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ECM Drow Art



ECM Drow Art

Submissions of non-photo artwork and media.
For 'drow' artwork submissions specifically.

Contest Began: 2008-11-15.
Contest Ended: 2009-03-1.

This contest is now closed!



By Poll: Mainstreet <poll:76933>
<news:[ECM Drow Art@wiki] Winners!>

By [Kuruni]!
Also *Crew Favourite*</center>



Thank you to all that contributed!



For the general rules see Elftown Creature Marathon#RULES!

Copied art is NOT permissible in Elftown's Official Contests. Please see: Copying vs Fanart & Referencing.

Exceptions might be offered if there is a valid reason for it. But, if you do submit more than one image, you will greatly lower your chance of winning, as the votes for your style will be spread out on two entries.

To upload your image full-size you can use the feature 'Upload a folder of images' that is shown on your house.
This feature allows you to upload one, multiple images or zip-files in their original size to a wikipage.
Once you click this link you can follow the instructions. See also uploading images.

Any entry that does not follow the "Drow theme", will be removed.

All mediums, excepting photography (and/or manipulations) and animations will be accepted.

- The BEST QUALITY images
- The MOST TYPICAL "Drow" images
- LARGE IMAGES represent Elftown having the best Drow Page on the Internet as part of the Elftown Creature Marathon!
This may be helpful: Drow.

Brief description:
Appearance (from Drow):
The Drow are characterized by white hair, which can vary between all tones of gray. White-copper and white-silver hair are also spotted every now and again, but usually indicates foreign blood.
The main chunk of Drow has red eyes, which stems from their ability to use heat vision. Other colors sometimes appear, but again, most indicate foreign blood. The red shade can be everything from flashlight to almost purple red. Though purple itself is usually an indication of blindness.


Aside from the regular rewards, as mentioned on Elftown Creature Marathon, the winner will receive credit for contributing to what we hope will be the best Drow-page on the entire Internet.

Three important notations:

---> #1: When the finalists are posted in the Main Street Poll or on a public poll page, the participants are not allowed to beg for votes for their own entry. Do not ask people to vote for your entry via private messages, guestbook messages, moods, wikis, or by any other means. Your entry will be disqualified if you are caught doing so. It is perfectly fine to advertise THE POLL, however!
---> #2: If you feel any of the entries break the rules, please speak up before the entries make it to the polls. You can still speak up even after the contest is closed, as long as the polls have not yet gone up yet. Complaints received after the aforementioned will not be considered valid.
---> #3: For discussions about the Elftown competitions: Here it's discussed if an entry is in accordance with the rules and similarly more complicated issues that can't be solved with a simple wiki-comment. Go to: <forum:Elftown contests>

/Thank you - the ECM Mods and the Elftown Council.


How to post your entry:
Add your username and entry after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, title them, and thumbnail them to 300 (Please upload big images!), and separate them with the <hr> tag:

Title your entries, please!

A title more than just "Drow" is needed.
Thank you!

1.[Jitter] - "Drow Matron mother"
Mild face reference

2. [Falx] - "Leoch'shin Aerth'tan, Archmage of Darshez Nagaeron"

3. [Linn Scarlett] - "Meldor"
An not-too-old picture of my overlord Meldor when he was still young and naïve (...)
'T was a commission for a close friend who loves him to bits, somehow.

4. [Kahri] - "Assassin"

5. [pegasus1000] - "The Hunted"
His head was shaved, his body marked; he was the hunted.

6. [arthemis_] - "Marriage or Else"

7. [allenp] - "Drow Knight"

8. [GypsyHeart] - "To Feel The Wind"

9. [Peri 17231] - "Mori"

10. [moira hawthorne] - "Too Pretty Assassin Athela"

11. [Morphea] - "From hell" (For poll)

12. [Morphea] - "From hell 2" (For Display)

13. [nehirwen] - "Female Drow"

14. [Future Dictator] - "Drow lady"

15. [Kuruni] - "Drow Dwelling"

16. [Kyrinn] -"Follower of Lloth"
Hoping to clean it up better before contest end..


The Elftown Creature Marathon Creature Pages
are always open for improvement!

For submissions of art, photos, poetry, and text that may be useful to improve the ECM pages of creatures already featured, go to:

ECM Closed Sessions' Submissions.


Go or return to:
- ECM Elf
- Drow
- Elves
- Elftown Creature Marathon
- creature_list

Photo Sessions:

ECM Fantasy Dwarf Photo
ECM Fantasy Warrior Photo
ECM Mage Photo
ECM Orc Photo
ECM Troll Photo

Username (or number or email):


2009-02-07 [Morphea]: Thanks :D Me like yours.Go you too ;) ;P

2009-02-07 [Jitter]: Thanks! I think I'll make a new one for this though.

2009-02-07 [Morphea]: ohh ... but I love this one !!! Ah well...I am sure I will love your new one aswell ;)

2009-02-07 [Jitter]: Hehe thanks!

2009-02-07 [Artsieladie]: Personally, I'm against 'typical', because typical represents limitations and therefore restricts, freedom: freedom of creativity and expression, which ultimately is really an enemy of fantasy, because fantasy is all about having no boundaries. I also think that for the Elftown Creature Marathon to have the most informative pages, then typical disallows the "most" part. I like both of your versions, [Morphea], actually. If you wouldn't mind, I would prefer that you place both here, even if only one goes into the poll, because your first one is a representation of a little different Drow and I like it! :D

2009-02-07 [Morphea]: I would most definetly don`t mind to have both entries up, but there is only one little snag about that.... the rules state that only one entry per member is allowed.

2009-02-07 [Jitter]: To be honest, if we want to make the best info page online it is silly to allow only one entry and not several per participant cause then we would have a bigger array of images to select. Just a thought

2009-02-07 [Morphea]: Yes I must say I agree with that assesment

2009-02-07 [Artsieladie]: *winks* I know, [Morphea]. This is why I said:

I would prefer that you place both here, even if only one goes into the poll...

In other words, you are still welcome to display both here. ;)

I also agree with you, [Jitter], because artists that are say, into Drow art, are more than likely wanting to make more than one Drow piece. :)

2009-02-07 [Morphea]: Oki [Artsieladie] since you prefer them both, and since I am a devoted leghumper, I have put the other up aswell ;)

2009-02-07 [nehirwen]: My entry will have a background sooner or later, still working on it. :)

2009-02-07 [Artsieladie]: Yes! As soon as I saw "wiki changes", I raced over here! Thank you, dear! :-D

As far as allowing more than one entry, I'd like to know what others feel about this. Rules can always be changed and/or amended if there is just cause or reason. *winks*

2009-02-07 [Artsieladie]: Oooh, that's some Drow, [nehirwen]! :D

2009-02-07 [Morphea]: me likes to break the rules :P ....;) And [Jitter] I love your new entry as much as I said I would :D

2009-02-07 [Morphea]: nice one [nehirwen] *applauds*

2009-02-07 [nehirwen]: Thanks! ^__^

2009-02-07 [Jitter]: Woo Nehi, just owned once again :)

2009-02-07 [Future Dictator]: thats awesome nehirwen

lol im trying to finish mine but everytime i try to add spiders i spazz out and erase them haha

2009-02-07 [Jitter]: You can add webs ;)

2009-02-07 [Future Dictator]: i have a web :D

yeah im gonna give up on the spider haaha real ones make me cry

2009-02-07 [Jitter]: You wouldn't want to stumble upon certain of my artworks >xD

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