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Elftown Photo Reference Marathon

This is the sitemap for the Elftown Photo Reference Marathon

Please refer to Elftown Photo Reference Marathon for details and rules.

Ended contests may be found at EPRM Champions.

Please vote:

Open contests:

-EPRM Jewellery/Jewelry Reference (Open until 1st of July)
-EPRM Windows (Open until 1st of July)
-EPRM Full Body Reference (Open until 29th of July)

Suggestions for the future (will change!):

-EPRM Hand Reference
-EPRM Landscape Reference
-EPRM Winter Holiday Reference
-EPRM Doll Reference
-EPRM Autumn Reference
-EPRM An Apple a Day 
-EPRM A Song in Your Heart
-EPRM School Days
-EPRM Live Role Playing Reference
-EPRM Muscle Reference
-EPRM Architecture Reference
-EPRM Vehicle Reference
-EPRM Prop Reference
-EPRM Just Plain Creepy
-EPRM Wet N' Wild
-EPRM An Architect's Dream
-EPRM Movie Night
-EPRM Desert Reference
-EPRM Beach Reference
-EPRM Art of the Eastern Orient
-EPRM Umbrella Reference
-EPRM Shoe Reference
-EPRM Fashion Accessories
-EPRM Electronics and Appliances
-EPRM Clothing
-EPRM Desserts Reference
-EPRM Business Reference
-EPRM Gadgets Reference
-EPRM Religion Reference
-EPRM Sports Reference


The Elftown Photo Reference Marathon is always open for improvement!
If you have suggestions of reference subjects or tips that may be useful to improve the EPRM, let us know in the comment box!


Go or return to:
- EPRM Champions
- Elftown Photo Reference Marathon
- Reference Pictures
- Reference Photographers

If you would like to share a suggestion for a competition, you can place it in Elftown Competition Ideas!

If you would like to share some of your thoughts and ideas for these competitions, write a comment here, or on the contest pages.

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2009-05-22 [Lothuriel]: No problem!! ^__^

2009-08-24 [Hedda]: It's time to add a new contest pretty soon. What about post-apocalyptic images?

And then maybe live role playing images?

Followed by plant reference?

2009-08-24 [Hedda]: Eh... Skip that plant reference contest at that time. We should announce that with deadline in next August so that people have plenty of time to picture plants in/of all seasons.

2009-08-24 [SilverFire]: Bah! You keep skipping or postponing all the ones I want to enter. :P

2009-08-24 [nehirwen]: I'll prepare them tomorrow. We can wait a month to add the third contest I think, as the arm reference is still going on.

2009-08-24 [Hedda]: [SilverFire]: What do you want to enter?

2009-08-24 [SilverFire]: The Plant one. But I'm not quite sure what you're saying about that one now - that it should start now, with a deadline next August, so it runs for a whole year, or that it shouldn't start for a while?

2009-08-24 [Hedda]: I say that we should start it now, but have the deadline one year away. So that people can build up their pages for a full year.

2009-08-24 [SilverFire]: *agrees with that* :D

2009-10-08 [Lothuriel]: I know not everyone has Fall colors right now but, would it be feasible to set an EPRM Fall Reference?

2009-10-09 [Hedda]: We can have one open until next November, I guess.

2009-10-10 [Lothuriel]: Awesome! I will talk to [nehiwren] about it.

2009-10-11 [nehirwen]: I'll set it up tomorrow. :)

2009-11-28 [Lothuriel]: ooh fungus. sPam likey...<img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2009-12-12 [Nioniel]: :)

2009-12-28 [*Phoenix*]: Can we enter the future contests or do we have to wait?

2009-12-28 [nehirwen]: It's in the list of open contests, so yes, you can enter. :)

2009-12-28 [*Phoenix*]: It might be cool to do a "Figurine" contest with things like carousel horses or dragon figurines, like breakable collectible things. I would LOVE to do one like that. I can set it up if you'd like....

2009-12-29 [*Phoenix*]: So I can do the prop and vehicle ones? *eyes light up*

2009-12-29 [Nioniel]: If they are not copywritten items (things that are the intellectual or artistic property of other artists) then you may photograph them and claim them as your own. Things within this category are nature, animals, etc.

2009-12-29 [*Phoenix*]: so would my Pontiac be considered copyrighted if I took a picture of the entire car?

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