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2008-11-02 17:46:54
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Example layout


Sub category 1

Photos with comments and keywords. If you don't use the box-edit, then keywords is what you write directly after the image links in parenthesis. Example:
<img:stuff/z/1/1_122.jpg>(Big Hairy foot)

Sub category 2

Photos with comments and keywords

/Images by [yourname]

Links to related pages (your own or others)

Please include these links along with the contest session link in your wiki-pages!
-Go to EPRM
Elftown Photo Reference Marathon
Reference Pictures

Username (or number or email):


2008-10-23 [Hedda]: What should this be for?

Generally people should just go to their house and use the "Upload a folder of images" button. It could say that on this page though.

2008-10-23 [Lothuriel]: I just stuck it in the mix in case we decided that we wanted each wiki to have the same format. If you don't think it's a good idea, it's not a problem to remove it. It will only take me a couple minutes.<img:44166_1164144907.gif>

2008-10-23 [Hedda]: Same format? Nah, they kind of get that when people use the "Upload a folder of images" button.

This page should be here to tell them about it though and maybe point to example pages like hand photo reference.

2008-10-23 [Lothuriel]: Ok, that's a good idea. 

2008-11-02 [Hedda]: The pages should definitely not start with a link to the one who made them. Things on a page should be ordered with the important things first, so for example this order: Describing title, the photos, photographer, related links.

2008-11-02 [Jitter]: Indeed! Sorry!

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