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ECM Vampire Photo Related

ECM Vampire Photo-related entries:

[Vampire Akis]

[Shooting Star Shadow]



[Tableau Vivant]

[†Forgotten Agony†]



[Fire Panther]


33. [Just Dan]

[Remos Page] - Unclear copyright for the girl in the background. Probably OK fair use, but breaks the contest rules.

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2007-08-26 [Sunrose]: [†Forgotten Agony†]: Your entry was removed for quality reasons.
[Relphien]: Your entry was removed because it looks like a witch, rather than a vampire.
[Chrysilla]: We don't have size-requirements in the rules, but I still need to be able to see what's in the picture and I think your picture is too small to truly see it well.

The rest of the images don't show a vampire, but costumes and goth type outfits. We want to see more than that :)

2007-08-26 [Just Dan]: sorry that i didnt have the teeth and blood and what not. but is this wiki still being judged as a contest?

2007-08-26 [Sunrose]: No it's not part of the contest itself anymore, but I didn't want to just throw the entries away. Everyone did their best as much they could :)

2007-08-27 [Just Dan]: ahh ok thats sweet. but can you do me a favor? when there is another contest, like notify me. is that possible at all? any like way to do that?

2007-08-27 [Sunrose]: I would advise you to keep an eye on the news on Mainstreet. When there is a new newsitem, I always link to it in the comments on Council.
And all official contests are always put on competitions :)

2007-08-28 [Fire Panther]: Claws and eyes that gleam like possesion apparently arent vampire traits then? Perhaps he simply looks demonic? I dunno, everyone at school said Tony looked vampiric in that photo...

2007-08-28 [Sunrose]: Claws? I see that they have nail polish, but I don't see pointy nails.
Honestly your entry could be a portrait of any type of bad guy. It's not clear enough you meant it to be a vampire.

2007-08-28 [Just Dan]: that is very true sunrose

2007-08-28 [nsdkfnan87463]: I'm not asking you to return my photo to the contest, but I think you removed mine with a blind eye. Not all vampires bear the clichéd hallmark of teeth and blood. In some lore it is believed that a sign of a vampire was red hair, which is why I did the photo as I did. I added the text for humor.

2007-08-28 [Sunrose]: But we however are looking for the cliché image of a vampire, because it has to be recognisable to everyone looking at it. And personally your image reminds me of Marilyn Manson rather than a vampire.

2007-08-28 [nsdkfnan87463]: Then, perhaps, you need to state that more clearly in the contest rules. My photo’s resemblance to Marilyn Manson is minimal compared to the photos remaining in the contest. Black lipstick is NOT a cliché of a vampire. And if you're going to judge something fairly, keep your prejudices out of it.

2007-08-29 [Just Dan]: oh..snap

2007-08-29 [Fire Panther]: He had pointed nails at the time...I can tell but maybe thats just me. Plus, why the fangs? One of the hallmarks of a vampire compared to other undead is their ability to masqureade as a human. Thus the fangs would not be out at all times. I'm not asking for a return to the contest I just think some of the entries were pulled that look vampiric.

2007-08-29 [Sunrose]: The contestrules state it clearly enough: We are looking for an image that can be used on Vampire to create the best page about Vampires.
If someone would look at your photo, without knowing it is supposed to be a vampire, they would never guess it.
That's the point my friend, I have no problem with lipstickcolours or Marilyn Manson, as long as it -also- looks like a vampire. But, it doesn't.
Instead of continuing to fight about it, you could brush yourself off and make a new entry. There's more than 2 months left on the deadline and my decision on this entry is not going to change.

We're not looking for vampires in disguise. If we were looking for vampires that look like regular people, then what is the point of calling it a vampire-contest? >_>

2007-08-29 [nsdkfnan87463]: To begin with, I wasn't trying to fright for anything. I'm sorry if you misunderstood. I was only trying to give a helpful suggestion.

2007-08-29 [Sunrose]: Writing accusations on prejudice sounds rather hostile to me :/
But anyway, you've already submitted a new entry :)

2007-08-29 [nsdkfnan87463]: Well, taking away a photo on part because it reminded you too much of Marilyn Manson is a prejudice.

2007-08-29 [Sunrose]: But that was not the reason, the reason was that it does not look like a vampire.
It seems you rather focused on my Marilyn Manson comment as if that was all I said, and had you make a rather prejudiced comment yourself.

2007-08-29 [nsdkfnan87463]: I wasn't basing it entirely on that. However, you did mention it along side your other reasons, which gave me the impression that that was included. I have not ignored your other reasons.

2007-08-29 [Sunrose]: No, it was never a reason to remove it nor did I imply that.
I was trying to show you what your image came across at, but apparently in the wrong way.

2007-09-03 [Chrysilla]: I will replace it as soon as possible :)

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