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Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

What Is EVP?

Electronic voice phenomena, or EVP, is where voices are heard on recorders, in radio station static, or other forms of electronic media, yet there is no known sources for these voices. These voices are not heard during the time of the recording yet when it is played back they show up. Many believe that these voices showing up on the recording are the voices of the deceased trying to speak with the living. Not always is it easy to understand these voices. EVP recordings are separated into three different classes A, B, and C.

• Class A: Easily understood by almost anyone who listens. These are the loudest yet rarest form of EVP

• Class B: Most common form of EVP. Tends to be more quiet and sound more distant then Class A EVP. Also has warping of the voice.

• Class C: A lot of warping of the voices. Lowest in volume, often not much more then a whisper. Class C is the hardest to understand and most of the time is completely incomprehensible.

How to record your own EVP

The best thing about EVP is that it does not take a paranormal investigator with a lot of expensive equipment to get results. Anyone with a recorder and a lot of patience can do it. But you cant just leave a recorder running in an empty room and expect results. Here are some helpful tips for those who want to try to record EVP.

•Both digital and cassette recorders work well for EVP recordings so just use whatever works for you.

•When using a cassette recorder try to use an external microphone, this cuts down on the feedback you get from the motor of the recorder. Also try to avoid using used cassettes if you can.

•As cliche as it may seem go to cemeteries, or well known ghost hot spots. You have a much better chance of getting an answer in these areas then others. Avoid places of violence like a murder or a where a violent crime has taken place. These kinds of places tend to have more malicious beings. Your just asking for trouble doing this.

• Don’t ever go out alone. This isn’t so much protection from ghosts as it is to make sure you have back up if someone gets hurt tripping over a tombstone or something. Also it helps with the credibility of any results you might have, this way you have someone to say it wasn’t just you saying weird things into a microphone.

•At the beginning of your recording state the date, time, place and weather condition. This helps you keep track of your recordings later on. And avoid recording on rainy days, this causes too much background noise.

•Make notes on the recording about any sounds or noises you hear that way when you listen to the recording you don’t confuse the background noise for EVP. And when you do speak talk normally don’t whisper. That way you don’t mistake yourself for the voices of the dead.

•No horse play, you could very well break something or scare of any potential guest speakers.

•Try moving around when you are out getting recordings. If you are in an old building try going to a different room or if you are out side try going to another area. You have a better chance of getting something if you don’t stay in one place. But make sure to say on the recording that you are moving and where you go.

•Try asking questions of the deceased . Keep it simple so that it might be answered with a yes, no, a name, or perhaps a few words. Just ask your question and give a minute or two for a reply. You might be surprised if you get an answer.

•Go with your gut. If you get the feeling that you should go record in a certain area then go for it. Also if you suddenly get the feeling that you are not wanted when you walk in a room it would be a very good idea to find a different place to record because you will have little luck there.

•If you would like you can bring a camera to see if you can get a snap shot of a ghost as well as it’s voice. Just make sure that if the camera makes some sort of noise to take pictures before or after you record.

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2005-08-29 [0000----]: Have you ever recorded any EVP?

2005-08-29 [Skife]: Perhaps some class C but I cant be sure. too much background noise to make it out. I would probably have better luck if I went out more but right now I just dont have the time. Plus it is my friends recorder. We are planning to go to a local hot spot but we need to make the time to do it. If I ever get something that is understandable I will share the details

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