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2010-05-05 21:40:53
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ECM Centaur



Contest Began: 2010-01-16
Contest Ends: 2010-05-20

ECM Centaur Sessions

The Elftown Creature Marathon page for The Creature List's Centaur.
See Elftown Creature Marathon Contest List
And the Creature_List

  > ECM Centaur Art
(The centaur artwork submissions)
    - Deadline: 2010-05-20

  > ECM Centaur Poetry
(Poetry submissions about centaurs)
    - Deadline: 2010-05-20

  > ECM Centaur Text
(Text, information, and written media submissions)
    - Deadline: 2010-05-20


  - [nehirwen]
  - [Chimes]
  - [Alexi Ice]
  - [SilverFire]

Modhelper: [Hedda]


For discussions about the Elftown competitions: <forum:Elftown contests>
Here it's discussed if an entry is in accordance with the rules and similarly more complicated issues that can't be solved with a simple wiki-comment.


Good writers needed! Please review:

Elftown Creature Marathon#Writers

Interested? Please contact any of the mods</center>


See the sub-pages for entry and contest session information.

Also running:
ECM Orc photo
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ECM Fantasy dwarf photo

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2010-05-05 [Aeolynn]: does this end at the end of the day, or when the date changes, and for whom? I'm rushing to finish my piece, but homework is keeping me from getting to it tonight :\

2010-05-05 [Alexi Ice]: We are talking about extending the deadline, considering the number of entrants. Sorry for the lack of information.

2010-05-05 [Aeolynn]: Oh okay, then I can breath easy tonight, lol... thanks!

2010-05-05 [Alexi Ice]: Sure thing!

2010-05-05 [Alexi Ice]: We have pushed the deadline back for a few of you late entrants. You now have till' the 20th of May

2010-05-10 [The Dizzy Raven]: awesome!! 'cause I was thinking about entering soon:)

2010-05-20 [Subject37]: So.... when is this finishing?

2010-05-29 [badb]: Aw crap. I didn't see this one until the 19th. I even have a centaur drawn for it. Oh well, I'll throw it onto my page anyway...

2010-06-16 [Zab]: How about puting the poll up and get the contest finished.

2010-06-27 [Thistlewood]: Perhaps if all the polls for this contest were advertised, the voting would go faster.

2010-06-28 [SilverFire]: They usually are -_- *prods the mods*

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