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ECM Pegasus Image


To see voting result: <poll:73870>


Contest Ran: November 05, 2006 to February 15, 2007

This creature session is now closed!

ECM Pegasus Image

Submissions of an image pegasus. Read the image-rules on Elftown Creature Marathon.
ECM Pegasus

Winner: ECM Pegasus Image


By [Ciorstag].


Thank you to all that contributed!


Add your image and a link to your house here. Please note that the image has to be uploaded to Elftown. Ask [Hedda] for permission to upload a huge version of it directly to this wiki-page!

Upload a great looking image or maybe an image that can be used in the texts about pegasus. Remember that the winning image will for very long time be the global definition of what a pegasus is, so it better be good (But we'll not blame anyone for trying, so be nervous, but not afraid!). See competitions if you want a less serious competition.

Except for the normal badges and stuff, the winner will get credits on what we hope will be the best pegasus-page on the entire Internet.

Insert images and your name here.

Drawn by [Dark Side of the Moon]

Drawn by [Zab]

Drawn by [Forever Equine

Drawn by [Artsieladie] - According to my research, Pegasus was also known to have had a golden: mane & tail, as well as golden wings & hooves.

Photoshopped By [lunarsun] *Side Note* Permissions to use photos come from [The Mad Hatter] That's his horse and the wings are from photos he took.

Drawn by [Ciorstag]


All aspects for the ECM Pegasus are now CLOSED!

Thank you to all that contributed!


The Elftown Creature Marathon Creature Pages
are always open for improvement!

For submissions of art, photos, poetry, and text that may be useful to improve the ECM pages of creatures already featured, go to:

ECM Closed Sessions' Submissions.


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2006-12-02 [Zab]: Only one is allowed (unless there is a good reason for more), that's why I was so uncertain if my brown should be there, even if it's supposed to be in the text and not as the main image..:P

2006-12-02 [Hedda]: I'll sort the images out in the end, so just submit what-ever you have <img:img/mood/44166_1164557371.gif>

2006-12-02 [Forever Equine]: Ok, thanks guys!=D

2006-12-02 [Zab]: Promising, Elvandia!

2006-12-02 [Forever Equine]: :D Thanks! I still like your's alot more though. XD Love those wings! I prolly should have used a ref.

2006-12-02 [Zab]: ref's make it so much better..XD

2006-12-02 [Forever Equine]: Yup, but I'm incredibely lazy, lol!

2006-12-02 [Hedda]: Wow, that's really cool, [Forever Equine]! <img:img/mood/44166_1164145241.gif>

2006-12-02 [Forever Equine]: Thankies!=D
I have it almost done and then I'll add a bg to it.=)

2006-12-03 [Zab]: Nice! ^___^

2006-12-03 [Forever Equine]: Thanks!=D

2006-12-03 [Hedda]: It looks great, [Forever Equine]. But it wasn't uploaded to Elftown, so I fixed that.

But I would prefere [Zab]'s entry because it's not destroyed by a water-mark text.

2006-12-03 [Forever Equine]: Sorry, I just wanted to get the largest view possible.:S Anytimes I upload it at my house shrinks it too 500 pix. How do you get it to full size?
As with the watermark, I can take it off but I feel naked if I do.XD I've had my work stolen 3 times now so I'm paranoid.>.> <.<

2006-12-03 [Forever Equine]: Duh, I really need to learn to read.XD
Anywho, I have a different version that I would like to upload at it's larger size.=)

2006-12-03 [Forever Equine]: Nvm, I never noticed that I had the privilage. God I'm an idiot! XD

2006-12-03 [Zab]: *lmao* Good, because otherwise I would have had to tell you about it..x)

2006-12-03 [Hedda]: "stolen"? You mean "copied". Not the same thing.

Now you're having quite good proof that it's yours and no one can ever steal that away from you.

2006-12-03 [Forever Equine]: Well, actually, 28 pieces were stolen, I had the chick even take my name, well my initials TMM! She had all my older pieces that I had in Elfwood when I first started. She even claimed to take requests and have pieces in the "works" which were pieces I already had done. I keep all my sketchs and originals, unless they are a commission, and keep them on file. DA took forever in having her dealt with but after 2 months it was taken care of. And the the second time it was the same instance but with only one piece. I would consider the second time more of an copying offense since they didn't remove my watermark but they did change the character which belonged to a friend of mine. The 3rd was by an annoying person who thought it would be cute to alter my art and claim it as theirs.

2006-12-04 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Which is exactly why Elfwood needs to remove the right click and save option from their site. It can be done. Nothing infuriates me more than stealing someone else's work and saying they drew it. No talent bastards. Pardon my language. By the way [Forever Equine] I love your drawing!

2006-12-04 [Hedda]: [Dark Side of the Moon]: And then people will still copy the image, but it's a little more work for them. Annoying things like that destroys for the normal user and if you really want your art seen by none, then keep it off the Internet.

If you on the other hand want to be famous and admired then you should be grateful that people share your art. But if you want a pay-up-or-you'll-see-nothing site, you're still very welcome to both Elftown and Elfwood, but these just aren't that kind of sites and will never be.

But of course we should spank people who claim that they made something they didn't make. For that Elftown is very helpful because it's almost impossible to to find any art that no one here recognize and know the source of.

2006-12-04 [Dark Side of the Moon]: You're right [Hedda], I do agree. I have very little tech experience when it comes to computers and don't always realise that folks will still get an image off of there some other way. *sigh* There's no getting rid of thieves I suppose. 

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