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2007-06-24 17:11:28
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This page contains 3 polls!!

2625) Which image should win the ECM Vampire Art contest? (Administrator: [Sunrose])

Number of voters: 9

2626) Which text should win the ECM vampire text? (Administrator: [Sunrose])

Number of voters: 5

2627) Which member contributed the best and most to Vampire? (Administrator: [Sunrose])

Number of voters: 5

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2007-07-06 [xido]: Where should I post comments about asking for volunteers to review and vote for the Vampire Poetry? Should I ask Daily Poem, or post a comment on Apply to the Crew?

I am personally uneducated in how to vote for poems, since it is not my forte by any means...

2007-07-06 [Sunrose]: The Daily Poem bosses have already been asked to judge them :)

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