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See drow and Spidren.

Driders originally were drow who fell out of the favor of the main Goddess of the Drow and she transformed them into driders. Driders have the torso head and arms of a drow but the wiast down is the body of a great black spider. Most driders are consumed by a madness that comes with the transformation and will attack and eat anyliving thing. They live in the dark caverns underground. They have a particlar disliking for Drow as they remind them of what they once were. There have since been several generations of driders born as driders who have no touch of civilization about them.
Driders organize themselves, when they have any organization, into primative tribes with the strongest male and females at the top. Those who were clerics, preists, and wizards in life remember some of thier spells.
R.A. Salvatore

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