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2007-08-25 16:44:45
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Effie's Apartment

March 21, 3:00 pm

Effie was alread hard at work drawing up a list of suspects. "Let me see... I know Nate and Frances were the one's who discovered the body... that native guy seems suspisious so better check him out first"

March 21, 4:23 pm

Effie grabs a coat and her note pad and took a walk to Dawson's Teepee

March 21, 6:03pm

Effie rushs into her apartment and sets up a tac board. Put up Dawson's picture she wrote a few thing next to it. "It's an interesting start but only a small step closer to the murderer."

March 21, 9:23pm

By the time Effie was done the clock read 9:24. "Damm, looks like I'm done for the day." Turning off all the lights she put the tac board in a hidden safe, just to be safe. Finaly she draged her tired body to the bedroom and collased on the mattres hard as stone. Imeadently Effie was asleep.

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