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The Draconic Clan, on the ECM Dragon Art contest.

  - [xido] - Will's Dragons

     The Clan of Dragons, Elftowners, and guests begin to congregate in the meeting hall. It is just barely dusk, and the fires have already been lit in the torches around the grounds. Though the Clan is still small, they have prepared for a large event. Though unsure why, Draconic Prophecy has stated that it would be the first of many similar and amazing congregations.

     Arriving in order to help organize things, Pesh and Drolivekk begin working to coordinate things while others arrive. Thuriwyther is expected to be late, as always. It has been mentioned that she is not in the happiest of moods these days. Some expect pregnancy; others - just the opposite.

     (10 spaces - paragraph indent)...

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2008-03-19 [xido]: Here are the rules:

1) No bashing people. Only bash their art. Don't actually bash - but be honest.

2) You may edit your post in between two other posts. You may not edit someone else's post, and in between two sentences in a single post should be avoided at all costs... Try collecting your responses into a single post as if the plural events happened in succession.

3) Keep it professional and clean. Cursing in moderation is okay, if you are at least acting mature. Don't be a jerk-face.

4) Either be a dragon, be yourself, or be quietly polite.

5) Be happy, have fun.

6) Be creative. Think about what you see. Ask questions. Raise concerns. Speak ideas. Listen to others.

7) This is a role-play, but it is also an art discussion. We call it a critique, but we only criticize for fun. Be honest, but be compassionate. Art can be dirty and deep, but much of these works are very simple and self-explanatory; keep it that way.

8) It's easier to be a jerk if you are in character, without hurting someone else's feelings. Being a character means that you are not acting like YOU would act - but you act out the personality of the character. My black dragon character, Thuriwyther, is a jerk like this - she is angry and unpleasantly blunt about her feelings. My other two characters will make up for her bad taste and disposition, I promise.

9) You do not have to roleplay. You do not have to be a draconic clan member (but other Elftowners will have to post their discussion in the comments, and Clan members can add relevant info later when they have time and the discussion is complete).

10) If you are playing as your Elftown self and not a character with a wiki-page, please make sure to post your username in brackets in every post (ie, [xido]...). If you are playing in character, please add your character page to the top, with your username.

Please have fun!

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