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Tonya, 27 years old


Aerik, Age unknown

Aerik demon form, Age Unknown

Eglacia ch1

Aerik couldn't help but take a brief, but gentle hold of her biceps as she pressed past him, his eyes locking on hers. "Thank you, Tonya." He murmured softly before turning and closing the door completely. He took very little time in the shower and soon cracked the door, poking his head out. "Tonya? Would you be so kind as to hand me my pants?" He asked politely, having forgotten to grab his clothing upon going into the bathroom.

Humming in the kitchen she had loaded two plates and had made a point to start deflating the air matress. Hearing his voice she looked around finding them then slid the pants to his fingers at the door. Moving back to the kitchen she began to fill up glasses to drink and thought of his touch on her arm and the tone of his voice; the thought made her blush. "Breakfast is ready." She made note she needed a diningroom table of sorts. Still having this place was new so she hadn't got much furnature. Each plate had three small pancakes, eggs scrambled and sausage. Due to lack of shopping she didn't have to many spices added but it would still be a good breakfast with milk to ease it down.

The englishmen stepped out shortly, his pants on, a towel over his head. He carefully ruffled his hair with the towel as he moved to where his clothing lay neatly from the night before. He was silent, lost in thought as he had been while showering. One by one he applied his clothing back onto his body, socks, shoes and all. He moved to his companion, reaching out to gently take her hand. "Tonya... if something goes wrong and I can't get through... I want you to smash the mirror... can you do that for me?" He looked into her eyes, his own green orbs glassy.

When her hand was taken she looked up to him and stared into his eyes and shook her head, "W-what?! No, I couldn't possibly. We will find a way.. If I destroyed the mirror... I'm not sure what would happen to you. I'm not going to make such a promise." She frowned and held his hand firmly, "Something has to work. I'm not going to give up so easily and neither should you. Have faith." She touched his hand firmly, "Aerik, let's both try our best; alright?"

Aerik nodded a bit. "Of course we'll try our best, but I don't think I can continue on being stuck here. If it comes down to it, I want you to smash the mirror. The best outcome is that it frees me, the worst would be... well... that I die. Even then, at least I'd be free from the mirror." He rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand. "The last person that was in this realm with me..." He paused to swallow harshly. "He disappeared into the darkness beyond the door. I..." He trailed off, changing his mind about his next words. "I've thought about it..."

Hearing him made her grow tense as she now felt more scared to leave. No one should be alone like that especially in the end. He was asking her to destroy him if he couldn't escape. Would it be swift? Would it hurt? There were too many questions that didn't have answers and it hurt her to think of such a fate. She pushed his hand down and hugged around his neck tightly and tears fell from her eyes, "Aerik.." What could she say? He had to be scared at the thought; hell, she was scared for him. Despite only just meeting she was worried about him and wanted nothing more than to hold him close and not let go. She'd be damned if a mirror would seperate them.

When she wrapped her arms around him, he nearly broke. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close to his warm body. "Tonya. Please... I can't live forever like this. I need you to set me free one way or another..." He pulled slightly back from her, lifting her chin gently with his fingers. Leaning down to her, he pressed his lips softly to hers in a sweet, but chaste kiss.

The kiss threw her off but after a few blinks she closed her eyes and gently leaned into it as if it may be their last. She hoped it wouldn't be the case; she still held on to a strand of hope that she could bring him with her. Gently she parted her lips looking up to him, "Then let me stay with you." She laced her fingers with his, "Don't push me away. Let me stay with you." Now she was filled with doubt maybe she'd destroy the mirror from this side herself and then at least she'd wither with him.

His fingers gripped her hands gently. "No, Tonya. You don't want to stay here. The world will pass you by, your family, friends... you don't want this life, not for me..." He drew one hand from hers to cup her cheek gently, caressing his thumb over it softly. He peered into her eyes as through trying to burn her image into his memory. "We should get this done with..." He slowly pulled away from her, giving her a kiss on the cheek before doing so. He picked up his book and thumbed through the pages.

She wouldn't care if the world did pass them by so long as she had him to keep her company and him to likely reassure her. Now more than ever she just wanted him to be able to come with her; a pass for two into her world. Religion was not something that she thought of often but when he had went through his book she had laced her hands together and was praying to damn near everygod that would hear her to save him as well. Looking to the breakfast at the table she felt her face frown; it would be horrible if it went to waste. Taking both dishes she placed them in the oven to keep them warm. A new thought occured to her; what if he had made it back with her then started to age suddenly as if it was catching up? She would likely have to shove him back into the mirror to prevent him from turning to dust at that rate. Her hand touched her cheek as she remembered his lips on them finding the gesture sweet. She gently pecked his cheek, "Here's to us then." She smiled hopefully; she didn't want him to see her worry so she would smile for him and hope that her optimism was strong enough for the both of them.

Aerik smiled softly at her, his own worry in his eyes and brows. "To us." He replied in a soft, but shyly optimistic tone. He took her hand and lead her gently to the mirror, the book in his free hand. "This is it..." He took a deep breath and held up the book in order to see the mirror and the translated pages at the same time.

Clearing his throat he began to speak, the words weren't English, but rather Latin. A wind came from no where, swirling around them, lifting their hair and fluttering their clothes about their bodies. When his words stopped the glass of the mirror wobbled and lost it's shine. "That's you then..." He nudged her gently towards the jelly like surface.

When he started reading she was impressed he could speak latin so easily; perhaps he had studied it at a time. When the air shifted she felt her hair on her skin raise and a chill run her spine. It felt almost ominous. Seeing the mirrors color change along with consistency she saw it look almost to that of jello. Being nudged she hated this part; coming through had made her sick and her she was doing so again to get back. Turning back she hugged him tightly then kissed his lips to be safe; then she touched the mirror falling in. She was glad she held her breath because it gave her the sensation of falling. Coming back seemed to take longer but finally it came to a stop and her body stumbled on the other side. Her stomach was in knots from the sensation. She waved her hand back to the mirror showing she was alright. Slowly she got up but the color had drained from her face. Traveling like that on an empty stomach was not favorable. Looking at the mirror she had to get behind it to get the carving on it.

Aerik put his hands on the now solid glass, watching her with a worried look on his face. When she waved to him, he smiled and waved silently back. He watched her as far as he could until she disappeared behind the back of the mirror. The etchings were there alright, and still clear enough to get a rubbing of them for him to translate. He waited for her, watching the side of the glass she'd ducked out of sight from.

Tonya had thought of setting up a monitor and showing him a live image feed but that was far too much work for the task. Gently she slid the mirror at an angle and used a flashlight from her phone to see the markings he was talking about. Her camera phone would likely be a bit small of a screen; however,she had a decent tablet that was larger with a good camera. Going to a small storage shelf she opened a backpack and pulled the tablet out and used her phone to illuminate the markings then took the photo with the tablet. It was likely legible the first shot but she took several and deleted the harder ones and kept one that was the full set and easily capable of reading. Coming back to the front of the mirror she adjusted the brightness on the screen so he would see it much easier and she held it up close to the mirror for him to duplicate.

Aerik looked at her in excitement when she returned with the etchings displayed on the screen. He grabbed his book and began to copy them down. He sat cross legged in front of the glass, working feverishly to flip and translate the words. He grinned widely as he did so, writing the Latin phonetically so that she could easily pronounce the incantation but had to write it backwards so she could read it. He hopped to his feet and held up the book for her, still grinning in excitement. He even seemed to wiggle a bit on the spot.

Holding the tablet she watched him carefully as he worked hard on the translation; his determined working face made her smile seeing his commitment to the task. It was selfish but she hoped that this dedication would continue to be something she would witness. Now thinking about it she hoped she didn't completely botch speaking Latin; she hadn't taken any but perhaps it would be fine since she had taken a few language classes in her day. Seeing him hop up and squirm with excitement she closed her tablet and sat it on the shelf and stepping closer she looked over the words as she mouthed them hoping to practice the pronunciaiton before finally speaking them. After uttering it under her breath a few times she then finally stood upright and spoke clearly following the words exactly as he wrote them. Taking a small step back from the mirror she hoped he wouldn't be launched at her. She now held her breath in anticipation as she listened and watched the mirror.

The glass became semi solid once more with a red sheen to the surface, the smile on Aerik's face changed, it became wicked and ghoulish, or was it just the way the glass distorted him? Something didn't feel right. He reached out, his hand sinking through to her side, but it came out different; long black claws tipped each long, slender digit. The body that followed wasn't the same either. There were muscles where there wasn't before, he grew at least an extra five inches, horns appeared out of much longer hair. As he stepped into her world his glasses fell from his face, revealing that his left eye had turned blue, his spectacles crushed under his boot. He stood, looking down at her, his wings stretching for just a moment, a smirk in his lips. "Humans are so gullible..." He sneered.

What was happening? The mirror had a ominous feel about it and had the room gotten darker? She couldn't pull her eyes away as she watched him touch the glass she saw a hand come through. At first she was relieved and had reached out to grab it but seeing the claws she peered up pulling her hand back. She held her ground but the look of shock on her face. Looking him over she stared at him stretching wings out and hearing his remark she narrowed her eyes, "Where is Aerik? And who are you?" She wasn't so much afraid as she was concerned; where had her cute english friend gone?

A low, rumbling chuckle vibrated the demon's chest, though his face still only held the smirk. "And still so stupid too... you honestly believed I was a hundreds of years old human. Tell me, human, how would you survive with no food or water for long periods? I'm your precious 'Aerik', human. Though that's not my true name...I suppose I should thank you though, for freeing me upon the world once more..." He brushed passed her to look around the room, picking up things to examine them."

Being addressed as 'human' was almost insulting but it was what she is. afterall. So this was still Aerik? It was all a ploy, a farse to free himself from the mirror. He had likely been trapped there for a good reason and she had released him. Were there rules he would have to follow from the mirror? Was he still bound to it by distance? More upset with herself she also remembered the kiss they shared which likely meant nothing. Feeling him move past her to her shelf of misc. things she turned taking the snowglobe from him that was from her brother and glared at him, "So nothing on the otherside had any meaning to you? You just wanted to escape the mirror? Why? Who are you really?" Tonya's brows had lowered as her eyes glared at him.

The otherworldly creature stared down at her, unphased by her steely gaze. "That's what you're worried about is it? That I wasn't falling in love with you? Is it that you were falling for the simple bookworm you thought you knew?" He leaned over her, putting a hand on the wall over her head. "Or could it be that you kissed a demon?" He leaned even closer, nearly touching before pulling back and walking to look out of her window. "Isn't it obvious? I'm a being from hell, locked in the mirror for hundreds of years until you so lovingly released me..."

Hearing his words stung but not enough to slap him; at least, not yet anyway. When he had drawn closer she leaned back into the wall wishing it would jello like the mirror and allow her more space from the demon. Seeing him move towards the window she felt her shoulders relax and her brow furrowed and she looked up as if having an epiphany, "Then if i released you shouldn't you be more grateful? As if there are rules. I let you out; do you not owe me then? Perhaps you owe me more seeing as you were lying the whole time." If she had set him free there had to be some sacrifice? Magic for magic; wasn't that how it all worked? Similar to a genie and his lamp, this demon belonged to the mirror right? If she damaged the mirror would it hurt him? Or was he independent of the mirror? Thinking if he had told her he was a demon upfront and wanted out she wasn't sure if she would have trusted him to get back unless they made a better arrangement.

His head turned to look at her standing back up to his full height, having been bending down to look out the window. He turned towards her, leering. "I could have left you in that mirror. If we'd waited until your brother arrived and read the incantation on the back, I'd be free and you'd be lost to the mirror...I owe you nothing..." He flicked his eyes to the mirror then back to her. "Go ahead. Smash it, if you think it'll make you feel better." It was hard to tell if he was bluffing or not.

He looked more sinister and his voice sounded like venom when he spoke; he had let her out as well, "If that's true then I'm grateful." Even though she was upset it wouldn't be fair to be upset with him especially since he could have gotten out on his own and left her there. Gazing to the mirror she considered the thought of destroying it but it would be best to leave it be. Perhaps it would come in handy later. Moving carefully she moved to the oven and pulled out the breakfast that had been waiting for them. With no spite or reluctance she handed him the well made meal that was still warm on the plate, "My thanks." At least her meal would settle her mood; her cooking was probably the only thing she was exceptional at as well as it made others usually joyous. She didn't expect it from him but she hoped he would at least admit that he enjoyed her cooking. Each plate had three small pancakes, eggs scrambled and sausage; taking her own plate she looked to the mirror before taking a bite of each and took her glass of milk as opposed to his mug and took a long sip. Now she had to figure out if she was going to have to watch him or baby him; she couldn't let him go out like that. People would panic; unless she made it seem he had chose to look this way. Could she make it seem that he was just cosplaying? Sighing she ate gazing at the mirror lost in it's depths as she stared at herself.

The demon stared at her with a brow perked as she handed him the plate. "What sort of game are you playing?" He questioned, looking down at the plate. What could she have meant by handing him food after what he'd done. "Do you think that if you feed me I won't cause chaos?" He watched her with the plate in his hand, not yet touching the food.

Hearing him she shook her head, "No game. Why resist that which is futile; right?" Finishing her plate she set it by the sink and washed the dish, "Would you not cause chaos if I did feed you? If I served your needs would you behave?" Her eyes turned to look to him more serious now, "I don't know if I could let you be such a bad demon considering you saved me. Clearly there is some good in you, otherwise would you not have already killed me." In the sink was a thick knife that she gripped firmly but she was certain it would do little to protect her. Skillfully she spun the knife in her fingers then slapped it into the wood block that held the others before continuing to wash the dishes.

"I think you misunderstand the meaning of demon..." Aerik said, in a matter-of-fact way. His eyes cast to the knife she'd put away with a smirk. "Don't think that will do much in the way of damaging me, human." He remarked, his voice still held the cute bespectacled man's accent. "Perhaps I should throw your little town into terror then drag you back to hell." He picked up a sausage between his talons and ate it in one bite. "Though I'm sure you'd prefer to keep me here like a little pet..."

With his voice resembling the kinder Aerik it was like salt in the wound; she knew little of demons except they were seen as bad news in her culture. "It's Tonya.." She heard him statement about the town and turned her gaze to him nervously, "Is it too much to ask that you don't hurt anyone?" Brushing her fingers over another blade she winced as she had knicked her finger. Stopping the water she placed the cut to her mouth and sucked on it which caused the sting to stop. Hearing the last remark she watched her cut bubble with the crimson liquid again, "Not a pet; its clear you have your own agenda. can we not come to some kind of compromise?"

The metallic scent of life force hit his sensitive nose, he moved towards her, putting his plate on the counter. In an instant he grabbed her wrist, bringing her finger to his lips. "I'm no idiot, I know your name, Tonya..." He murmured ever so softly before dragging his pointed tongue over the wound. It sizzled like he'd put peroxide on it and burned like touching a hot wire but when he let go of her hand the cut was gone. "Compromise, hm? And just what do you have to offer me that would be more amusing than slaughter and calamity?" He grabbed another sausage and ate it in one bite.

Seeing his eyes train on her finger she saw him move towards her and winced as he took her wrist but the sting that came from his tongue made her try and recoil. Upon seeing her finger clear of any sign of a cut to begin with she gazed up to his eyes and the mismatched color of them, "Anything. I don't know what a demon would want especially since they have the power to take what they desire but I'd be willing to give you anything if not everything. Blood, my soul, entertainment? I'd become your puppet so long as you swore to be good. Or at least try.."

"Being my puppet would mean you'd kill for me, I don't think you want that..." Aerik gave the pancakes a glance before disregarding the rest of the plate, walking once more to the window. "Your soul may be of use, but what, praytell, would you incline to be 'good'? After all, nothing and no one is inherently good. Humans do good with the expectation of recieving good in return. Contrary wise, what's good for one is evil for another. The spider is evil to the fly, but spiders are seen as good by humans for ridding them of the pesky fly. The fly sees humans as good for providing food... it's a vicious cycle. Save a baby in trouble, he grows up to be a serial killer."

Hearing him she definetly couldn't bring herself to killing anyone, "Why not be bad to those who are bad? There is alreayd enough evil in the world so why not make it a double standard and do something good by eliminating the bad. Like Light Yagami in DeathNote; kill bad people who deserve it. Then you can still be doing a bad thing but also a good thing." Seeing him ignore her pancakes she sighed taking the plate and leaned on the counter as she nibbled them finding them starting to grow cold, "Why have you kept me alive this far? Do I humor you?" She was sure the reply would be something selfish of some kind but she wondered if there was another reason. Despite the little time they had spent together, she wondered if there was an ounce of him that enjoyed her company especially after being alone so long.

Aerik glanced at the plate once more. "Don't make that face, it's unbecoming. I don't like eating anything that wasn't once breathing... as for why you're still alive; I'll leave you to guess..." He turned to look at the clock, making a mental note that there were still many hours until night fall. "Who decides who deserves to die? A person judged by crime of passion might still have a child and spouse who would mourn them. As I said, the line is not so clear..."

She still had a pout as she had taken extra care to make the pancakes. Knowing his appetite was mostly meat she would have to make note of that when shopping. Eyes went to outside as she took the last bite, "why couldn't you be a prankster instead of a killer... Do you see people's death clocks? Why not the ones closest then." It was irrational anyway she looked at it. Killing was wrong and should be avoided but he was persistent. Setting the plate in the sink she rubbed her head from a growing headache. Demon's were difficult to deal with and even harder to please.

"Death clocks?" Aerik looked at her as though she were insane. "I'm not sure what fantasies you've read about demons, but I can assure you most, if not all, of them are wrong..." He rolled his eyes and took a seat, crossing his legs elegantly. "Pranksters are imps, not demons..." He informed firmly.

Tonya gave a small sigh and shook her head going to a cabinet and pulled out some pain relievers and took her water and took two small blue pills then placed it back in the cabinet. She leaned her back into the cabinet, "Then tell me more about demons. Other than killing are there certain rules you have to follow or is it more of a.. you look at someone and the keel over?" Feeling her phone buzz she took it out and saw a message from her brother but decided to leave it and not reply. Seeing an email she rolled her eyes, "Kill my landlord he's raising rent this month. ugh." She was half serious but it had almost seemed tempting. Even she was shocked at the thought.

Another low laugh left his throat. "First of all, I'm not inclined, nor obligated to give you any 'rules' I may or may not have. Second, you're no better than me, wishing death on someone for trying to make a living..." He laced his long fibers around his knee. "Next you'll tell me you're listing after me..." He added, voice dropped to a seductive and velvety purr. He was gorgeous, after all. Long, silken black hair, angled features, soft, pouty lips, beautiful eyes and perfect physique. Who wouldn't want a roll in the sheets with him.

She smiled and then started to giggle as it became a laugh. She wasn't mocking him but at first it seemed that way, "I'm sure sex with a demon would be my last so I think I'll pass." She of course thought him attractive but he was sour; beautiful and delicious exterior with a rotten core. If he had stayed the Aerik that she met beyond the mirror she would have likely jumped his bone promptly. Brushing her hair back she thought of reasoning but it was futile. He was a demon and couldn't be persuaded and she had nothing to offer him. Arguing would be no good either, "tell me, if you go out those doors do they are you as I do? Or are you invisible to others?"

It was odd that at her laughter, a smirk crossed his lips. "You really do no nothing about demons... there are demons who are only here for sex... they think humans are the best partners. There are demons all over your world, posing as humans, living secret lives, having secret lovers, creating hybrids... no. I won't be invisible, I'll be the dopey bookworm you were falling for... no one will suspect..." He glanced to the floor where his glasses lay, broken. With a lift of his hand they floated to him, repairing themselves. "I suppose you'd rather me in that form, wouldn't you? So you can pretend I'm not what I am..."

A part of her was glad he had enlightened her about demons being around; it wasn't impossible to belive just rather hard to fathom. Seeing the glasses go to him she raised a brow watching in awe at the motion. She still was new to all this magic and the motions of them but she was certain she would adjust. "Of course I don't know anything about demons. Even if I had come across one I would have thought them human." Hearing his last remark she took the fixed glasses from his hands and looked them over, "It's not about the form I prefer. Either one is beautiful." A hint of pink in her cheeks as she was inspected how he fixed the glasses so quickly, "I wish the lie hadn't stopped. On the otherside of that mirror was a part of you that may have been fake but apart of me hopes something of it was real and apart of you. Opening the glasses she slid them up his nose and pulling back she tilted her head, "Your face either form wears glasses well." Going to the door she grabbed a jacket off the hook and slid it on grabbing her keys and wallet then checked her phone, "Well? Cmon, I know you want to be out of here." After being trapped in the mirror maybe a breath of fresh air would make him easier to talk to. She still had many questions and annoying as she may be to him she wanted to know more.

His eyes trained on her as she moved to pull the glasses from his hand, as she looked them over, then put them on him. Of course he noticed the rise of blood to her cheeks, though he was sure she wished he hadn't. He was surprised she was so willing to let him out into the world, but stood and moved towards her, allowing her to see the shift in full view. Long strands shortened, horns, wings and claws disappeared into hair, back and fingers respectively, eyes became uniform blue. His clothing looked far more modern now though, losing his Victorian attire. "I don't know what you're up to, but I will find out, I'm patient..." He murmured softly, the sweet voice of the man in the mirror back in his throat.

"I'm not sorry that being nice is in my nature, I'm sorry you see it as suspicion." His shift was rather enjoyable to watch as everything about his details altered so flawlessly around him. When the magic had ended she pulled the door shut behind then and locked it. It was so strange to think yesterday she was in the alternate dimension and now today she was back. Walking down the small hall she walked past the elevator and went to a doorway to a stairwell. The stairwell echoed with their footsteps and she thought of her questions to ask when outside. The stairwell went to two doors the main entry with small mailboxes imbedded into the wall and a second door went outside. Pushing the door open she took in a breath of the morning, fall air; it was crisp but didn't hurt her lungs unlike the bitter cold of winter in other states. "Welcome to West Covina, Califonia." Walking West past other apartments she made her way towards the antique store again; more sitting was needed; at least a dining room table, and she would have to shop for food. Pulling out her phone she began to make a list on a notepad:
*table & chairs

Aerik followed, step by step, his hands in the pocket of his jacket, at least at first. The fresh air hit his nose and lungs like clearing dust from an attic. As they walked he caused little bits of chaos without being found out; snatching a man's hat as he bent to tie his laces that had magically come undone, hit another man with a falling sign as the guy was googling a woman that wasn't the one on his arm, exploded a hot cup of coffee in the hand of a woman berating a poor minimum wage barista who was almost in tears. He sat the stolen hat on his head and unlocked the brakes on a police officer's car so it rolled backwards while has was giving a parking ticket. "Oh this is going to be fun..." He remarked softly with a smirk.

As she was inputting her list she heard him and looked up, "Where did you get the hat?" Pausing she looked around, oblivious to the handy work he had already caused. "Nevermind, anyway; you have already showed me you can heal small wounds, move objects without touching them, and alter your physical appearance. Do you have increased speed and strength?" Other questions buzzed around in her head but she would save them till he started answering the ones she asked.

"Yes, of course..." Aerik replied simply to her last question, adjusting the hat on his head. "Why? Do you want one?" He smirked wickedly, referencing the hat she'd asked about. He looked out of the corner of his eye to see a suspicious figure walking slowly up behind a man with a computer bag in his shoulder. He knew all too well what was next to come, keeping an eye out as it happened. The figure snatched the bag and ran. He was gone in a moment, stepping out of a shop, and clothes lining the their. He promptly returned the bag and walked calmly back to Tonya, handing her a wad of cash from the thief's wallet. "Don't buy cheap meat..." He remarked softly.

She seemed to do a mental checklist of things she would ask and confirm and she figured as such, "What? No!" She made a furrowed brow and rubbed her head, "I look horrible in hats anyways. Don't steal, I can buy what you need alright?" She jumped when she saw the theif perhaps last second then then seem to vanish. Seeing him return the bag and then looking to the money she took it and stared at him, "I should be more scare of you shouldn't I?" Seeing the face he made she turned ahead continuing her walk with him, "I get a butcher to get cut meat. I don't think you will be disappointed. Speaking of meat do you prefer cooker or would you eat it raw?" She wondered what his preferance was, "And besides meat and eggs is there anything you prefer to drink." She took a small side step hoping his ony drink wasn't blood. Maybe he was a vampire demon. 

"Did you actually just tell me not to steal?" The demon in human disguise laughed softly. "As if that will stop me. I take what I want, when I want it..." He cast a glance to a couple sharing a milkshake and wrinkled his nose, the sticky treat exploding out of the glass as though one of them had blown into their straw, this, of course, caused an argument. "Cooked or raw doesn't matter to me either way. I do appreciate a good red wine and am fond of scotch... I do drink coffee as well..." He made a wet paint sign disappear, causing several people to sit on a freshly painted bench. "Oh humans never change, do they?"

Watching him she began to look around more cautiously seeing the trouble he was causing. At least he was not having anyone murdered or killing aimlessly. Adding to her list she thought of a question, "So are you just born evil or is there a school where you learn to be the way you are." Another thought crossed her mind, "wait, You can materialize clothes why did you steal the hat?"

"Because I can and because it's fun, of course..." The demon rolled his eyes as if it should be obvious. "We're not born, we're just here. I was never a baby or a child, I just came into existence..." He informed, taking a unattended cup of coffee off an outdoor cafe table and sipping it. "Ugh. Coffee sure has changed..."

She shook her head at his remark; he was like a spoiled child but he was able to help himself to whatever he wanted. Seeing him take a coffee from somewhere she made a disgusted face. She was glad she took her pain killers earlier. Once at the antique store she paused at the door, "Please don't break anything or cause trouble for the little old lady that runs this place. If you don't want to come in just wait here." Entering she inhaled the scent of old items and the elderly woman greeted her. Going to the counter she smiled, "You remember me from the other day? By chance are there any diningroom tables in or chairs?" The woman pointed her to the back where the larger furniture was. Making her way back she hadn't thought about dimensions and smacked her forehead. Seemed she would have to hope that her eyes were good at measurements. She found some nice coffee tables and took note of their prices before looking at the dining tables; at least these wouldn't have a demon popping out of them.

Naturally he recognized the inside of the shop, his nose wrinkling at the thought. "I'd rather not..." He remarked in disgust, turning his back to the window to read the street for more chaos to cause. First he made a woman's heel brake from her shoe, causing her to fall and drop all the drinks and doughnuts she was carrying. A man choked on his gum and coughed hard enough to shoot it out into a passing man's long hair. Little accidents here and there, just to warm up after such a long time. A car splashed mud onto a freshly groomed white poodle, a small tree fell on a brand new car. He grinned to himself, sipping the stolen coffee.

Tonya was able to find a small dining table with chairs to go with going to the book section she didnt find anything that piqued her interest until she saw a robotics book. Her fingers grazed the cover only to be touch by another. Peerping over she saw a tall tan male with black messy hair and green eyes. He stared at her as if wondering why she was after a book like that. Tonya was used to this; men assumed that woman were not intelligent enough to learn about anything tech related. "Sorry did you want this?" She offered it knowing she could just read it's contents online but she did enjoy hard copies.
"No, no by all means; just a bit.."
Seeing his face she was not certain if he was trying not to offend her or doing careful word selection, "It's fine." Taking the book she started to move away from the akward situation but felt his hand grasp her arm; there was a small element of fear bet she planted her feet and slowly turned her head back, "Can I help you?" She pulled her arm free feeling a bit more on guard now. Did he want the book or not?
"Sorry, ah- just was wondering why robotics? Pretty girl like you could easily do modeling right?"
Tonya wasn't sure what to say; she was average in every way and her body was nothing to be glamored about. The only thing special about her was she was book smart and knew she could change the world with her ideas. "Actually I'm quite good at robots and tech; always have been. I'd rather make something of my future as well as others than something like that." Seeing his face change she thought he was going to lunge at her. She took this moment to nod, "Have a good day then." Making her way to the checkout she could feel his eyes leering into her which made her uncomfortable but if he did make any move he would be in for a rude awakening by either her self defense or the demon just dying to cause more trouble for someone. Swiftly she made her way back outside, her heart still throbbing with slight suspense.

Aerik was enjoying himself far too much to notice what was going inside the shop, but when she practically sprinted outside, his body turned to her. He could hear her heart pounding and the light sweat of panic filled his nose. "What happened?" He asked lowly, sounding much more like his demon self. His eyes looked through the widow, scanning for the threat. His gaze fell on the other black haired, green eyed male, locking onto him as he moved about.

"I just need to breathe." She said this under her breath to herself as she took his hand firmly and began to walk further down the street. Had she had known this much excitement would have happened she may have thought wiser to bring her inhaler. Her ears pulse from the sound of her heart so she was trying to focus on her footsteps or a car going by, a bicycle bell ringing as they rounded a corner. Her free hand beside her lay at her side trembling; feeling her heart steady as she put space between the shop she could feel her stomach lurch. Normally she would just hurry home after an episode and lie in bed; hugging her pillow and crying at how lucky she was. If anything she was proud no tears had left her face, but then again she hated crying in public; it drew too much unwanted attention to her. Though her hand had held his it had loosened and wasn't a death grip anymore; used to being alone she spoke to herself, "I should have just played dumb, should have grabbed the book next to it.. So stupid.."

It took a moment for the initial shock to wear off, feeling her grab his hand and drag him along came as quite the surprise. He felt her tension and thumping pulse. It threw off his attempts to sabotage the people on the street. He dug his heels into the concrete, dropping his empty cup in the trash and tugged her back to him. When she spun to face him both of the demon's hands took hold of her face between them. "Look at me." He demanded quietly, forcing her gently to look him in the eyes which had gone mismatched again. Emerald and Sapphire as they were, seeming to glow. They were mesmerizing and calming to look into.

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