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Character Name:

Dtalk Mentu


User: [xido]

Gender: Male, Har

Race: Incepted Wraeththu - human (Black)

Rank: Adventurer, Abjurate Wizard

Age: 24
  Height: 6'3"
  Weight: 176lbs.
  Skin: Egyptian tan-brown, black mage scars on his face, head, and shoulder/chest
  Hair: dark eyebrows, but little facial and head hair, which he shaves... hair doesn't grow on his head in portions where scarra has destroyed the tissues
  Eyes: Golden brown
  Hand: Right-handed
  Description: Not too muscular, but hardened, due to rough work and travelling; even more defined, after having been incepted. His extensive training has kept him balanced and agile during the most important times, and recent events have made his walking, once jostily and awkward in the past, more solid and straight-forward now. Scars of black (they look like smears of thick tar, as smooth as a tattoo) cross his face and upper chest, a very large one extending from his upper abdomen all the way to the rear of his shoulder muscles. These were caused by a miscalculated spell peformed in his earlier years, which ended up sending shards of force reeling along his body, only narrowly avoiding his eye. He was not blinded by the incident, but his scars, known as scarra, will never fade.
  Clothing: Dtalk wears very little during the average day... a loin cloth of dark tan, and gauze strap-footings are the only clothes he prefers to wear, because of the hard work he finds himself often doing. When travelling, or when the need to be clothed so arises, however, Dtalk drapes himself in a more decorative belted leather vestment, as well as a large, golden robe vestment which has a particularly eccentric ability inherent in it. The golden robe, enchanted with transmutational energies, can be very thin, flowing and cool, flowing lightly over his skin for hot days/settings, somewhat longer and heavier for moderately temperate days/settings, and long, thick and heavy, like a thick blanket or fur, in the case of a winter's day or an icy, arctic setting (as it gets pretty chilly in the north during the winter season). This cloak is used by magical means. Therefore, anyone without magic-using capabilities is only able to use it in the form it is found when they acqire it. The robe is a gift from Dystanul, Dtalk's teacher of magic (see below history). Dtalk also wears certain talismans, which are used to cast spells and ward away curses, etc. He is almost always found wearing seven silver earrings in his left ear, which enable him to cast the spell, Comprehend Languages by running his fingers along the seven chimes, and exclaiming a particular incantation. Another favorite accessory is the turtle shell he wears attached to his belt, which is a symbol of protection (Abjuration: the Art of Magickal Defense), and enables him to perform certain abilities, unhindered by their normal side effects. For more on spell use, contact [xido] for more info.

Personality: Dtalk is quiet and reserved, unless provoked or shown a reason to be outright. He is often blunt and some people like to call him cold or harsh. Dtalk is in fact a very concerned and caring person, but has almost no ability to show emotions facially, nearly always appearing astute and uncaring. Dtalk has never had the ability to show his emotions, excluding the rare show of rage when engaged in combat. Recent events have caused an odd occurence, and he can now mildly grin, smirk, or appear confused or intrigued.
Dtalk adheres to a strong code of conduct, although not related to any religions or organizations who demand it. He is his own governor. Dtalk loathes apathy, evil, corruption, irrational chaos, and cowards. He is always willing to help his neighbor, unless they prove that his help is unappreciated. Dtalk has no time for games; he's got his own issues to deal with, and an uncaring mind will only drag him down. He values honor, trust/truth, common sense, and reliability. Sometimes close-minded (though only when something goes against his values/principles), he is a natural judge of character, and being so has made him somewhat judgemental of others. He is a generally open-minded individual. He gives anyone a chance to prove themselves, but stays cautious when involved with shady types (thieves, rogues, sneaky gypsies), and quickly severs any ties to individuals wasting his energies and efforts. He is highly adaptable in most situations, and finds himself in a leading position, mostly due to being the most diplomatic... he takes no pride in leading the group, as it is a responsibility, not a title. He is not power-hungry, but does not tolerate ill decisions or individuals, especially not when it involves rebellion or revolt. He believes it is important to know how to take orders, and does so very well, when not in the lead. Dtalk is somewhat spiritual, although not entirely religious, and does not attend any particular ceremonies/events, however the occasional muttered prayer is not entirely unfamiliar to him. Dtalk hates liars, thieves, and those out to cheat the system, in particular the universal system of law.
"Self-government is the only government a wise individual will ever need." (One of his favorite phrases...the basis of his urge to end all political discrepencies) Another: "I will become the sword that slays, only when I feel the hand of Karma gently guiding me forward, and I will only be a messenger."

History: Born to Vestahl Mentu, a sorceror whose powers were tempered by the great Wizard, Dystanul, a renowned teacher of the Arts. Vestahl had gone through his own challenges, ending up in the care of two Dwarven surrogate parents, Rurik and Ilde Ulgardenk, who lived in the Dwarven tribal city known as Irrundanil. Of all Vestahl's family members, only his sister now survives, named Savlah, who lives in Roz, as a healer/apothecarist in the large human city in the country of Kiee. Dtalk knows the names of Vestahl's other family, though nothing of their whereabouts. Vestahl's personal history is known only to Dtalk, so you'd have to ask him of the rest. Dtalk's mother, named Styxia, a cleric of the goddess of magic, blood, and death (WeeJas), became involved with the Yuan-Ti, a cult organization, known often as the snake people, who often refer to themselves as the "purebloods". Upon becoming pregnant by Vestahl, Styxia told the enraged Vestahl of her affiliation with the cult. Dtalk was born, and given hastily away to Vestahl, who was told never to return or be seen again, should he and his child be destroyed if that occured. Vestahl was told that Styxia would be put to death, having commited a serious offense (copulating with other humans), and told never to seek her out again. This isn't the slightest bit true, but neither Dtalk nor Vestahl have any clue. 
Fearful, confused, and despairing, Vestahl returned to his Dwarven foster-parents to care for the child, while working as a black smith in Irrundanil. Fearful that Dtalk may encounter much danger involved with the serpent-worshippers, and realizing his son's adept ability to learn, he beagn to teach him everything he could of the Arcane. Only a sorceror, Vestahl could not help but be insubstantial as a teacher of the Arts. He employed his old professor, Dystanul, as Dtalk's personal tutor. A bright and eager student, Dtalk lapped up the knowledge taught to him. Dtalk continued his studies at Dystanul's hidden estate, placed deep within the forest, invisible without the proper spells and knowledge of its location. Alchemy, Arcana, blacksmithing, agriculture, hard work, combat, and the Deep knowledges were all taught to Dtalk as early as possible, and he learned it all as quickly as it could be taught.
Dtalk made friends with other students in Dystanul's care, and spent much of his time in work or study for a long period of time, not described in the horrible detail I could put it into....
Dtalk visited his father every two years afterward, until the age of 18, when everything changed.....
Both Dtalk and Dystanul (as well as Vestahl, as was found later) had a prophetic dream in which Vestahl had been taken from his own home in a fit of struggle by an unknown group of bandits. Divinations proved this to be true, as Vestahl was nowhere to be seen in visions brought on by intense divinatory spellcasting. Vestahl journeyed north to his father's home again, accompanied by an old friend and an Elven ranger to keep him company...and for safety reasons, of course. This time, however, Dtalk's visit would not be so comforting.
With everything strewn about the house, there was no clue left as to his father's location or objectives. In a panic, Dtalk remembered a secret place his father had told him of, where Vestahl often saved money or important articles. Opening up the false floorboards, Dtalk happened upon a letter, written by his father, telling of a similar prophetic dream by Vestahl himself, and that he had no knowledge of where he would be taken, nor how long he would survive, only that he was proud of Dtalk, and that he hoped to see him one last time before he left this world.... The letter also told of a particular gift left for Dtalk, hidden in the floorboards of the home they had lived in for many years in Irrundanil. 
Dtalk continues to search for his father, unknowing of what is in store for him on his journeys....

Dtalk can be found at his father's, Vestahl's Home, in Irrundanil, or adventuring in the lands of Eastonia....see the Map/Eastonia. On his longer trips, he journeys the lands of Jashnia.
Author of Dtalk's Diary.

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2004-04-15 [xido]: See also: Lycander Tolbin, and Elliomn, the elven orc hunter

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