat]: Glad I found this little spot, anytime Ican get a dose of mythology of history...

2003-05-14 [Erin]: I need to get another lesson up.

2003-05-20 [Wvyern]: Are you gonna write something about the Egyptian version of the phoenix sometime cause I'm trying to find stuff on the difference between it and the chinese one?

2003-05-20 [Erin]: I shall research it and get it up as soon as possible.

2003-05-21 [Amythest Cat]: ooohhhh  yay GODS!!!! THANKIES ERIN!!!

2003-07-10 [drayfae]: just wanted to point out that in some versions Hathor and Sekhmet are the same person..............hathor turns into sekhmet......and runs away from egypt....thoth (if i'm not mistaken) lurs her back and Re cools her temper by forcing her to bathe in the nile......turning her back into hathor..................just thought i'd share...........your information is quite accurate!

2003-08-17 [Erin]: Thank you very much and I did not know the wonderful information you shared. I'll research it more and hopefully have more lessons soon. I am back!

2003-08-17 [warrlokk]: Yay, welcome back Erin ^_^

2003-08-19 [Jimbaliah]: How do I enroll?

2004-05-19 [ElizabethSwann]: i want to join the class

2004-05-19 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: edit and add your name

2005-06-03 [Fenian]: I am kind of new in this, so could you tell me please if there was a goddess of cats in the Egyptian Mythology?

2005-06-07 [The Luggage]: Hi i'm also new at this. Wasn't there a God with the head of a cat though?

2005-06-21 [kram]: the god with the head of a cat was bast! the creatiopn myth is wrong at least that version because i know that version well but you must know that because their was a populatin of over 10'000 egyptians and each belonging to a different sect different creation myths occured for example a great louts grew out of nun and when it opened ra was inside androse to the sky also set did not become pharoh after osiris died he was banished to the desert (because he was god of and all animals which dwelt in it!) and horus the child fo osiris ascended to the throne of egypt (that is how he became protector of pharohs!) oh and also thoth gambleing with the moon is not possible because he is the moon

2005-08-17 [Erin]: Wow, I have been gone 2 years. I did not realize it was that long. I am really sorry to everyone for being gone so long. I hope you have all been researching on your own. I will post as much as possible as soon as possible. Just e-mail me at with subject ideas. Please keep it nice. I don't like dealing with hostile ppl. If you disagree with me post it on the page. Okay....And have a nice day! Well at 4 am I have forgotten how to spell Egyptain..Egyptian so this is getting messed up. I will fix it ASAP! Just let me sleep first.

2006-08-20 [West Texan]: Why does it say Seth is Evil. He is not Evil. Yes, he destroys life, but so. You can not create life without it being lost, BALANCE! As the science fact goes matter cannot be created nor destroyed. That means their is a Limited Amount of it. Seth is a good God. He fulfills a circle. And if people think he is evil for slicing Osiris into little bits and scattering his pieces so he could not be reborn, is wrong then you are what is Wrong. I hope Anubis guides your soul where it belongs.

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