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2011-11-28 23:05:35
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EPRM Haunted House Reference


For this session we will be expecting high quality photographs of haunted houses. Be imaginative and creative!

Please place your entries for the EPRM Haunted House Reference, in the form of a wiki and list it below. Before submitting your wiki, please make sure you have read and understand the rules set forth in Elftown Photo Reference Marathon

Deadline: CLOSED
Moderator: [Cillamoon]

Congrats to winner [toresimonsen]!


[Lothuriel]: EPRM Wiki Submission Template, EPRM

[toresimonsen]: Tuscarora

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2011-06-06 [Alexi Ice]: Creepy!

2011-06-06 [Cillamoon]: Twilight Zone theme song anyone? This is going to be a great one!

2011-06-06 [Alexi Ice]: I was going to stay at a haunted house this week but decided I was too paranoid for all that

2011-06-06 [Cillamoon]: Ooooo! Maybe you can get pictures of it and submit them!

2011-06-06 [Alexi Ice]: If I have time I will hop over there ^^ It's a haunted hotel, a huge tourist attraction in Dallas

2011-06-10 [Karithina]: I am so happy that this ends in October, because I get home in August! The ghost tour in my town showed me some great places to get some photos... if I'm lucky I might see if/when I can get clearance (or sneak-ance) to take photos in the old hospital :)

2011-06-10 [Nioniel]: Fantastic! :)

2011-06-10 [Cillamoon]: That is wonderful to hear! So glad to hear you have found inspiration where not seen before, and I can't wait to see all you have to show us!

2011-06-27 [Akayume]: I'll have to watch this one. (:

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