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Earth Defense Force 2017 review

You are a member of the elite military group known as the Earth Defense Force or the EDF for short. Your force is the first and last line of defense against the invading alien menace that has landed on the planet with violent intentions. Use an increasingly powerful array of weapons from shotguns, to rocket launchers, and even deployable turrets.

This game is one of many great games that sneaked in under the radar. It is not the greatest in the categories of graphics or acting, but makes up for it in sheer action. The aliens start out simple, just giant black ants, but as the game goes on it gets more and more interesting, 10 story tall robots accompanied by UFO's that drop never ending supplies of aliens.

There are only five to six achievements for the game and those are for beating it in the different difficulties and acquiring all the weapons. The one downfall to the game is the repetitiveness in the levels, same thing over and over, just with a bit more difficult enemies. This, strangely enough, does not reduce it's enjoyability.

This game sports two-player co-operative play which means you can destroy the alien hordes with a friend. Friendly fire is always on though, so watch where your shooting. All the buildings are destructible (One rocket does the trick) and makes it easy to get some of the enemies from a distance.

/ [Lord Josmar]

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