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ECM Pegasus Image


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Contest Ran: November 05, 2006 to February 15, 2007

This creature session is now closed!

ECM Pegasus Image

Submissions of an image pegasus. Read the image-rules on Elftown Creature Marathon.
ECM Pegasus

Winner: ECM Pegasus Image


By [Ciorstag].


Thank you to all that contributed!


Add your image and a link to your house here. Please note that the image has to be uploaded to Elftown. Ask [Hedda] for permission to upload a huge version of it directly to this wiki-page!

Upload a great looking image or maybe an image that can be used in the texts about pegasus. Remember that the winning image will for very long time be the global definition of what a pegasus is, so it better be good (But we'll not blame anyone for trying, so be nervous, but not afraid!). See competitions if you want a less serious competition.

Except for the normal badges and stuff, the winner will get credits on what we hope will be the best pegasus-page on the entire Internet.

Insert images and your name here.

Drawn by [Dark Side of the Moon]

Drawn by [Zab]

Drawn by [Forever Equine

Drawn by [Artsieladie] - According to my research, Pegasus was also known to have had a golden: mane & tail, as well as golden wings & hooves.

Photoshopped By [lunarsun] *Side Note* Permissions to use photos come from [The Mad Hatter] That's his horse and the wings are from photos he took.

Drawn by [Ciorstag]


All aspects for the ECM Pegasus are now CLOSED!

Thank you to all that contributed!


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2006-12-12 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I can't finger it either. You'd think that with such a popular fantasy figure that folks would have been knocking down the proverbial wiki doors trying to get something uploaded here. <img:stuff/mood16-gif.gif>

2006-12-12 [Sunrose]: Maybe it needs a bit more advertising :)

2006-12-12 [lunarsun]: perhaps. i almost missed it, but i was just browsing the main page and the word "pegasus" caught my eye

2006-12-12 [Artsieladie]: Advertising never hurts. I have it advertised in my mood, my house and in my diary. :D

2006-12-13 [Ciorstag]: Ah! In my case it more the holiday season- just need time to color mine! Just posted the WIP sketch at my house. I do have a non-iconic image in my wiki that you are welcome to use as a text image if you'd like! My Menagerie

2006-12-13 [Lady of Lore]: ^^ working on a suitable entry....

2006-12-14 [Nadie importante]: when was the deadline again?

2006-12-14 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I believe the deadline is December 15th, midnight ET time. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

2006-12-14 [Nadie importante]: ok so that means tomorrow evening i could still post somethign up here? or couldnt they wait until theres a few more entries8-)?

2006-12-14 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I'm not sure, to be honest. I think it would be up to [Hedda] to extend the deadline.

2006-12-15 [Artsieladie]: <img:stuff/ECM_PegasusGoldenWings100W-Oglow_rev.png>Changed my entry, b/c of "statement with it".<img:stuff/ECM_PegasusGoldenWings100W-Oglow.png>

2006-12-15 [Zab]: I think it should be all white... But it's a nice picturee:P

2006-12-15 [Nadie importante]: well i hope he does i mean tehres few entries isnt there?:P even though they are all beautiful!

2006-12-15 [Hedda]: [Artsieladie]: Where did you get that information from?

2006-12-15 [Ciorstag]: Aw, not going to make it but definitely will try harder next time- and will eventually finish the one I started! Love all the art that was entered- gonna be hard to choose one!

2006-12-15 [Artsieladie]: From some of my books. See: <diary:885974> One link on the net stated: " Pegasus is a flying horse from Greek and Roman mythology.  He is generally pictured as white, sometimes with golden wings." --->
I went to many sites, & you're lucky if you can get a description of more than "a winged horse"! I think everyone knows this much. Boy, whoever said everything can be found on the net? It does make sense that Pegasus would have golden mane, wings & hooves, b/c Medusa was a tall Gorgon with "golden hair & golden wings". Poseidon, the father, is also known as the god of horses or horse god, besides the god of the sea.

2006-12-15 [Artsieladie]: Here's an e.g. from one book, quote: "Swiftly he (Perseus) stooped, scooped up the head by its limp dead snakes, stuffed it in his pouch, and stood amazed for where her blood had fallen, two creatures sprang up, a warrior holding a golden sword and a beautiful white horse with golden mane and golden hooves and astounding golden wings. They were Chrysaor and Pegasus, children of Poseidon whom Medusa had been unable to bear while she lived as a monster, and who had grown full size in her womb."

2006-12-15 [Nadie importante]: Hedda do you think it would eb possibel to postpone the deadlinea few days?

2006-12-15 [Artsieladie]: It would give me a chance to figure out which image I'd like to go with, the all white one or the white & gold. I can't make up my mind & it's not recommended to post 2, I've read. Dilemma! I'd really like to have my entry true to form & there seems to be so many variations with Greek Mythology, yet very little specifics for reference when it comes to Pegasus. :PP

2006-12-15 [moira hawthorne]: I think the gold is best... the greeks really liked gold... if they were gonna describe or decortate something to be the most beautiful.. it would be golden!

2006-12-15 [Artsieladie]: I do like the gold. It gives Pegasus an exquisite look! :))

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