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Dtalk:   (Menayadi 2, in the fifth age of man)
I arrived today after a lengthy journey from my mentor, Dystanul's, humble dwelling. The trip took nearly five weeks journey on foot, and I was lucky enough to not have to take it alone. I was accompanied by a dear friend of mine, Luciander, a necromantic mercenary, and Elliomn, an elven ranger who served quite well as a bodyguard. We encountered no serious dangers, excluding an odd and demonic rooster-like creature who seemed insistent upon pecking at our lower bodies, until we put it out of its own misery. Besides this, there were no troubles, and I arrived to Irrundanil in no worse condition than I had left Dystanul's keep, besides being hungry, tired, and a bit sore. I am happy to be home, although not having my father here to greet me is very upsetting. I am lucky to have known of his disappearance before leaving the forest, having been told of his kidnapping in a prophetic dream. My mentor, surprisingly, received the same kind of message, and upon scrying on my father's house, we were not shocked to find our worst fears to be true. My father is nowhere to be known of, and many of his closest friends, family and neighbors know nothing about his whereabouts; only that he had spoken of moving to a place within the human communities to the south...something that he would never even consider, as he had too many ties to his dwarven surrogates and his community. Something seems odd, that is to be sure of....
His....well, my house was ransacked, the windows open, all the belongings strewn about in a state of havoc. "It is as we found it, as we knew you would want to search it for yourself when you arrived," Rurik, my Dwarven surrogate grandfather, had said to me at my apparent shock at the horrible scene before me. It may take quite some time before I find any relevant information that will help me to know my father's destiny, but, Moradin help me, I am determined to find him.
For the time being, Luciander, accompanied still by the courageous and headstrong Elliomn, is on his way to the citadels of the north, seeking his own goals. He spoke of returning to help me in my endeavor, but whether or not I am still here when he returns is uncertain.

Dtalk:   (Menayadi 12, in the fifth age of man)
There has been some talk of a being in the far east, who rides on the waves of the ocean in a great ship, made to look like an island, who 'burns with a fire above the realms of man', according to the tribes of the Ganye of the plainslands. Many are referring to him as Gould'chron'dh, which is Gantu for the description above. Many commoners are calling him Godcrond in their own tongues. If this entity causes as much trouble as he is said to, you can be assured that I will not stand for it, and let the hammer of Justice take its toll on him and all who follow him.

Dtalk:   (Menayadi 23, in the fifth age of man)
I awoke to the soft, palatable sound of rain, falling gently upon the thatched roof of my father's now quiet and lonely home. I was sleeping peacefully one morning upon the massive pile of hay and clothes-spreads that is my bedstead, and has been, since the days when I grew up quickly in my father's home. He has since vanished, and with no clue to his whereabouts. This I was told by my mentor, the great Dystanul, an informed and patient teacher of the Arts, who has raised me in my father's shadow to know the Abjuring force that helps and heals this world of its evil wounds. Even as my father no longer rests in this house, I am here to begin my search for him.
Groggily pulling on my garments, I heaved myself from my bedrest, and even in my sleepy state was I quick enough to notice the movement outside one of the small windows in my room. Some body had quickly hurried away from my window, alarmed at my awakening. I could not help but run to the doorway to catch him in my vision, as he scurried away into the courtyards of my hometown, out of my sight.
The day had begun so unlike the others that had passed since my returning, nearly two weeks ago, from my mentor's residence. Irrundanil, a young city, born from a tribal Dwarven society, and safe harbor for men and women evading the political battles to the South. It was so different here from Dystanul's hidden keep, kept well away from prying eyes, magically lost in the forests to the south, just outside the bounds of Stilya, the human nation whose imposing of political values on its own people was causing an uproar. This was a serious issue, but it seemed rather unimportant at the moment, as my thoughts ran as fast as the peep from my window.
The air was so tense that morning, it felt electric, like the surging of currents of energy through your body during a powerful evocation ritual. The rain had come well before the morning, and everything was sopping wet outside my father's front stoop. Even now, I have such a hard time referring to my home as anything but "my father's." Everything was confusing right now. What had just happened? Why had everything become so odd? So different?
Perhaps I would know in time...

Dtalk:   (Menayadi 25, in the fifth age of man)
I have received news from Luciander today. He has finished his business in Stilya, and plans to leave for Irrundanil in the morning...
The way in which he contacted me was rather odd, as is expected with a man like him, as he sent his shadow-hound (I forget his name....) to awaken me from the dead of sleep with his eccentric whisper-like barking, that is almost a hiss. Luciander then appeared as an illusion, telling me of his news, then quickly disappearing, asking me to stay put, while he returns to help me on my quest. It is unknown how long it will take him, although his trip from Irrundanil was a mere two weeks....
The most surprising news, however, was that he is expecting a child of his own, to be born almost a full term from now... I was shocked, and somewhat upset at this, for Luciander, in my opinion, is a great individual, and deserves the greatest happiness in life.... However, I have never considered him the type to bear and foster children. He is intelligent and witty, but responsible, he is not.... Even the news of him returning to Irrundanil with his child's pending birth seems unnerving to me. I hope only the best for him.... Wisdom and luck be with you, brother....

Dtalk:   (Menayadi 29, in the fifth age of man)
My body writhed upon the wooden floor, my indsides squirming like a slab of wet eels, whilst I lashed against the floor of the Inn, lying in a pool of blood and spit and pain, all of which were my own.
I was too scared to return home that evening. The face in the window had appeared once more as I awoke, although at what he was looking, I could not know. He once more scrambled away as he spotted me awakening, catching him in my vision alone. This time I pursued, as it was the only way to quell my growing curiosity at the being's reasons behind spying on me. I ran fast; I have never been one to be slow in a chase, but it seemed that this one (I believe now that he was a man, or more closely resembles a man than a woman) had a far easier time keeping his sprinting pace. I had chased him through the Market plaza, down a busy path, into a section of town that is very difficult to navigate, and thought, as I cornered him in a dark alley, that he was without a route to escape. Knowing so much of this city, I haughtily believed that I could come upon him in full strength, being with the upper hand in the circumstance. As I came 'round the corner, smiling in my egotism, I found no body, no man. A shadow fled to the upper extremities of the building walls, leaving me puzzling.
I had no intention of returning to my house, afterward. I was reluctant to spend too much time in another's peeping games. I knew nothing about this being who watched me (more than I knew about, even), but that he did not want me to seek him for answers. This is what drove me to hate the games he was playing. I knew nothing of the rules, and it angered me greatly.
Arriving at the Shady Inn, owned by a dear friend, Tanuul, I sought him out for answers. He had heard nothing of strangers, nor of spying eyes in the community, and thought it a little odd that only I saw these things. He commented so. "I know you've had a lot to deal with recently," he said, "but maybe you're letting everything get to you. You know, the loss of someone you love can make a person see things that aren't really there...." I knew where that conversation would have led. I stopped him, telling him that I was not troubled in my mind, however intense my focus on my father's disappearance had made me. I dismissed his allegations, and stopped asking questions. If Tanuul had heard nothing, it was safe to assume that there had been no reports of spies. Tanuul was a sort of resource in that way; all the gossip and rumor of both travellers and residents was brought to his attention in the busy Inn. His business was very far from my home, and I felt more comfortable being away from the scene of this morning, hoping to hide away from prying eyes in an inconspicuous place. I asked him for a room to stay in this evening, which granted me with questioning eyes. I merely told him that my house did not grant me any comfort this moment, and he bade me spend an evening here in safety, without pay. I thanked him, and finished my drink.
He led me to my room, unlocking it, as he would have with any of his customers, then, rather than opening the door for me, he turned to face me with the most comforting of his looks. "If ever there is a time that you need assistance, in any way...... Ever..." I smiled, and thanked him for his kindness. We embraced, and with a pat of my cheek, he said, "You're family is respected, and your loss is accounted for. Do not ever fear to ask for help." He paused, looking over my face, adoringly. "Your father would be so proud to see you today."
"He is not dead. Do not think that he is."
"Dtalk, I would never even believe it to be true.... Your father could have survived a pack of wild tigers."
He wished me a good night, and left my side, never once opening the door.
I should have known that prying eyes were never far from me. I entered the room, dark, unlit, with the faint smell of scrubbed linens, closing and locking the door behind me. As I turned, what little light shone into the room was blocked from my vision; a burlap bag thrown over my head.
I fought with several unseen captors, who easily restrained me, after having given me a few quick blows with a blunt object to the back of my skull.
I was laid upon the bed, my face stuffed into the small pillows, while two men held onto my legs, and another gave me a deep wound to the back of my lower leg. I grimaced, and tried to move, but I was too weak then to fight them away. I could hear voices, low and dark, speaking of changes and transformations to which I would later fancy, with awe and admiration. I did not, however, admire being restrained and wounded, and I doubted that I ever would.
Within a matter of an hour, my body was heaving in repulse, violently surging from within, as if I held a wild beast, restrained, inside me.
Blood, vomit, saliva, and gagged screams came from me, spilling upon the floor, my spasming body contorting from within, arms lashing out against nothing, my nails digging up splinters of wood. Feral sounds of pain and fury wrenched forth from my mouth. I was being lost in an abyss. Falling, screaming, slamming hard against the floor. Panic. Pain.
I did not wake up for three days, I later found out.

Dtalk:   (Jyundei 2, in the fifth age of man)
Awaking this morning, I was pain-free and reminded of the past few days events only by a dull throb inside my body's inner wall. The low, cool pulse vibrated with a seemingingly arcane power. The first distinct visible difference was that my entire body seemed more.... lean. Mind you, I was toughened by years of hard work on Dystanul's estate, and had no lack of definition to begin with, but now my body seemed more toned. My skin and muscles stretched tight across my torso, face and appendages. My scars had become less noticeable, losing their normal lumpy scar texture, and pulling tight to my skull, seeming as body markings, like those worn by the far southern tribes of Fae.
My attackers had left me abandoned in my own home, as I was shocked to find upon the morning time. They had hurried me away in the night, out of a window and through nearly all of Irrundanil's dirt roads, somehow unseen, and left me, changing and howling, no trace of their mere existence left, to be discerned. I had remembered them hovering over me in my half-sleep, watching me patiently until what seemed like only this past evening. In the morning, however, in my deepest of sleep, I did not miss their departure.
The ritual had obviously been planned, that was to be sure of, but the final outcome seemed rather curious.... Why leave me to my own accord, after successfully victimizing me to the rites of a blood vexation?
The scar on the back of my leg had healed quite well, and looked nothing like my own Scarra (as the mages had begun to call the marks left by fowled spellcasting). A deep wound like this one would have taken nearly a week just to seal itself, and only with proper stitching! Yet here, on my newly refined body, the line of the slash was now only for memory, like that of the churning of my insides, now calmly awaiting some future task.
I had no choice but to return to the Shady Inn, and ask Tanuul for his knowlegde. He instantly recognized the change in my appearance, staring blankly at my face for some moments, before grabbing my jaw, and saying, "Look at me...look...." His curiosity turned to awe almost instantaneously. "You're eyes...."
I slapped away his hand. "Be aquit of it. How many days has it been since the evening I spoke with you?" "Three days, Dtalk" he replied.
I immediately began explaining of my experiences, quietly hushing the articulations of the blood rite conducted, as my unrefined comrade sat staring at me with a multitude of interest and near dumb-founded awe.
"I have seen not a soul like those you describe, and you know, Dtalk, of my watchful eyes..."
"You are wise to watch the ways of your townspeople, brother... There have been no stories of these lurkers? Certainly I am not the only one knowing of their presence here?" I begged. He shook his head slowly.
"Your eyes are so much brighter..."
"Stop," I commanded.
"Surely you, of all the men of the world, know what it is that's been done to you, do you not?"
"I am not so sure anything was done...."
"You are talking a fool's language, now, son, for it's obvious even to a common one as I, that you are very different from the Dtalk that checked in here...." Tanuul's face became grave and fearing, like looking at a stranger.
"It is I, Tanuul, there is no doubt of that! Your sister's past is only known to two people, and the other one's been missing for quite some time, now...." I sang.
"His cheeks flushed, as they normally did at the mention of Larai's scandalous past. His eyes lowered, then met mine again. "Alright, it's you...." He began to look towards the gray window, which faces into the street; one of many running through the small tribal community.
"You will no doubt keep this between only the two of us, then...." I coaxed, lowering my face nearer to his.
"Your wishes for privacy are to be obliged, son, but what are you to do of these men? Surely, they had something in mind for you?" Tanuul had a habit of becoming more fathering, now that my own had been gone for so long. His sympathy was comforting, but not as helpful as he would hope.
"It is unknown to me, their motives, and I can only expect that the truth will surface soon enough. A rite such as the one done to me is not left, finished or not, with the subject abandoned in his own home for destiny to brush him aside, a willing survivor and free spirit...." I chided. "There shall be more, I'm sure. I may even be inclined to think of the possible connection to my father's own disappearance..."
"Now Dtalk, remember.... Your father left town willingly, and only a select few even saw his supposed return. I watched him walk away on his path, leaving to the southern cities.... He had told nearly everyone of his plans. He was to speak to the Supreme Council of Stilya of the reinclusion of mages into the human cities, and voice his concerns about the segregation inherent in their lands. Then he would return home, and continue once again to Kiee, prepared for the larger battle, and it was expected that he would visit you in your studies along the way. After his being gone so long, no one had thought to inspect the insides of the home.... We weren't even aware of fowl play until Garrlah's family's claims of his return were well-known to the majority of town." he explained.
"I was told of this." I was not satisfied with the direction this conversation was turning, as I'd heard all of this too many times before. Over and over, all I heard was the stories of many village members who knew nothing, but wanted so desparately to tell of the nothings they saw. It had become the talk of the town for some months, but not a soul around could discern what had happened.
As a child, I had respected my elders for their wisdom. When I returned, a mature adult, I found their ignorance frustrating...
I left the staring Tanuul in his tavern, quietly cleaning the next mug with his dirtied rag, slowly following my alien appearance out the door with his eyes. All I had told to him would certainly be known by many in the town by this time next week. Tanuul was good at keeping secrets, as long as nobody asked about them, but our discussion, as well as my bright new appearance had not gone unnoticed by my people.
Upon returning to my home, I vehemently began cleaning its entirety, as I tend to do when I am frustrated. Dystanul had often commented that I was most useful after being given a rather problematic challenge in the midst of my studies, for I would ponder it for hours, weaving it through my mindways, while keeping my body busy on the daily chores.
By mid-evening, my home was immaculate. By nightfall, I had thatched a new roof to the top. By the time I fell asleep, I had a plan.
I dreamed of something grand that night...

Dtalk:   (Jyundei 3, 5th A.M.)
From out of the foulest deep-seeded fears of my nightmares, crept a darkness, cool and soothing in the wake of my being chased by a vague and unseen assailant. I was panting, breathing hard, when the dark swept around me, slow and lightly, taking all the time in the world to encumber me.
Once I was fully engaged in the dark, smothering sensation, I could feel my self being pulled, almost dragged down for an awfully long time. I was enwrapt in the fear that I was being killed in my sleep, having been fully aware of my dream-state since the moment it held onto my consciousness. From the dark below, however, a silent call came to me, voiceless and serene, calming my frustrations. A pale glow extended from somewhere deep below, the only light to be seen.
After a drastically long time, I arrived at the source of the glow, and its appearance made me tighten my muscles in apprehension.
Within my mind, I could hear what I thought was a story of a young boy who had lost his father, and the tale of his return. I could not fathom, however, that this related to me. It seemed so distant, somehow, only a vague apparition of my life. Perhaps I was too entanced by the entity before my eyes.
In the midst of a vast nothing appeared a colossal creature of the oddest sort, and the most report of it I can make is that its being was similar to the semblance of a squid, whose head is far too large for its body, and whose breadth is nearly 400 feet tall (or long, seeing as to the fluid nature of the environment).
The black-eyed specimen called to me with a voice I could comprehend in conceptual illustrations, whose visage appeared visibly in my mind's eye. The entity made no apparent taste or distaste in my appeal, but told me that my acts of love would be necessary to many's well-beings, and that my quests would be aided by 'luck', as my feeble mind would define it.
I was returned to the space above, slowly, and with proper time to fully abash myself for my own mental duress, which obviously must be destroying the security of my mind.
Upon waking, I realized that the dream had not been of my own accord.
Later this afternoon, I found a description of the place I had visited in the dream-time, of which only a select few individuals even knew of, my mentor being one of them, who had taught me of the existence of The Depth in my studies in the various planes of existence.
I had visited one of the least accessible veils of reality, and the only occupant of the place had made his existence known to me for specific reason.
Dystanul had obviously outshined himself this time, helping me in the most unorthodox of ways...
The Depthus had given me his conference, and would aid me in my quest.
I would have to thank my mentor many times to show my gratitude, but this would not be apparent to me until much later.

Dtalk:   (Jyundei 10)
I have seen nothing of my captors. It seems their purpose was fulfilled in victimizing me in their odd ritual, whose only aim seems to have been to recreate me anew, beautiful, lean, and in an hormonal uproar!
It's true that since that event, I have become very different on the outside. But it was the feelings on my insides that made me fear the worst. Blood rites were not trivial practises in occult knowledge... They were specific to the transformation of spells, potions, and (apparently) men. The days I had spent hugging myself in pain had passed, and with discernable results, as many of my friends, family, and acquaintances had commented on my eccentric new features.
I had dismissed many people's concerns, saying that I had merely grown up more than people had initially noticed. None, I believe, were satisfied with this explanation, but my words were not disputed, a sign that many held me in the position of my father's respect. This, I could not understand, but my expectation is that many would not wish to oppose my stance, as I had demonstrated both sadness and diligence in the wake of my father's disappearance.
Furthermore, it seemed, I had grown engorged in the sensuality of my own lustfulness.
It was true that I had not ever expressed concern for the opposite gender, and that my studies had become the only intimacy that I had ever required. My tutor and father had no concern for this, as my father had grown up similarly, leaving no time for personal trivialities in the midst of his rigorous studies of the arcane. Only in his twenty-sixth year had my father expressed any concern for love or lust, falling hopelessly into intimacy with my mother, the serpentine seductress, Styxia.
We were not without love, my father and I. Just dedicated to a cause.
It had always been hard to concentrate on my studies in the midst of adolescence, my mind sometimes wandering, thinking of pleasures left for adult thought. Dystanul had just reassured me that time would see me through to a more stable day, where love and lust would not be so tormenting, and my mind would stay rational on these subjects, letting me direct my own path.
Within days of his lecture, I found myself conducting my mind through stabilizing exercises, focusing on the important subjects......the Arts. Since that time, I have had little need for intimacy, and have been quite content being a lone traveller on destiny's paths.
Until now....
I had not questioned my sense of direction, for it seemed trivial in the shadow of the greater prospect. My wishes of becoming an avid Mage had deluted my sense of other 'selves'. I was merely who I was, not a singular individual, set apart from my people. The only introduction to the world of intimacy I had ever had, was a conversation with a fellow student (although whose teachings were VERY different from my own, as well as that of sorcerors....) of Dystanul's, the psion, Daigen Solry.
This troubled young man had seen much of the violence in this world and others, being partially hellish in nature. Daigen was not a terrible person to behold, but very different in mind and body from other men. He had the frightening visage of a demon's face, nearly painted over his own man's face. He had questioned me one evening, lying in the barracks of our shared room, late after the conclusion of our studies, speaking of many things, as we normally had done before we fell to sleeping.
His questions of my maturation and my sensual urges seemed to convey an allusion to his own, and we had ended the evening with a long and arousing kiss. His appearance had long ago become undisturbing to me, and we had become very close friends, before the day in which he ran away from the estate, seeking unknown destinies.
This was my only intimate contact with any other being, and I was not convinced that it had made my urges concrete in any way. It did not, however, disgust me as I once thought it would.
Presently, in Irrundanil, however, my intimate impulses had seemed to grow to an unstable level of urgency, and only toward that of men. It pressed me to think that I may have been tainted by Daigen's outlooks, and that, had I not had the past experience with him, I would not have thought this way. I didn't believe this to be true, mostly because of my recent transformation, but as well because it could affect my views of Daigen and his reputation in my mind. Our friendship was strong, and any malicious thoughts like this were disrespectful to that bond. I came to rest upon the insistence that it was partially my real feelings, and that it was exacerbated by my newly refined state of being.
Nearly every human man of average comeliness seemed to ignite fires within my bowels, making me cringe and retract my sight, caused by both restraint and self-condemnation. I did not know the seeds of desire within myself, discarded for so long, and now they were aggressively impacting me in my every thought and action, a weight on my shoulders that only I could see and feel.
The days had become more gray, and showers fell nearly every morning and afternoon, mirroring my mood.
Luciander had arrived on horseback during the late evening, accompanied by the Elven Elliomn. We held a small celebration for his re-arrival, as we had done the evening of my own return, in the shelter of the meeting-house in the central square, amidst the pouring rain outside. He had waited until we were alone to discuss my facade, commenting to me on the porch, quietly, despite the music being played inside. I spoke to him shortly of the ritual that had been performed, when he urged me quiet. He said he would speak of his knowledge in the morning, but that prying eyes and intruding ears were all but inexistant.
We danced and drank for many hours into the night, and he had accompanied to my home, wary that I would be stolen away in the night again.
Nothing occured, but the darkness outside my window seemed to whisper of eyes and ears that would not leave our presence.
I had a very difficult time keeping my hands and eyes away from my companion in the night.
I dreamed of love and lust in my sleep. It was invigorating and terrible. It seemed I would have a difficult time coping with my new-found intimacy.

Dtalk:   (Jyundei 11)
I awoke this morning to find Luciander already making me breakfast. He had somehow managed to awaken and return from gathering food and supplies without my hearing. When he saw me standing in the doorway, hand on my aching head, throbbing from last night's celebration, which had included much drinking of sheh, a Dwarven spirit distilled here in Irrundanil, he spoke loudly to me, "Dtalk, you scoundrel! You're much too late in the day.... I've already been to the Market and back, with a fully-loaded stock for the next week, as we prepare for our trip. Egads, man, wake up!"
His hollering was not making me anymore lively, but rather agitated.
"Luke, you're going to be impaled if you don't quiet your spirits a little. My head is throbbing from all the drink, last night. If you'd be so kind as to lower your voice, I'd be delighted to hear what you have to say..." I remarked, drily. A taste like paper, and of the same texture, stuck in my mouth and throat. "I am most assuredly awake...." A yawn escaped my mouth, and I stretched out my arms and back, in the bright light coming through the window.
"You're quite beautiful, now. You know that, right?" he teased.
"And every woman that comes within sight of me has assured me of that.... This past week, I could have sworn that I would be mauled by the local women... There's so many more here than normal, with all these gypsies and adepts escaping the northern witch-hunts...." I trailed off, thinking of all those who had already been persecuted, before continuing, "What has this ritual really done to me? What do you know of it?"
My companion's face became more serious.
"Is it evil?" I enquired.
"Not to my knowledge, no.... but what, exactly constitutes evil?" he remarked.
I did not answer, but my comrade's eyes did not stop searching my own.
"Wait, while I make this exclusive..." He began to move his lips quietly, and begin to sprinkle a coarsely-groung brownish substance about the corners of the room. The spell, known to most any magi student, was to protect the room from being seen or listened to by magical means. Being exclusive was something that most any mage would prefer before speaking of anything so dark as what we were about to.
He closed the circle, and turned to me with serious eyes. He spoke, nearly without his usual emotion, "Do you know of the blood rites of the past?" I nodded my head in concurrence. "And have you heard of the Inath? They are a nomadic tribe, quickly growing, in both power and numbers..."
I stared at him for a moment, recalling anything I could that would link these two concepts, and came up with nothing. I shook my head, brows furrowed.
"You have become isolated, here in this sanctuary village, my friend. I take no pleasure in being the one who must tell you of this, as it is already affecting you, and the outcome cannot be reversed... They have incepted you, comrade. You are one of them."
"What is this? What is incepted? Have I begun something outside of my knowledge? How am I one of them, if I know nothing of their existence?" I was sounding outright oblivious, but I did not care. My companion would not find it offensive, and he would quite possibly become more detailed in his explanations. Sometimes it took that extra urge to get him to spit out the words he needed to say... It worked.
He continued, "Inception is what they call it when they bring you into their tribe. They have converted you by means of the most potent of blood rituals, and its success is so obvious, it's almost ridiculous.
"You have begun your new life, as one of them. That is the inception you have experienced. They need not make their objectives apparent to you for some time, but you can expect it to come out... Probably sooner than later. They are described to be with purpose, but the only known purpose at this time seems to be the practice of these severe rituals. They have also been known to practice other unorthodox sessions... Rituals that are quite a bit more vulgar than even stealing away human men in the night, and infecting them in blood...." His comments began to tear at my stability, and I felt I may even burst into tears. My eyes concentrated on the floor, whilst I tried to calm the dizziness quickly approaching. I must have become pale, because my comrade was soon at my side, holding my body upright, only seconds before I heaved messily upon the wooden floorboards. Luke did not budge from my side.
"Dtalk, you need to calm your self. You seem to have some troubles coping with the way your body's doing things lately. Go. I'll clean up the get back into your bed. I'll take care of things for a while."
I thanked him, huffing madly from the violent surge, my breath nearly gone. I went to my bed, and slept into the afternoon, dreaming of shadowy-faced men, stealing away men, women, and children. The dream-people were subjected to blood rites, as well as other violent and vulgar experiments, and the vision made me wake up, my forehead beaded with sweat.
Even my dreams would not let the issue go away, it seemed.
I picked at my meal that evening, and Luke thought it best to use one of the elixirs he had purchased to soothe my mind and body.
I slept into the next day.

Dtalk:   (Jyundei 12, 5th AM)
I dreamed for a second time of a descent into the Depth, where I was led to the massive pseudosquid, Depthus, as he called himself, and in my more sedate and languid state, he proposed to explore with me the oddities of which I had been procured.
The blood which now ran through me was not that of dragons, devil, fae, or celestial, which were the known essesnces used in the blood rites of the past, used to further divide the strains of bloodline into the state they now found themselves.
Most educated people knew that the humans, halflings, and dwarves of our world had been manipulated by the bloodlines of dragons, elves and fae, demons, and others as a way of creating the most powerful race of soldiers for the armies of the mages who once ruled much of the known lands.
Dragons were notorious for impregnating a large multitude of creatures with their naturally magical essences, and the devious mages of the fourth age had been adamant in their research and use of the technique.
The Inath, however, were not mages bent on superior power, as it seemed. Under the threat of the political views maintained in many parts of the humanid lands, resentful, anarchic individuals had begun to seek reform. Some of the images of these events had been sent into my mind's eye, watching the world from all angles, as the Depthus had seen them occuring all the while. He spoke softly to me of their growth, their inception rites, and their use of mentality as a definable tool. It seemed the mode by which mutation had occured in men had, in fact, made them both male and female in their sexualities. Even the act of sex, or aruna, was a spiritual action, powerful, and capable of uniting souls on another level of consciousness. They have their own culture, which grows quickly in the discreet, shadowed corners of the world, away from notice.
The luminescent being told me that I would learn of my purpose very shortly, and that my journey would begin therein, and be far-lasting, as it would not be easy to find my father, or my eventual destiny.
He said farewell to me as I began to drift, feeling like one feels when he floats slowly up through water to the surface, and I thanked him for his knowledge. He was happy that I had done so.
I woke up in good spirits, and told Luciander of the dream, who sat listening to it, alongside Elliomn, who had been staying at an Inn for the past few days, helping Luke to organize the details necessary for the long trip ahead. Although usually quite loud and boisterous, Elliomn sat quietly through my description of the past night's visions, watching me intently, as I spoke of the Depthus' knowledge of the Inath people.
The day was spent buying hiking supplies, and seeking out horses and a sturdy wagon to haul supplies with us.
That evening, as I walked through the shadowed alleyways of my hometown, now populated by other humans, and mages or magic-users of any kinds, I was approached by a dark figure who I would come to know as the man who had incepted me, whose purpose I was to fulfill.
Following my steps from some distance, it was he who made the first move.
Although I had not known of anyone staying with my pace, I became suddely aware of movement in one of the alcoves only a bit behind me, in the outskirts of my vision. It wasn't the motion that drew me to turn around, and it certainly was not a sound, as there was none to be heard... What made me turn had been the sensation the figure had given me upon closing in.
As my body slowly turned to view him, a long-haired, handsome man had come to within a foot of myself, almost without effort, and nearly without noise. His deep eyes conveyed a sense of urgency, and though his lips did not move, a voice spoke to me in my mind, 'You are being urged to follow me now. If you do not, it upon your own neck that the sword of death will claim rest. It is your choice.' He immediately looked me up and down for half a moment, before turning completely around and walking away.
I did not follow him, immediately. I was aware of the test. Surely, I was not so ignorant enough as to believe that it would happen that easily, and without a considerable challenge. I could sense the underlying tones in his message that spoke of the culling of the weakest members from the circle.
They came at me from every side.
I could sense the impending danger in the brisk, tense air of the night. It came just before they did, but it was no match for my instincts. Within moments of the sensation, I had cast two intertwined spells of deep Arcanum to protect my body, and to suck the magical force from the area I stood within, should the coming attack be arcane. My arms flashed out, filled with dust of my two belt pouches, fuming the air with protective power. A thin sheen glistened over my skin, golden and transparent. The surrounding space had become slightly dull, completely void of the energy usually instilled within.
The crunch of their footsteps came from behind me first, quickly, running briskly at my back side, while only silence issued from the two figures standing to my perimeters.
I spun on the souls of my feet in an agile fashion, unusual from my normally mor unbalanced state of being, to face my opponent. Only for a moment did I examine him, though only a moment was necessary for my speedy mind to size him up. He was fighter, unarmed, and heavy on his feet. He relied on mass to back up his oppositions, and didn't seem to be avoiding his obvious course. He would be an easy opponent, if the hits were thrown right... It seems all those years training against Dystanul's illusiory opponents would come back rather quickly to help me, as it seemed.
The thick-shouldered man ducked to tackle me, but I easily defied his body's course. He stumbled a little, and turned to me in anger, although his grimace turned into a scowling grin, and he lunged toward me once more, hand coming down at my neck. I grabbed his hand, and turned into his attack, rolling him onto the ground. He hit hard, with a grunt, then rolled away from me, panting softly.
The second one, armed with a glinting sword on his back, came rushing forward from the shadows. I had no adequate time to analyze his movements, and his first attack came with surprise. He merely ran into me, tackling into me with his leather-covered shoulder. I heaved backwards, slighly winded, but as my force-shield crackled a bit under his weight, I was without a damaged body. His deep eyes stared into mine as he rushed again at me. I was fast to escape him, dodging his sprint, and landing a blow to his back side, which made him stumble. He remained on his feet, but continued running, and the third opponent was expectedly making his turn.
This one was a bit smaller of body than other two, and with his first action, I knew immediately why. His eyes lit up, and his hands raised to conjure power. The air around him did nothing, but the force made a crackling noise all around us. He removed a blade from his belt, angrily, and heaved it at my face.
I did not duck, which is what initially concerned me, after looking back on the night's events, but instead saw the blade throuh every moment of its rotations, coming directly at my head. Within a moment of it piercing my flesh, I had snatched it out of the air, spinning round, and throwing it back at the young-looking mage. He avoided its course, and upon it passing his body, he turned to it, arm raised. It curved slowly around to land in his hand, as he completed his spin, grinning at me impishly.
I was unaware of the first man returning to attack my back side. He winded me with the first punch, and followed through with a swift drop to the floor, where he snatched my legs out from under me. Standing up, I could see him looking over me, a smile on his face. I raised my arms to shield me from the next blow, but it did not come.
The man backed off, and let me rise to my feet. I backed away a few steps, and he lunged at me once more. Without a conscious thought, I had leapt high off the ground, jumping clear over his body, to slide down his back, as he tripped forward, weighed down by my own body. I have never known myself to be a very agile person, but the way I was now moving, you'd never have known.
The two others moved forward, but before they could get very far, a piercing whistle erupted from one of the high walls, and they stopped dead in their tracks.
Staring at me from stern, blank faces, they began to move away only a few steps. From behind, I could hear the other one brushing himself off as he stood up, without approaching me further.
It was my anger at the organization of it all that had made me do it, although normally I might not have done so.
I roared, "What IS this?!?!?! What are you doing to me?!?! Who in the Nine Hells do you think you are?!?!" screaming into the alleyways at the unseen observer. Within moments, the strong one with the deep-set eyes was upon me, hands upon my mouth. I resisted for a moment, before his words, echoing in my head, calmed me to a nearly sleeping state. "You will not fight. You will be calmed. You will not resist. You are to fall helpless. Ahn'acht ahkatu, hypnostu, mage." He spoke quickly, but without violence, into my ears, and the way he referred to me as 'mage', made me momentarily fearful that his company would be linked to the witch-hunters of the north. Apparently my magic-removing spell had worn off, or the man had enchanted me in some other way. I fell limply into his hold, his hand over my mouth, an arm around my throat. His warm body soothed me, and the smell of his leather garments made me swoon, as his power over me took hold.
As my mood mellowed, he released me from his grip, to stare into the eyes of the dark man who had approached me quickly before the attack.
He spoke with confidence, and a hint of egotism was more than little obvious. "You've come to wonder why you have become so important to our purpose.... You shall know, in time. You are strong, but you could easily have been harmed in a terrible fashion. Perhaps you will require training, although I've been told you've already learned of the ways of combat. Perhaps, but you are rusty." I heaved in a deep gulp of breath, and managed to respond, panting, "Why me?..."
"That, my friend, even I do not know... But I've got a pretty good clue." He smirked, and continued, "You'll be left to your own device for three days. Get your things together, and leave the village by sunset. Your friends will be welcome to accompany you, after we have made ourselves known to them, but you will mention nothing of our little encounter... It is imperative that you follow these orders, to keep things simple. Unless, of course, you'd prefer to do things the hard way....." He glowered at me from above, and, my violent anger gone from me, I only lowered my head. He sensed my hopelessness.
"Good. I'm glad we see eye to eye on this. I'd hate to have to report bad news, such as your....or one of your comrades' death. You will see.... What is done is done. Now you are to live a new life. We may even be able to help you find your father" the mention of him brought an instant vitality to my body, and I sought to lunge at him, but the enchantment persisted. I looked at him through desperate eyes.
"You will do well to mind your orders. I know of your morals... You will find them to serve you well in the days to come." Looking momentarily to one of the men behind me, he turned from me to exit the path, turning around the corner of the pub, and disappearing from my view and hearing.
The men behind me paced after him, two of them without looking back. The third, staring at me through his deep, green eyes, vivid even in the dark, his leather glinting in the light of the moon and the few torched lit on the pathway. His eyes conveyed a sense of sympathy toward me. It was only for a moment, as one of his slim companions called out to him to follow. He paused to look into my eyes once more before leaving me to myself, half-hidden in the shadows of the small courtyard.
I sat, only able to think for nearly half an hour. Slowly, my body was able to move again, and I heaved myself from the ground, brushing off my dirty legs, pebbles pressed into my knees and shins from sitting so long. My skin prickled, and I found it difficult to walk home.

I arrived at my keep to find a note telling of Luke and Elliomn's trip to one of the local taverns, of which there were many, with the newly arriving human traders and adventurers. I sighed heavily a few times, leading myself into my room.

He sat on my bed, half-clothed, paging through this diary.
"So, it took you THAT long before you knew of us...." He looked up at me, grinning. His voice had a heavy accent, similar to that of the eastern hill dwarves, and it rang through my mind, even after he had stopped speaking. Clear and soothing were his words, and I felt no clear anger at him being in my home.
"How did you get in here?" I asked. "The door had been locked by my companions, I'm sure...."
"It is not difficult to open a locked door. A spellcaster such as you should know that." It was true...nearly every mage in my knowledge had learned the art of unlocking mechanical devices with nothing more than a verse, and a flick of the wrist. This man had not appeared to be a mage, but it was obvious I knew nothing of his ways.
"What are you doing here? I thought that I was being given three days... What are you doing here?" I was frantic, and confused. I began to back away, somewhat fearful of another attack.
Before I took three steps, his voice spoke confidently, while his lips did not move. In my head, the phrase seemed louder than it would have spoken aloud, "It seems that you have many questions that have gone unanswered. I was in that position once... and it angered me immensely." I had stopped dead in my tracks, and my mouth began to drop open.
"You will have known of did it once, without the use of a spell. You will soon have no need for them, the spells.... We are more powerful than other men. You will come to find your power."
I spoke aloud, "Be aquit of this. Speak to me with words. I have no need for these games."
His response was from his mouth, "This is no game. You would prefer that I leave, and let you wondering to yourself?" He stood up, as if to leave. I did not stop him, but spoke quickly, "Will you answer my questions?"
He paused, only steps from the door. "I have no need to stay here, if it against your will...."
"That is not an answer that my question deserved.... Again: Will you answer my questions?"
He grinned at my fixation, and did not further my concerns. He turned, to sit back upon the bed, tossing my diary carelessly to the side. As he sprawled out upon my bed, his leather-strapped top hanging carelessly open, he sighed, "Ask away." Tossing an arm over his forehead, he stared, grinning into my eyes.
I swallowed once, taken immediately aback by his obvious, and flaunting beauty. His open shirt left his torso exposed, muscled, and well-defined, stretched out upon the place I slept in the night. I became a bit dizzy, and had to sit down on a nearby chair, before continuing.
"Who are you, and who is the man that approached me? Is he your leader? What do you want with me? Is it...." he cut me off, as I was obviously blabbering.
"One at a time, my friend. We have all night...." he propped himself up on his elbows, and smiled and me, amused with my enraged curiosity. "You can call me Roth, until you know me better. My lord, Vasseht, is merely a puppet... He knows what is needed of you, and he's the only one who'll tell you, although I don't expect it to happen anytime soon. It seems that things are done in secret, if at all possible, most of the time. That is our way, for now. We must hide in the shadows of humanity, until our day to rise will come." He closed his eyes, picturing the coming nirvana in his mind. Breathing in, then sighing in ecstacy, he looked back to my eyes.
"I want to help you, but it seems I will have a hard time keeping my hands off of you, if you do not come to me soon" he spoke to me, ended by a well-timed sigh, and reached out for me to take his hands.
"You have been needing aruna for some time, and I fear that you may have already begun returning to your previous state.... It is not safe to be without aruna for too long after your inception. Some have even died.... Come to me. I know you want to."
His words tore at my insides. I could not believe that this was real. You did not speak of such was as evil as spellcraft, even in the southern nations. Men simply did not make love to other was beyond tabboo. It made most men disgusted to even hear of its occurence, but here, now, alone with this beautiful creature..... I turned away, then looked deeply into his eyes. The corner of hips lips tipped up into a devilish little grin, but it conveyed just what it was meant to.....this was OKAY.
He began to sit up, but before his body could come completely upright, I had taken him in my arms, pressing him against the wall. I was a little enraged, athough I could not understand why.
"You are toying with me!!! What do you think you are, to come into my father's house, speaking like thi....." My words were abruptly ended, as a burst of force threw me off of him. He quickly jumped to his feet, lunging at me, pushing me against the opposite wall, slamming me hard.
Stars swirled at the corners of my vision, but only for a moment. He whispered, violently, into my face, "Hush, you fool! Have you no neighbors?! Surely you do not want Vasseht to hear of my being here, and have you and all of your friends and loved ones killed? It would happen, it would. Just give him a reason. Give him none, it doesn't matter. You are not important enough to us, if it means we will go down with you! You have been given more trust than I would have allowed, that's for sure! You will not encourage bad things to come, I will hope.... Do NOT think that you are safe from our hands, should you become a problem!" His eyes danced back and forth between the two of mine, seeking my compliance with every syllable. He was not entrancing me this time, and it was obvious that it was a signal for me to stop acting irrationally. This man seemed to want me to trust him. "Your thoughts are loud, I can hear everything you have thought.... You can trust me, but only if you stop acting foolishly...." He paused, letting me out of his grip, brushing my wrinkled garments as he sighed, calming himself. "And please stop referring to me as a man. I am Har...we are not men. And that means YOU, as well." He stopped, looking over the entirety of my face, as I quieted my mind, startled that my thoughts were open to him. He reached a hand up to caress my face, running his fingers along my jaw, and down my chest. Without warning, his eyes met mine, and he embraced me, pressing his lips to mine.
It was like nothing I'd ever experienced before.

Dtalk:   (Jyundei 14, 5th AM)
It is nearing the day of my father's birth... It was always important to his family to remember these days, and my grandmother had even told him that a person's actions and emotions could be calculated by the motions of the heavenly bodies. We now called this practice astrology, as they did in the days of humanity's reign.
The beautiful Roth had left my home, with the glow of his breath on my lips. He had thought twice of taking aruna with me, saying that my body would suffice, but not for long. I had almost no idea of what he had spoken of. He had left me quickly, muttering something about a cold sensation, and telling me that he feared his companion's observations of us, and would speak more to me later.
I have not seen him since.
The last two days became a time of hard work; preparation for our departure. As the nights grew warmer, I came to sitting on the rear slate, staring at the stars, enjoying sativa in the midnight hours. Elliomn joined me, looking inquisitively at my smoking pipe.
"Humans.....have you no need for reality?" he jested.
My eyes half closed, enjoying the ecstasy of the herb's soothing ways, commented on its spiritual properties, of which he ignorantly dismissed.
"It is completely valid path to deeper only requires moderation." I looked up at him, the corner of my mouth curling into a partial smile.
"I have never seen you smile.... Not even at the most amusing of jokes. A laugh, yes, but never a smile. I thought it was impossible for you...."
"Did I smile?" I mused, "I have never had that ability, no. My father once told me that I was the brethen of devils, for I could never smile, smirk, grimace, nor even frown. Dystanul said it wasn't that terrible, but could give him no further explanation. I likened it to the man who cannot speak; or the child who cannot see."
I looked into his eyes, which looked at me with curiosity.
"Are you the brethen of devils?" he asked.
"I am no more than are you... That can be spoken in so many ways....." I trailed off, and came to staring at the heavens once again.
We spoke of weaknesses, strengths, love, and violence.
The Kieein army would soon pass through the forest valley, and everyone hoped only that they would leave us by, without noticing the mountain village, as it had been for many years. The hate they had brought for mages, carried with them through the tree-lined paths, could destroy cities. The love I had for my father could move mountains.
It seemed nothing in the world was as it seemed, and never would be.
I had spoken of none of the past night's events to my companions, hoping the best for their well-being. Roth had not strayed far from my mind, and once I had almost spoke of his presence to Luke, but quickly disarmed him of his questioning with a quick retort. He hated to argue against me, for lack of reason, and also of pride. We both knew I was more intelligent than he, and could prove it without effort. He would not comment further, and we fell to sleep easily.
I dreamed of sharing breath with Roth. It was as grand as reality.

Jyundei 15 - Dtalk - It had been decided that we should stay calm, and cause ourselves to be patient toward our departure. The turbines had been shut down, to remain quieted as the northern forces of Kiee had descended into our lands, on their way to the nation of Stilya, who reportedly stood waiting for the tide of soldiers. It was feared that the clerics who led these men would seek out the magical entities throughout the forests and hills of Milsnivvah, perhaps leading a purgatory sweep of any and all mystical beings that resided there, but it turned out that they were rather steadfast in another fashion. It seems that the Kieein theocracy had no intention of purging any expanse of land if they could not do so without the interference of the conservationalist views of the Stilyan High Council, who would undoubtedly do everything possible to keep the living creatures of the wilderness safe from destructive intent. Kieein High Priest Tamilan Liomenn had made it clear to his people that he sought the utter destruction of the 'abominations of this world', and all who keep them in safe harbor. Stilya had proven itself a viable opponent to the Kieein forces, and now stood ready to defend themselves from the zealous theocratic priests, and the poor-commoners-made-soldiers that they led into battle. In an attempt to refrain from using wasted energy on the widerness in between the two kingdoms, the soldiers were to refain from seeking out extraneous offense, and to make the best time to the southern lands as possible.
The forces avoided Irrundanil, but a few scouts were caught, scanning the village for potential threat to the army's passage. The scouts have been kept for questioning, and a plan has been created to force a declaration of amnesty for the tribal village from the Kieein forces' future deliberations.
All things considered, we were unharmed, and now have an upper hand in the matters of political standing. Two villagers, who are now fine companions of mine, were asked to help with the protection of our peoples, and I believe that they are interested in accompanying me on my journey.
The supplies are stocked, and nearly packed. We will be getting horses, and have already secured for ourselves a wagon-carriage, to be drawn by them. Luke muttered something once, while packing, that seemed to convey a rather cryptic feeling to it, and I asked him what he spoke of.
"Dtalk, do not be foolish. You have seen the southern lands, I assume, many times...?"
I replied without taking offense, "Yes, I went with Dystanul many times, in my studies of our lands. What has it to do with our wagon and supplies?"
"Dtalk, we have no guarantee of the existence of any of these supplies, once we cross the Dredge. We could be wasting countless dinars ($) on all of this, just to have it ripped to shreads the instant we leave Romulan protection... Surely, you've thought of losing stock, no?" he looked at me with concern. He had a way of mentioning monetary consumption in the oddest manners.
"What we lose is lost, but at least we are not leaving unprepared... The council has found a noble moneychanger to take your northern coin, and we are more than supplied with my father's money. You got the coinage from your passed uncle, correct?" I asked, returning to packing.
"You change the subject too well." was his only answer.
We would leave tomorrow at mid-morning, after a final supper tonight with the council, and an exquisite parting breakfast with my surrogate grandparents in the morning. They had planned to make my father's favorite dish before we left to keep my goal set thoroughly within my body's substance... They had always had an odd way of making their every action one of superstition and revelry.
Everyone has their quirks.
And I guess I've been smiling as of late...
That seems to disorient me the most.
I must also comment on my recent sickness, and fatigue. I fear that they are an effect of the ritual, but I am not sure as to how.
Iiara Lyanne has helped me once with one of her elixirs, and a full dose did me well, but does not seem to be keeping me solid in my health.
Luke is presently preparing me a similar mixture, though his skills lie more in poisons and alchemy, than elixirs for healing. I must stop now to help him, he has complicated the processes horribly, so until next time...
-Dtalk Mentu

Dtalk, it is only necessary that you know who loves you, and what you are to seek. Keep us close to your heart, and your father closer. I know what it is that your gift is missing, you will find it in your shoulder-pouch when you seek your books, as you do in the evenings. Good luck and fortune to you. May Spira guide your feet through the flames without harm, and Moradin bless you with eternal strength. Let those beautiful eyes of yours forever see and seek Love, and Truth. Biihl di Djes fuir ouin sidh Quitarruun, me Maiandajaal Dtalk.
-your loving Ilde and Rurik,
  Uildsiouldiin Ulgardenk.

(Hahaha, it seems my grandmother has gotten ahold of my diary whilst I looked the other way, and wrote her own note. She is grand, and I love her and Rurik very much. They have always been so loving and protective of my father and I. I wish them both well, while I journey the lands abroad.)

Jyundei 16:
We have overstepped our time limit for departure, and it was made clear to me last night, when I was returning to my home after dining with Aldsiould, the village Council Primary, and the other elders. Maidjaala Lyanne and Opal both received hearty favors for their help with protecting the village from the approaching army, and joined me for the exquisite meal prepared for us all.
As I walked them both home, I had felt the eyes watching me the whole time, but did not want to alert them to danger, knowing their earlier skiddish reaction to the original army's threat.
As I walked away from Opal's home, closing my robes to the chilly air, I was met outside the plaza by the brute of the hara that I had fought off much earlier. He tackled me, quickly restraining my wrists. Because of his much stronger nature, I did not fight, knowing he was just a grunt, and I'd be led to meet again with the elusive and mysteriously cunning Vasseht.
Dragging me into an alley near Tanuul's Shady Inn, he tossed me against a wall without effort, to which I rolled away, and faced him once more. He looked at me with a bit of anger, but did not pursue. From behind me, Roth spoke quietly, "You are lucky, comrade. Vasseht has seen favor to you and your responsibilities. He says to let you do the things that are necessary, and leave as you have planned, tomorrow midday." Looking deeply into my eyes, he glanced quickly at the other, and spoke in a hiss, "Leave us."
Looking back at him, I saw the figure lose his haughty composure, and walk away silently. I met Roth's eyes once more, only moments before his lips met mine. Swirls of black liquid filled my mind, gleaming in moonlight, running coolly over my skin where he grabbed my arms and torso. Though his flesh was warm, his sweeping energy rushed cold over my flesh. Steel chains clinked together at his hips as he pushed his body against mine in the embrace.
Pulling away, he whispered, "You have gone far too long, I would think you sick beyond comparison, yet you stand rigid to me. Your breath is light, though, and I'd think you were almost becoming human again."
I pushed him back a bit at this, and replied, "I have been eased from my sickness with help..." then, my eyes slits, "Is it so possible? To go back? To become human again?"
He only chuckled at me, then seeing my serious manner, spoke, "Don't be foolish. You have no need be one of them. You are a part of us now. To want otherwise would be foolish, just plain foolish." His eyes danced between my own, as he seemed to do when close to my face.
"Your thoughts are becoming quieter, but still I hear you. It is that they are beautiful, that I stare at them. Your eyes. Golden, they are, and beautiful to behold..." Lowering his face, and looking off to the plaza courts, he watched as the third har of the group that attacked me approached, dressed in thick robes, and massive furs. "Come. Vasseht has need. You can speak with him later" looking to me, then disappeared back behind the wall.
Roth peered from beneath his brows at me. "They have found out of my visit to your home... And now they harass me for growing so fond of you" he speaks, the corner of one side of his lips curling into a smirk. I'd think he was blushing, if it weren't so dark in that place to see it.
"I was scolded, but they feel it may be for the better, allowing that you trust us..." he looked back into my eyes then with a serious stare, one which told me he needed me to help. Without a pause, "I trust you" escaped my lips. I looked away, not truly sure if I meant it, and cleared my head of doubt.
"I will seek you out later this night... I must have you..." and walked away, leaving me puzzling for some moments. When I rounded the corner, they were yet gone again.
I am waiting now at my home for his arrival, Luke already sleeping, and El accompanying a local bar with an odd girl named Catz, whose drunken manners draw a bit of disgust from me at times, although her seemingly childish humor does make me good-homored at times.
Of which, I might add... I have SMILED many times now, and begin to think that I can even smirk, and frown at times. I caught myself doing so one morning in the looking glass in my washroom, while I talked with Elliomn. It is odd, that I have never done so, and now it seems to happen often, and without much effort. I leave now, for Roth has come.
<img:>'The Death of Roth'
copyright R. Lehmann ([der hardcore])
Jyundei 18, 5th age of man:
We have left, and journeyed for one full day, and half the second. Presently, we pause at a small watering hole in the forests of Milsnivvah. For now, we are hurried, and I shall make use of this time to speak of what happened the night of Roth's arrival at my home.
When he came, knocking at my windowbox, I had been writing in this journal, and had quickly jump to see who it was. Seeing his smiling face, I was a bit relieved. Even knowing he would come to see me, I had thought perhaps he was someone more offensive to my privacy.
With Luke sleeping in the back store-room, after falling asleep counting rations, I let Roth inside, closing the door. Before I could speak, he embraced me in a surprising and pleasurable sharing of breath. It was as grand as ever, but I pushed him away, to ask him why he had come, besides to kiss me.
"It is more than a kiss..." he said cryptically with a grim face. He sighed, and lightened a bit, saying, "I came to put your body at ease. You have gone too long beyond being incepted.... You could die..."
What happened afterward is nearly without comparable explanation. It is like nothing I have ever experienced in my lifetime thus far. He called the act ARUNA, and said that it could bond souls, which I now believe could be true. It was like what I had heard copulation to be; the bond of two beings in lustful passion... But now I was different, I was har, and so was he. It was incredible, and not without power. After we had come to rest, he told me of the power that could be managed from such use of the mystical act. It is the love of hara...aruna. Saying it now is like a prayer to the gods of love...or lust. Perhaps both, for all I know. What is the difference, for that matter?
Luke did not show himself, but the comotion that we had made was enough to wake the dead... Roth is an incredible lover, although a bit violent. He says it is passion that drives him to be so, but aggression is rather obvious to me, and his was indeed passionate, if a bit intimidating for a first experience. He told me that I had been soume (soo-may/soo-mee) first, which is the receptive role of aruna. It was a shock at first to use those newly-developed parts of myself, although a small amount of patience found the deepest of pleasures in that act for myself.
We lay in my makeshift bed for hours, talking and teaching each other that which we did not know. He taught me of aruna, and more of our kind, and I to him of magic, my people, and my family's past. When he left before dawn, I gave him a pendant of mine to keep, and wished him a good day, whilst I waited for him to show himself during our journey. He told me to expect such a display to occur soon, after we had set out. Since then, I have not seen him, and have done well to not let his presence be known to my comrades. We are departing once more, and will not stop until we are to make camp this late evening. We have not yet met the opposition of any creatures of the wilderness, although my intuition says we may just soon, as the creatures are returning in the army's wake, and will soon inhabit our path once more. Until next, -Dtalk

Jyundei 22, 5AM:
We have stopped to make camp, and it has been a rather stressful past few days. Vaysh, Roth, and their party had made themselves known to us in not the most modest of ways, and I had put myself in a bit of danger just trying to keep my comrades from the hara's throats. The past few days have been informational and an education in patience, that is to be sure of.
Roth is asking for my help in preparing food, but I shall write again soon.

I have found time this evening to really sit and describe what has happened.
It seems that in my hurry to write down how I felt about Roth's appearance that evening, I had completely foregone mentioning what had happened since then.
I am no longer travelling with Luke and Elliomn. In an odd turn of events, both of them came up missing after an eventful night, and still I have no clue to their whereabouts.
El had found himself off to drink that night, and Luke fell asleep packing in the late hours, and upon the next day's afternoon, I had found a letter telling of his departure to the shadow realm, to discern some curiosity that was pestering him. Neither of them had returned by the day signified for me to leave, and to wait would be foolish for many reasons, not the least of which is my desire to find my father.
My comrades from the village, a young woman named Lyanne, and the devilishly quick Opal(Lian and Opal char), have both accompanied me off with a full set of horses, as well as a new recruit, a rebellious young horse-lover named Gwyn. This young rogue fell, in a literal sense, onto my front door step only days before.
We have rode for nearly two days, trying to acquit ourselves with one another, and have found some solace with the hara that have brought themselves into our midst.
The girls remain reluctant toward the hara's motives in keeping me moving in the direction they choose, but Roth is making it easier for me to understand, and although that doesn't satisfy the girls' curiosities, they still push onward with me.
We are now travelling to an unknown destination, but I feel it will be most beneficial for all of us.

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2003-10-03 [Tal Anduril]: oh ok that's where these are.

2003-10-16 [Tal Anduril]: Roth dies? Noooo!

2003-10-17 [xido]: Well, that's the title of his image, but it may not happen.....  Although it WOULD give Dtalk some more fuel to fight.....

2003-10-17 [Tal Anduril]: oh ok, so he may still live then; that's good.

2003-10-17 [xido]: Yeah, maybe. But [der hardcore] sees things from a bit more despairing perspective, so the image is so.... It's okay, he makes good pics *winks*

2003-10-17 [Tal Anduril]: yes, he does.

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2003-10-28 [xido]: Fix any and all, but don't change the wording....message me if it needs it, though......puncuation, spelling and TOO MANY COMMAS are ok....I use way, too, many, commas Make it BOLD too, so I know what you changed later...and I'll fix it on my next post. Thanks! You really like this shit, huh?

2003-10-28 [Tal Anduril]: It's pretty good actually.

2003-11-18 [Phyn]: Lycander fell asleep while checking over the provisions for the journey, and in the mists of sleep came upon a strange and unnerving dream. Two figures falling through a storm, to land in an unknown place; demons tormenting other figures. Slave traders and gargoyles, then a cry for help. Waking from his vision, he knew that he was needed somewhere, but "where" was the question. Meditating on the thought, he decided to leave his friend for a time. Dtalk would understand. Standing to speak with his friend, he realized that he was throughly "ingagued" at the time. Leaving a note for him on the boxes in the store room, Lycander Sidestepped into the shadow-relm.

2003-11-18 [xido]: OOC:heeheee...good. Hey, this page will be good for RP between you and I....although it would have been better for you to post that in Vestahl's Home....the friend? Elliomn?...yeah, he's at the Shady Inn....

2004-02-02 [Opal]: hey, I know I'm being hypocritical here but are we gonna start rping again soon?

2004-02-11 [xido]: lol.....yeah, sorry I've been gone so long. Busy with life, you know the tune.

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