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Attention to all members! ^_^ Please invite your friends and put up one of the wiki banners in your ET house if you can! The goal is to get at least 50 members. When we reach that goal we're going to have a major party!!

Each new member must state the person's name who invited him or her. That person mentioned will get a badge. The one with the most badges will be given a prize and a golden crown with a dragon on it!

Drawn by [Zab]. Thank you, [Zab]!!

The golden crown!
Drawn by [Eyonic]. Thank you!

Choice Prizes:

1. A chance to get a dragon of your choice to adopt from Dragon Adoption

2. A chance to request a custom-made dragon from one of our fine artists.

3. Or a custom-made dragon graphic to decorate your house with by [Bipolar Nonsense]

~I, [Bipolar Nonsense] the owner of both wikis, will not participate with the invitations. I would rather give this chance to our members~

By courtesy of Dragon Adoption

Notice 2:

The Dragons Club Art Contest is still running.

Please abide by the Dragons Club Rules. Violators shall be terminated after their third warning.


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2009-11-17 [Ace118]: I like drgons to I think the scles make them less dinosour but depends on story ect for my dragons

2009-11-21 [WolfDragon]: In a story? I usually like the western looking ones, but all kinds, boxy, slim, spiked. It does all depend on the contents of what is needed. My favorite creature though, is a mix of wolf and dragon ^.^

2009-11-22 [Bipolar Nonsense]: oooo O.O neat wolf AND dragon? that's one of my faves, too :)

2009-11-22 [Draygun]: I too am a fan of the Western, four legged, two winged dragons. I haven't explored (as far as story writing goes) two legged as in wyverns. While it may prove more realistic for flying, it hardly makes for a great relationship for terrestrial going characters (lest the dragon in question is an antagonist character, to which I cannot bring a character of mine being in the first place.) LoL

But its all fantasy, so anything goes. LoL

2009-11-22 [WolfDragon]: lol. Yeah the two-leggeds are more realistic and such, but that is why they call it fiction ^.^ Eh, that 'Dragons: a Fantasy made real' movie/documentary, they explained how it could have worked. Did you see it?

2009-11-22 [Draygun]: No, I haven't. I want to see Animal Planet's DVD on Dragons. Perhaps I'll ask for that as a stocking stuffer. LoL

Trying to mix fantasy and science comes up with some interesting results, nonetheless. While a gargantuan, 150 ton dragon is exciting in litterature, it certainly couldn't fly unless its physiology was just as incrediable. But that's of course why we have magic. ^^

2009-11-23 [WolfDragon]: Yeah, I saw it on TV and then I had to have it. I got it at FYE for like $10 so it's not that much ^.^

Yeah, That's why I love drawing dragons. a couple of guidelines and then go nuts, basically lol.

2009-11-24 [Draygun]: Saweet! 

A good point. Whatever we create is bound by the parameters of our imagination, which they themselves change. 

And overall, while the idea of dragons, sentient or not, existing in reality is exciting, I'm not sure the human race would be able to psychologically handle something like dragons without trying to spear or nuke them. LoL 

2009-11-24 [KnightAngel]: Most probably both actually XP

2009-11-24 [Draygun]: So perhaps their best habitat is inside the sanctuary of the mind, where all is possible and we won't ever have to bother with why. ^^

2009-11-24 [WolfDragon]: Yeah, humans do seem to have that effect on anything that might be higher than them in the food chain. Which, if we didn't have all the weapons, would actually be alot of things lol.

2009-11-25 [Ace118]: Wolf dragon I drew one once :P

2009-12-08 [Draygun]: [Important notice to all members of this wiki!]:

Dragons Club's own RPG, Dragon Quest, is getting underway! I encourage you all if you are even remotely interested in writing roleplay to check it out, make a character or two, message me your interest with your charie bios, and I'll make the rest happen! 

Of the two pages, RPing has started in Knight's Tales.

I hope to see your draconian personas there!!!! 

2010-03-19 [Eyonic]: oh I'm liking these new banners :3

2010-03-20 [Bipolar Nonsense]: Thank you ^_^

2011-02-03 [Ace118]: GADZOOKS hi

2011-02-03 [Bipolar Nonsense]: hi :D

2011-03-19 [Ace118]: Hello :D

2011-03-19 [Bipolar Nonsense]: Ello! :D

2011-06-06 [BookNerd]: I have no clue how to tell if I'm a member of Dragon's Club...And if I'm not, I have no clue how to become one...
A little help?

2011-06-06 [Eyonic]: go to the Dragons Club Members page and follow the directions on it :)

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