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ECM Fairy/Fae



Contest Ran: February 1, 2008 to June 1, 2008

This creature session is now closed!

The Fairy/Fae photo sessions are now closed as well!

These ran: February 1, 2008 to November 1, 2008.


ECM Fae Sessions

The Elftown Creature Marathon page for The Creature List's Fae.
See Elftown Creature Marathon Contest List
And the Creature_List

  > ECM Fairy/Fae Art
(The 'typical' fairy artwork submissions)
    - Duration: CLOSED!

  > ECM Fairy/Fae Art - Atypical
(The 'atypical' fairy artwork submissions)
    - Duration: CLOSED!

  > ECM Fairy/Fae Poetry
(Poetry submissions about fairies)
    - Duration: CLOSED!

  > ECM Fairy/Fae Text
(Text, information, and written media submissions)
    - Duration: CLOSED!

  > ECM Fairy/Fae Photo
(The 'typical' fairy photo submissions)
    - Duration: CLOSED!

  > ECM Fairy/Fae Photo - Atypical
(The 'atypical' fairy photo submissions)
    - Duration: CLOSED!

  - [Artsieladie]
  - [SilverFire]
  - [nehirwen]


The Elftown Creature Marathon Creature Pages
are always open for improvement!

For submissions of art, photos, poetry, and text that may be useful to improve the ECM pages of creatures already featured, go to:

ECM Closed Sessions' Submissions.


See the sub-pages for entry and contest session information.

Also running:
ECM Orc photo
ECM Mage photo
ECM Troll photo
ECM Fantasy warrior photo
ECM Fantasy dwarf photo

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2008-01-23 [Linderel]: It's a shame there's no photo category... but perhaps I'll attempt to get something done for the art section.

2008-01-23 [Artsieladie]: Actually, I was wondering about this possibility, myself. ;)

2008-02-29 [EnigmaXero]: I'm just wondering, because I'm not all that smart with some art terms, :P, what is the difference between typical and atypical?

2008-02-29 [SilverFire]: There is a definition of what we decided to consider a typical entry on the typical page... *toddles off to get it*

"Appearance: Mainly female, but there are also males, and child-faeries are actually just as typical as grown fae. They look young, although they may be hundreds of years old. Have thin, almost transparent wings and are often small creatures, but there are large fairies, too, think of Oberon and Titania."

2008-02-29 [EnigmaXero]: oh, okay. ^^' I think I see the difference now. One has wings and one doesn't, right?

Thank you.

2008-02-29 [SilverFire]: I suppose that would be the biggest difference, yeah. :P But say, a bear with fairy wings would class as a-typical too. So 'human with insect-type wings'. :)

2008-02-29 [EnigmaXero]: :D Thanks again.
I've been wanting to "try" and join a contest for a while...but each time I think about it, I lose faith in my artwork and before I know it, the deadline's already past.
But I'm going to try for this one.

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