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2005-09-24 16:24:00
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Welcome to Noseville, home of the nose-eating nose people. My name is Leah and I will be your guide.
As you look to your right, you will see the sacred nose shack. This is where the ancient nose people (or poinyanyahs) sacrificed their noses to the gods in return for a gift. As you go into this historic shack, you will see the sacrificing rock slab and the tools that they used. You are welcome to look at these ancient artifacts, but I ask of you not to touch them, for they are sacred to the nose people.
Oh your left, there is a large tree. This is called a nose fruit tree. This is the last one of its kind so I ask that you do not touch it. And, alas, because of the age of the tree, it does not bear fruit anymore.
In front of you is what the people here call a Xakha dance. It is to welcome you here. This dance has been passed down in their family for centuries. As you can see, they are wearing grass robes. You may think that these robes aren't that special, but they take 4 years to make.
You will be staying at the Kakulo Hotel. This is behind you.
How that I have introduced this exotic land to you, it is time for you to go and rent a room. We provide all of your basic needs as a courtesy, for none of your electronics will work here as you might have found out.

As you come in to the hotel, please sign the guest book...

1. The mayor of Noseville, [I am no longer existant]
2. Yo!  seems like a nice place! ~~~ [burnt soul]
3. Cool! [This username does not exist]
4. YAY! [Tawnee.]
5. So this is Noseville.. they all seem out their minds... [.the plastic emo.]

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2005-08-04 [I am no longer existant]: Welcome, newcomers!

2005-08-29 [Tawnee.]: bla biddy bla

2005-09-24 [.the plastic emo.]: awesome

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