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The World Dysphasia

The Eternal Land of Elves


An elf:
Some call them the immaculate human fey.
Woodsmen, High society, drow; Grugach, Lanath, and even some of their more intensely-manifested dark underculture inhabit this world in one of its many corners.

Many 'mainlanders' of Jashnia would question themselves to the fate of any elf that literally walks out of existence upon reaching an age of more than a few centuries or more. Many elven clans believe that a heavenly or hellish ascension is possible, thereby attaining immortal life in the outer realms. Should an elf's soul choose to stay manifest as a heavy, material entity, it sometimes finds itself on this eternal, magical and physically ultra-efficient world of elven hard work and fortune.

To a high elder of the Servile Court of Lanathian Beaurocratic Community, this place is 'The pinnacle of every beautiful grace of the gods that has touched the elven peoples. Dysphasia is a place of Loyalty to the Cause.'
Some, however, do not believe that pinnacle, beautiful grace, and the gods should be among the many words that high elders speak in light of the elven culture, and in particular to the insinuatory dialogue of the elven culture relating to the many gods that sometimes become spoken of in short, vulgar curses at the lower culture of Dysphasia's common underlings known as 'the wretched'. Half-elven individuals ('abominations'), and the human race (quite literally, 'slave') are among the most tortured, used, and ever-encompassingly abused of the lower class of Dysphasia's many cities and metropoli.

The following cities reside in Dysphasian lands:


(sim. Daytona Beach, FL, USA), second in size to


(sim. Los Angeles, CA, USA)


(druidic, norse, biology/botany/agriculture, small islamic-style uprisings in the name of Eloa)


(Drow - or dark elves, if uninhibited by surface sunlight, Night Elves - name?, small Grugach community, slavers, traders, rebel/assassin community, spices)


(magocracy, slaver, traders, euphoricists, poisonists - 'the Kelm / the helmed')


(desert/mountain, maverick/rebel, Eloa Movement, slavers, )


(Grugach, wood elf society, maverick/rebel, agriculturist, Arcane Archer Militia and Guild)

Dysphasia's Orbiter - Shatter

There is also a populated community above the surface of Dysphasia, a ghetto homeland of more than 35,000 'free' humans and other abominations that dwell outside of the majority of Dysphasia's aristocratic sight, in a huge, rusted tank of a station that orbits the planets mass perfectly well. Only two major routes connet the mainland of Dysphasia to the massive space ghetto known as Shatter, while all other routes are done specifically on small manned crafts that taxi riders from surface to scrap heap in minutes.

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