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2009-08-31 08:08:38
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[Duke Devlin]'s Pokedex

These are zeh Pokemon I have collected or traded. :O Be in fear.
Also, if you are a trainer, do start your own list! Visit Pokedex for details!

Zeh Pokemon I owns!

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2009-08-31 [Mortified Penguin]: Now that I've had my morning coffee, I'll let you pass. But first, would you like to learn how to catch a pokemon?


2009-08-31 [Duke Devlin]: Yes Plx ^_______^

2010-03-29 [Sunrose]: Where are the pokemon? :(

2010-04-05 [Duke Devlin]: I have yet to catch any! I am not a very good trainer. :( However, I have been practicing with my sisters pokémon, so I should catch some in the near future! :)))

2010-04-05 [Sunrose]: Aaahw, I'll keep my fingers crossed! ;)

2010-04-05 [Duke Devlin]: Thank you! :D

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