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ECM Gryphon Poetry/Griffin Poetry



ECM Gryphon Poetry

Submissions of media - writing: poetry.

Contest Began: 2009-06-05.
Contest Ends: 2009-10-01.

This contest is closed!


For now, the ECM Gryphon Poetry can be posted directly on this page. If many are submitted/posted, then this arrangement will be revised, but if and when this happens, a note will be posted here, advising all entrants of such. Now let's see some poetry about Gryphons!


1. SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ORIGINAL: If the poem isn't 100% your work, it's not allowed.
- Plagiarism is a criminal offense. Do not submit works that are not 100% your creation. You do not have the right to claim someone else's work as your own. You do not have the right to alter someone else's work and call it your own. Please see: Copyright and Intellectual Property by [Rondel].


Submissions will not be accepted when they feature excessive violence, adult material, disturbing actions or insults, offensive and/or hateful materials. Elftown is an all-age site.

The theme is: "Gryphons"
- Entries not following the theme will be removed.

For discussions about the Elftown competitions: Here it's discussed if an entry is in accordance with the rules and similarly more complicated issues that can't be solved with a simple wiki-comment. Go to: <forum:Elftown contests> 


Please place your poems below the line (<hr>) like this:
#) <b>(Poem Title)</b>
Your poem
Written by [Your username]

Please remember to number your entries. Thank you!

1.A Majestic Creature

Majestic and royal it may be,
whether soaring through the air or perched in a tree.
With the body of a lion and an eagle's great wings.
Comes an animal that is as great as the greatest of kings.
Feathers blowing in the wind as it soars through the sky.
The tail flowing freely behind the lion's great thigh.
The Gryphon is a wonder in God's great world.
With animals of all kinds getting twisted and twirled.

Written by [FamousPanda]


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See: ECM Gryphon Text


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2009-06-24 [Alexi Ice]: Wah! first poem, I love it, Panda <3 (though I don't think you have created a poem I don't love ^^)

2009-06-25 [FamousPanda]: I didn't know there was an ecm gryphon, I found out about it today and I wrote this, I am currently working on a picture too ^-^. Thank you Akane, you really like my poetry that much?

2009-06-25 [Alexi Ice]: Of course ^^
Yep...maybe I need to make a news item about it? Ugh (Hates news items)

2009-06-26 [FamousPanda]: Lol, it will be ok. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

2009-06-26 [Alexi Ice]: No problem!

2009-06-26 [FamousPanda]: Got my Gryphon drawing put up, I don't think it's all that great but it's there.

2009-06-26 [Alexi Ice]: I think they are all lovely!

2009-08-13 [FamousPanda]: I wonder if anyone else will enter this with me?

2009-08-13 [Alexi Ice]: I'm working on getting people to enter. Invite people, please!!

2009-08-14 [~Crimson Angel~]: I like [FamousPanda]'s poem.

2009-08-14 [Alexi Ice]: It's the only one too like. Lol. Maybe it will inspire you to write one?

2009-08-14 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yeah, when I get off I'll go into my thinking zone and maybe get inspired.

2009-08-14 [Alexi Ice]: Good luck.

2009-08-14 [~Crimson Angel~]: Thanks.

2009-08-14 [FamousPanda]: What do you mean it's the only one to like? huh? Maybe they like it better anyway.

2009-08-14 [Alexi Ice]: I'm just sad that my section is so lonely. I didn't mean it to be rude. Sorry if it sounded that way.

2009-08-15 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yeah.

2009-08-15 [FamousPanda]: I was just kidding.

2009-09-15 [FamousPanda]: What did you change [nehirwen]?

2009-09-15 [nehirwen]: You can see that with the 'view diff button'. ;) <img50*0:stuff/viewdiffbuttonwhereowhere.jpg>

2009-09-15 [FamousPanda]: Ohh okay, thanks. I didn't know that was there.

2009-09-15 [nehirwen]: I love that button. :3

2009-10-02 [FamousPanda]: I win!!! right?

2009-10-05 [Alexi Ice]: Thanks, Nehirwen for shutting this down for me. Yeah, Panda, you win. CONGRADULATIONS!!! <3 <3

2009-10-05 [FamousPanda]: WOOOOO!!! Thanks, I had a lot of great competition. =D lol

2009-10-06 [Alexi Ice]: Maybe next time O.o Don't worry, I've won text by default before.

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