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ECM RPG Sessions

Rules and information for the RP Council-sponsored ECM Sessions

Entries can include:
  - A storyline, plot, or chaptered short story.
  - a Map of a world, realm or location. This can include a short text description of the location, a wikipage link, and included areas.
  - A wikipage campaign or plotline.
  - A playable character (must conform to the WFR Application Page minimum requirements):
    - The Character Name AND [YOUR USERNAME]
    - Fiction Genre: (Fantasy, SciFi, Horror, Future Fantasy, Modern, HistoryFic, Creative FanFic/Mythos)
    - Species/Race
    - Gender
    - Age
    - Rank/Title/Social Caste/Playable Class/Profession
    - Visible Physical Traits
    - Detailed list of Personality traits and typical actions/decisions
    - Full Historical Commentary

  - Rules or features of a Role-Playing Game that would be found in a related publication. This can include Weapons, Skills/Feats/Abilities, Spells, Rank-/Class-related features, Game Moderator information, or similar helpful content that could be used in an RPG situation or campaign.

Entries must conform to the following rules:
  - Only one RPG-related entry can be submitted, of any the types above. If a wikipage entry has several sub-pages or included content, it is considered a single entry. There are no multiple entries allowed in this ECM session, which means you cannot enter with two separate and unrelated entries, (ie, a Map of one location and a campaign storyline located in another unrelated location).
  - An image must conform to the Elftown Creature Marathon limitations and rules for Images/Photos.
  - Any text or storyline must conform to the Elftown Creature Marathon limitations and rules for Text/Information.
  - Wikipages with multiple parts or sub-pages must be related by a linear or connected plotline, or be compiled like chapters of a short story. Multiple Pages of one storyline will be considered a single entry. Wikipages should be between one and five pages long, with any exceptions being reviewed and accepted by the ECM mods before it is considered an actual entry. Each entry will be noted as being reviewed, unreviewed, or unacceptable. Players should add 'Not Reviewed' with their entry until it has been reviewed by a mod.
  - Any method, rolling system, storyline system or other RPG-related material may be utilized as a basis for the RPG content, but it MUST BE CITED PROFESSIONALLY, IN APA Formatting!!! This includes both an in-text and bibliographic citation (one in the text when referring to a system's rules or content, and one at the end of the submission, such as a Bibliography or List of References).
  - The content must be original, not copyrighted, and not used in any known publications or copyrighted material. If you use someone else's content, you will be removed from the present and all future RPG sessions.
  - The RPG content MUST BE RELATED IN SOME WAY TO THE CREATURE OF THE ECM SESSION! This means that the world you create has many creatures of that type in it, that they are in some way directly related to the plotline or concept, or that they are part of a central theme in the content. Because there are a lot of possible entry types in this session, we will be lenient on what is expected in this area, but if your content is found to be completely unrelated, it will be considered unacceptable by the mods, and removed from the contest. Entrants who do not fraudulently use copyrighted material will be allowed to review, change and re-submit their entries before the end date.

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