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ECM Fairy/Fae Poetry



ECM Fairy/Fae Poetry

Submissions of media - writing: poetry.

Contest Began: February 1, 2008
Contest Ended: June 1, 2008

This contest is now closed!


Congratulations to:

[#4]: "Unheeded Warnings" - Written by [Crankychangeling]</i>
<i> [#1]: "Dawn at the Fae Court" - Written by [Linderel]

<news:[ECM Fairy/Fae@wiki] Winners! [ECM Elf@wiki] started!>

Thank you to all that contributed!


For now, the ECM Fairy/Fae Poetry can be posted directly on this page. If many are submitted/posted, then this arrangement will be revised, but if and when this happens, a note will be posted here, advising all entrants of such. Now let's see some poetry about fairies!


1. SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ORIGINAL: If the poem isn't 100% your work, it's not allowed.
- Plagiarism is a criminal offense. Do not submit works that are not 100% your creation. You do not have the right to claim someone else's work as your own. You do not have the right to alter someone else's work and call it your own. Please see: Copyright and Intellectual Property by [Rondel].


Submissions will not be accepted when they feature excessive violence, adult material, disturbing actions or insults, offensive and/or hateful materials. Elftown is an all-age site.

The theme is: "Fairies"
- Entries not following the theme will be removed.


Please place your poems below the line (<hr>) like this:
#) <b>(Poem Title)</b>
Your poem
Written by [Your username]

Please remember to number your entries. Thank you!

1. Dawn at the Fae Court

As morning dew so quietly gathered
upon the silky petals of flowers
on a meadow beside the riverbed
beneath trees so tall, as ancient towers
where faeries often held merry balls
young children trooped out, enjoying the sun
and soon stumbled into the fae queen's halls

While others broke, giggling, into a run
one tiptoed lightly round her bed of fern,
of softest moss; and timidly, shyly touched

For one brief moment, held in gaze so stern
as queen Titania woke and sat up
she stood quite still, nervously fidgeting
until she noticed: the queen was smiling.

Written by [Linderel]

2. Quiet Wings

Quickening silver, dampened gray,
Past the night and 'neath the day--
The funny fickle faerie flies:
A titian needle through the skies.
The piercing glitt'ring aqua eyes,
The gleeful glint, that gallant guise
That shields the sadness in her heart
And draws herself and self apart.

Written by [Nite_Owl]

3. 'Faery Ears'

his voice
in my ear
our loneliness

Written by [moira hawthorne]

4. Unheeded Warnings

Seven large mushrooms found in a ring,
surely are but a sign of spring.

Six black crows on the east garden gate,
dark wings and shrill calls do taunt and berate.

Five tablespoons of milk left out on the stoop,
container is empty when Cock crows from his coop.

Four white stones round the dooryard are found,
their faces do sprout from half out of the ground.

Three horse manes are tangled in knots tight and thick,
braided with briers which sting and will prick.

Two red ribbons tied to the old Hawthorn tree,
their arms dancing freely for all eyes to see.

One child by morning away from his bed,
replaced by a changeling of sticks and of thread.

Written by [Crankychangeling]

5. Mourning Fairy

Little fairy on a mushroom
is mourning for the soul's ransom.
"Oh, tell me why,
Why did he have to die?
The sun will never rise,
Your soul has no price.
You gave your life to save mine
But I lost my smile for the rest of time...

Written by [Rochala]

6. Moonlight Dancers

We’re all together,
A group of fluttering
Lithe dancers circling
A tiny flame that
We watch the years
Leave the faces of
The elders,
And we dance,
All in unison,
All together.
The day begins to
Break through the
We scatter, all in
Separate directions,
And as night begins
To fall
we gather again,
To dance. 

Written by [Alexi Ice]

7. A Fairy Day

In a large field of roses
Butterflies are surrounded by fairies
One sitting on a poppy that closes
Another playing with pixies

A fairy is singing
Singing a song for mother nature
They all have the same purpose here
Make the world a more beautiful place

One of the roses opens
And a little fairy climbs out
She put some fairy dust onto the flower
To make it shine like nothing else

As the sun is leaving for the moon to come
All Fairies go to sleep as their day is done
Tomorrow they will do yet again great things
Maybe you can see them with their lovely wings

Written by [Decla]

8. Said a Fairy to a Dwarf

A dwarf approached a fairy,
who was preening at her reflection
reflected on a cherry.

Then her head snapped up, her eyes wide,
and she assessed the little man,
with tutting little chides.

Then she wrinkled up her tiny nose
And said this to the dwarf
"Where are your wings, such ugly toes!
How do you preen with such ugly clothes?"

The dwarf stroked his beard, and winked at the fairy
and, with a leer, said he this,
"You are indeed contrary.
Your hair's too long, you sigh all day,
and you are the size of a cherry!"

The fairy giggled, her eyes all sparkles,
and smiled at the man,
then, from her pocket, she produced
glittering powder in a can.

"I can make you pretty,"
said she with a dainty little simper,
"With a touch of magic dust, I can turn you chipper."

And on her toadstool did she beckon to the man,
tugging off the lid to the dust,
and holding out her can.

The dwarf came forward, on his knobbly little feet,
and he did reach into the can,
his hand closing greedily on the powdery, fairy sand.

With a lunge, he threw the sand above him,
laughing like a jackle,
dancing around the falling dust with impish little cackles.

And screeching, the fairy burst into laughter,
rolling sweetly on her toadstool,
her hair fluttering about her.

"You fool!" She burst out, giggles pouring from her lips,
and, pointing a finger at the dwarf, laughing she did quip
"A word of warning, little man, never insult a fairy.
And never, from her very hands, accept her powdered cherry!"

Written by [Þhantasies |Sexed|]

9. Stealth Hunt for a Fairy

The wind becomes breathless
Silence crackling with fluttering
Near the ear
So close, and closer, loud, and louder
And in a whirl of attack, eyes meet
Empty space
All to be seen
It's gone
Leaving only wonder
And unfulfilled dreams

Written by [Artsy]

10. Effortless

Wings alight
In ecstatic flight;
A slight frame
Enjoys in a game
With others
That are all brothers.
Fast, fleeting
Haphazard meeting,
Simple, carefree
Delight in a tree;
All that be
A magic fairy.

Written by [Tickle Me Emo]


A gift from a fairy…
while it treaded 
on a keyboard light and merry,
tumbling and swaying as if it were a vast prairie.

upon my keyboard quaint and cheery
smile, it would say with her playful sway.
a gift from a fairy
to a lonesome weary...

Written by [lioneye]

12. Awake and Arise Ye Friends of the Fay

Awake and arise ye friends of the Fay
Dance upon ends and skip on the fray
The Elf Queen is calling with lyre so fair,
So take my hand, I’ll lead you there.

The sprites and the nixies
All dance with the pixies
And the Elf Queen beckons and calls
To you, to traverse these evergreen halls.

Written by [Lady of Lore]

13.Fairy Garden of Our Youth

Pristine folds of fairy white
Gently flutter in the morning breeze
As dawn breaks its first light
We do as we please
Pulling back the curtains
And oh! How we would gaze
On those hot, summer days
As those fairy folk stretched and lazed
Sunning themselves on beds of moss
And we mourned at the loss
When we both grew old
Could no longer see
Those astonishing faries!
And listen instead
To the stories told
By children of Youth
Who's eyes saw the truth
Oh, what a shame we grew
No longer the faries danced in the garden
We loved and knew
Oh how we weep at the loss of youth and naievity
And of the fairies
Who dwelt once upon a time
In our imaginations
And in all our gardens

Written by [Cascading water lillies]

14. Mark of the Fae

Hiding under fallen leaves
Dancing under the silver moon
They left behind a mystic ring
But you shall not see them

Laughing by the winding stream
Singing to each other songs so sweet
They cast a spell over everything
But you will not hear them

Weaving magic under the stars
Sowing wonder throughout the world
Watching from on high on a crystal wing
But few may feel them

Slipping out of sight
Leaving magic in their wake
Laughing away from ear
Lulling you on to find them
Flying through the sky
All numb to their presence

None shall see
Feel them
But all shall
Know the Fae

Written by [darkraven2010]

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2008-01-30 [Nite_Owl]: Yeah, I'm pretty sure they have no format either. Hence one reason I don't really go on there, even though I'm technically a member i think...

2008-01-30 [moira hawthorne]: I go there if ET is down... and pout b/c no one talks to me anymore! hahahaha

2008-01-30 [Nite_Owl]: Aw, I talk to you Moira :(

2008-01-30 [moira hawthorne]: here... on ET yes... hummm ... i was being 1/2 a joker there... when ET is down alot of ETers come to EP to poke about waiting for ET to come back up...

2008-01-30 [Nite_Owl]: Bleh, I don't care for EP much. I haven't been on there for several months, i don't even remebmer the last time. I have a writersco account that I forget about too. Oops :O

2008-01-30 [moira hawthorne]: I have a AdultFiction account... I really should finish that story

2008-01-30 [Artsieladie]: Well, EP is definitely not ET, wasn't meant to be. It's less strict there & lighter in the sense, it is less serious, kinda' like one can let their hair down there, so to speak. But...I'm definitely not as trusting about my personal info there. <img:stuff/c-gif.gif>

2008-01-30 [Nite_Owl]: Yeah. It's basically for the people who forgot this place isn't MySpace, but rather more for artists and such. Lurkers that think rebelling makes life fun :P

2008-01-30 [moira hawthorne]: its ET's Botany Bay

2008-01-30 [Linderel]: I log in every once in a while, but always leave after a couple of minutes. There was a time I was determined to become an active member of the community, joined all the forums, blah de blah... In the end, I just couldn't be bothered. So far I've only reached that level of involvement on ET and a little bit on WritersCo. xD

2008-01-30 [moira hawthorne]: at one time I had as many friend on EP as on ET... there were mostly all the same friends... but ... time passed

2008-02-11 [SameRyuu]: _-_ I know people hate dealing with newbies, but please help me. I'm freaking helpless >.< I don't know how to enter a poem in the contest.

2008-02-11 [moira hawthorne]: see the edit this page button right above the comments? on the left? push that and follow the format...
Please place your poems below the line (

) like this:
#) (Poem Title)
Your poem
Written by [Your username]

Please remember to number your entries. Thank you!

2008-02-11 [Artsieladie]: [SameRyuu], if you are still at a loss as to how to go about posting your poem, [nehirwen] or myself can help you with this. :)

2008-02-23 [Alexi Ice]: Alright, I feel good about this one. This is the shortest poem i've ever written ^^ lol. It was a challenge to keep it so short! BTW Do we get badges for participating in the creature marathon?

2008-02-23 [Artsieladie]: Yes. :)

2008-02-23 [Alexi Ice]: Awesome!

2008-03-30 [Alexi Ice]: Not much competition is there, usually these draw more entries than six... well, better chances to win I suppose ^^

2008-03-31 [Artsieladie]: Yes, well, so often the case is that people will make a mad dash near the deadline. I'd certainly like to see more here. :)

2008-04-03 [Alexi Ice]: So ...did I miss the judgings? Or has it not happened yet?

2008-04-04 [Nite_Owl]: Maybe the contest should be better advertised. I don't think it's up on Mainstreet anymore, or if it is it isn't too noticeable.

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