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2008-12-03 08:12:26
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Feet Photo Reference

Baby Feet

18 images


Woman's feet

<img0*150:stuff/swoonsfaints%20(3).JPG><img0*150:stuff/swoonsfaints%20(2).JPG> <img0*150:stuff/DSC00896.jpg>
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2008-11-02 [Hedda]: You don't have more photos? I thought there was a law about that parents must have at least 100 photos per day of their baby. <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

2008-11-02 [Hedda]: I'll put these on baby foot photos when you tell me it's ready.

2008-11-02 [Jitter]: Hahaha I have about 10gb only with him but he's sick atm so I don't want him barefoot :P Another bugging thing is he never stands still so it's hard to take sharp pictures x) I'll try and get some with shocks and/or shoes on, standing etc :)

2008-12-04 [Morphea]: I can`t resist cute babyfeet ;)

2008-12-04 [Hedda]: I thought only babies liked to suck them <img:stuff/mood16-gif.gif>

2008-12-04 [Morphea]: huh?

2008-12-04 [Jitter]: I think Hedda meant suck.. :P

Yeah babiues do love sucking on their feet. But I can't resist kissing those little toes either ^^

2008-12-04 [Morphea]: hehe yup ..they are so adorable

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