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ECM Vampire Art



ECM Vampire Art

Submissions of non-photo artwork and media. Read the image-rules on Elftown Creature Marathon.
ECM Vampire

Contest Ran: February 27, 2007 to July 1, 2007.

This creature session is now closed!

Thank you to all that contributed!




By [Black Raven]


'Atypical' Vampire art works can be viewed on ECM Vampire Art Alternative Vamps.


Add your image and a link to your house here. Please note that the image has to be uploaded to Elftown. Ask [Hedda] for permission to upload a huge version of it directly to this wiki-page!

Upload a great looking image or maybe an image that can be used in the texts about vampire(s). Remember that the winning image will for very long time be the global definition of what a Vampire is, so it better be professional and oriented around the theme of Vampires. See competitions if you want a less serious competition.

Except for the normal badges and stuff, the winner will get credits on what we hope will be the best Vampire-page on the entire Internet.

Insert images, your name and its corresponding number here, <i>after the last, previous entry</i>.

1. [Chi] This is my character Trigger, on a bad day :)

2. [nathie]
This drawing inspired me after reading Michael Schieffelbeins novella "Vampire Vow".
"Father, I have sinned - and it felt so good."

Watercolors, and Glitter on Mat Board.

4. [Zardra]
vampire kisses

5. [Lady Evangeline]

6. [Jewl] New Entry. "Vampiress" Acrylics on Canvas.

7. [Rat Hacker] Idon't think the blood is dark enough, it kinda looks strange. Hope you guys like it however.

8. [Jitter]

9. [Vampires Anonymous]

10. [Apus]
Remorse - Once a vampire even the purest of creatures must succumb to the thirst eventually.

11. [Black Raven]
Sunrise in jail

12. [The all powerful Midori]
The hair is my wacky representation of ying and yang (dark and light) :)

13. [WaywardDee]

14. [Rasperel]

15. [blu.nation]
(last edit x_x;)
... fullview svp ^^

16. [Yuichi♥]

17. [RaeMeg]
Inspired directly from Underworld, a very typical vampire.

18. [cagedreptile]

19. [prowlie] used a photo for a background and spent far too long on colouring XD tattoos read : VAMPIR(old school spelling ^w^) and Nevermore. detail at


This contest is now closed.

Thank you to all that contributed!


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For submissions of art, photos, poetry, and text that may be useful to improve the ECM pages of creatures already featured, go to:

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