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ECM Zombie Poetry



ECM Zombie Poetry

Submissions of media - writing: poetry.

Contest Began: 2009-09-15
Contest Ended: 2010-02-01

This contest is closed!

Thank you to all that participated!




1. SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ORIGINAL: If the poem isn't 100% your work, it's not allowed.
- Plagiarism is a criminal offense. Do not submit works that are not 100% your creation. You do not have the right to claim someone else's work as your own. You do not have the right to alter someone else's work and call it your own. Please see: Copyright and Intellectual Property by [Rondel].


Submissions will not be accepted when they feature excessive violence, adult material, disturbing actions or insults, offensive and/or hateful materials. Elftown is an all-age site.

The theme is: "Zombie"
- Entries not following the theme will be removed.

For discussions about the Elftown competitions: Here it's discussed if an entry is in accordance with the rules and similarly more complicated issues that can't be solved with a simple wiki-comment. Go to: <forum:Elftown contests>


Please place your poems below the line (<hr>) like this:
#) <b>(Poem Title)</b>
Your poem
Written by [Your username]

Please remember to number your entries. Thank you!

1. Zombie Haiku

The stench of decay
Eyes devoid of cognizance
Aaaaaargh, brains

Written by [Triola]

2. a decaying mind

Greying skin and rotton nails
Single minded
Festering and rotten
Weilding a crusted blade good and propper
The decaying mind, rotten eyes stare out at me
He is what he eats, a cannibal a rotten mind
He says that is his part, but that happens to be my heart!
Black beaded eyes tell of a decaying demise
The rotten flesh hangs off his bones
He yearns for more flesh to chew from the decayed
Oh how there is nothing more depraved
More depraved than the decayed mind

Written by [Talos Cyrion]

3. Zombie's mirror

One could say,
no limb must miss,
but due to decay,
that’s wistfulness.

I stink of gore and rot,
my blood is clotted,
more often than not,
and simply allotted.

Oh I do wish I had curly manes,
of hair flaming red,
but instead I got no brains,
and the rest is dead.

Written by [arthemis_]

4.Undead Requiem

To Rot and decay,
To exist and prey,
How did they come to be?
Look there!
As it devours,
Through victims’ pleas,
And hunters’ shots,
Is there really an existance as theirs?
Creatures from beyond,
Where will they go,
What will they do,
Once all has been devoured?

Written by [Ravendust]

5. Brains are The Organ For Me!
Being a zombie of discerning tastes
I eat many parts of a body that wastes
I like them all to a degree
But if I get to pick
What to chew gnaw and lick
Brains are the organ for me

Before you get festerin'
I'll eat your intestines
Like spaghetti if I have a fork on me
But since I usually have not
A utensil on spot
I use gnarled claws with glee!
But thats just an apetizer, I
Eat what makes man wizer
Brains are the organ for me!

I'll eat spleen and liver
Though both are quite bitter
Other organs not fairing much better, you see
Nothing makes zombie tummy gladder
Than eating grey matter
Brains are the organ for me!

Written by [Sideways]

6. If I Only Had Some Braains...

The noon bell sings,
Off of old silver screens,
Bringing you back,
To that old Cadillac
-It's run down so many...

We used to have fun,
Out in the bright sun,
But now its not so,
It was all just for show
-'Cause I look better at night.

If only we could be together,
One more time, forever.
We could get past differences,
We could get past your senses
-And I then I could eat your braains.

But your body is not for me,
Your heart is lost at sea.
The one thing you could never tell,
Head over heels, I hopelessly fell
-Only for your braains.

Written by [Pillowthief]


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2009-09-16 [Alexi Ice]: Ah! My first entry! Very nice, [Triola]

2009-09-30 [Alexi Ice]: Oh....nice Zac. I Like it.

2009-09-30 [Talos Cyrion]: thanks...hint hint for those of you who wish to make writing somthing like this easier....go listen to rammstein...found that one out after i wrote this lol

2009-10-02 [Alexi Ice]: Lol. Well it's good, and if you would be so kind as to invite your friends here whom you think would appreciate this page, it would be much appreciated. <3

2009-10-02 [Talos Cyrion]: will do :)

2009-11-13 [arthemis_]: Oh lookie here, it actually rhymes :D

2009-12-01 [arthemis_]: 4. THEME:
The theme is: "Zombie"
- Entries not following the theme will be removed.

That made me laugh... :P

2009-12-02 [Alexi Ice]: Why?

2009-12-07 [arthemis_]: Well, it's ECM Zombie contest. The theme is Zombie (obviously)... entries not following the theme will be removed... Maybe it's just me, but I thought it was funny :D

2009-12-07 [Alexi Ice]: Lol. Well, we do that with all the ECM. You would be suprised at who doesn't understand that...>>

2009-12-08 [arthemis_]: Well, sometimes creative minds tend to wander unexpected ways :P

2009-12-09 [Alexi Ice]: Yeah. The ECM contest isn't really about creative though, we lean more towards the 'typical'

2009-12-11 [arthemis_]: Well, maybe you have to be both :)

2010-01-12 [Alexi Ice]: [Pillowthief] - Cute poem, but please fix the spelling/grammar mistakes ^^

2010-01-12 [Ravendust]: [Alexi Ice] - was the contest time frame lengthened? I've noticed at least on the main page that it's been reset to February. Is the poetry contest lengthened as well, since it's still set to January?

2010-01-12 [Alexi Ice]: Yes. I'm just too lazy to fix it. Lol...*Goes to fix it now*

2010-01-12 [Alexi Ice]: Thank you for reminding me!

2010-01-12 [Pillowthief]: Wow. I can't believe I didn't proof read my freakin' poem. I need to fix that on my poetry page as well.

-And I hope that 'braains' wasn't counted as a mistake :P

2010-01-12 [Ravendust]: I've spotted a grammatical error in your poem, [Pillowthief], don't know if it was intentional, but it'd sound better if:

It's ran down so many...
It's run down so many...


2010-01-12 [Alexi Ice]: No, the braains is fine ^^ Very suitible. And thank you, darling.

2010-01-12 [Pillowthief]: Damn! Where's my English major alt. personality when I need him?

Thanks Raven- nice catch.

2010-01-12 [Ravendust]: Hey, no problem ;)

2010-01-27 [SAHS]: This is an awesome competition. I love these!

2010-01-27 [Alexi Ice]: <3

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