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Classroom Page:

A Complete Look At Biology, Sociology, Magic,
And Other Cultural Details

A fantasy school classroom based on:
- Earth-oriented Mythology and Legends :::
- v.3.5 Dungeons & Dragons-styled Fantasy and RPG-oriented information and concepts :::

Part of the Androntel Academy Classes and Seminars.

{Keep this, add to all educational pages.)

Web Graphics are courtesy of:
- Elftown Graphics
- Dragon Artwork and Media
- Dracology Template: draco_tp

About the current Draconic Alphabet scripts:
'Draconic Script' Letters, Sigils and Seals are material
of the author, [xido], and are copyright to him alone

until future professionally-represented disclosure.
See Draconic Language and Script and Draconic Alphabet for more.

See all claims made near the bottom of this page:
[#Notice Regarding Copyright and Open Game Licensing Issues]

Educational material of '_________' is based mainly upon the information available from other, trademarked companies and organizations (ie, Wizards of the Coast/D&D, and the popular '-Ology' publication, 'Dragonology'), as well as other published artwork and media which is not the work of the author. All content is represented here in APA Formatinng for full disclosure of referenced works.
Readers are asked to refer to Wizards' website for more information on the publications of the company, including the Draconomicon : The Book of Dragons (Copyright Wizards, 2003), and the Open Gaming License.

Please see for more on Dungeons & Dragons, a d20-system Role-Playing Game (RPG)
Also, the D&D Art Gallery from

Copyright and Intellectual Property Issues & Notice of Authenticity of Classroom Content:

      This class utilizes mainly publication material not regarded as Open Game License Content by Wizards of the Coast / Dungeons & Dragons, and hence, publishes personal exhibition and commentary on topics raised therein the trademarked publications by the aforementioned company(s). All resources are cited in APA Formatting and a reference list of cited works and copyrighted material, including all artwork and media. Please regard all materials on this page as summary, commentary, and discussion of subject matter of a fan-related nature. Thank you.

      Collins, A., Williams, S., & Wyatt, J., (2003). Draconomicon: The Book of Dragons, From Dungeons & Dragons, and Wizards of the Coast, Inc., P.O. Box 707, Renton, WA, 98057-0707. See also web media, Retrieved November 21, 2006, from and

      Drake, E., & Steer, D., (2003). Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons, From Templar Publishing, and Candlewick Press, Cambridge, MA. See also web media, Retrieved November 21, 2006, from ; ; and


Dragons - Class Grading and Degrees



[xido], <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20ruby%20sapphire.jpg>  Sage - First Degree, Ruby Sapphire Dragon
Author of this page, Earth Realm Dragons and Units 1 - 4

[Nicolai Antredias], <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20brass.jpg>  Quester - First Degree, Brass Dragon
Author of Unit 5 : True Dragons

[ArchangelGabriel], <img:stuff/dragons%20scales%20-%20gold.jpg>  Quester - Second Degree, Gold Dragon
Author of Dracology

[The Dizzy Raven], <img:> <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20red.jpg> <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20blue.jpg> Neophyte - Second Degree, Blue Dragon
(Student Media Archiver - Dragon Artwork and Media)


[Pinkdonkey], <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20woodland.jpg>  Initiate, Woodland Drake

[The Dizzy Raven], <img:> <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20red.jpg> <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20blue.jpg> Neophyte - Second Degree, Blue Dragon

[glayshard], <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20red.jpg> Neophyte - First Degree, Red Dragon

[RoyDante], <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20red.jpg> Neophyte - First Degree, Red Dragon

[This House is Deleted7], <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20red.jpg> Neophyte - First Degree, Red Dragon

[DanClark], <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20woodland.jpg>  Initiate, Woodland Drake


For Dragon Biology and Physical Features
This will cover:
   -articles and apparel
   -cultural and regional evolutions
   -supernatural and extraordinary abilities
   -aging and death

For Draconic Personality and Sociology:
Auwé, the first letter of the Draconic alphabet, and a highly spiritual icon of the major draconic religions

This material will cover:
   -relations with other races
   -preferred habitats
   -cultures and regional values
   -religion and prophecy
   -family and community
   -history and lore

For Draconic language and script:
This will cover:

For Draconic Magic and Arcane Bloodline:
This will cover:

For True Dragons Mod - [Nicolai Antredias]:
This will cover:

For Earth Realm Dragons Mod - [ArchangelGabriel]

Dragon Artwork and Media Mod - [The Dizzy Raven]

   | Other helpful Elftown Wikipages include:
   - Dragon
   - Dragons
   - Dragon Description
   - Dracology

Course Outline and Objectives:
Course Outline, Resources and Objectives:

     In this course, we will take a look at many characteristics and features of draconic entities, specifically the fantasy dragon races of common High Fantasy Realms. We will explore what it is to consider draconic races or dragonkin and kith, and to be True Dragons, the highest and purest lineage of the reaces.

     We will look at these creatures in several units, beginning with _____. This will cover:

     We will then explore the _____. This material will cover:

     In our final unit, we will be exploring the _____, including:


Unit One :  -  ...
Unit Two :  -  ...
Unit Three :  -  ...
Unit Four :  -  ...
Unit Five :  -  ...

Earth-based Myth and Legend :  -  Earth Realm Dragons

Student, Scholar, Fan and Elftowner Artwork and Media Page  -  ...


Open Forum Classroom Area:
     Please feel free to post any questions, comments, stories, or activities to the comments section, and they will be responded to as more work is done for this classroom area.
     NOTE: All entries to discussion can be made in full posts to the comments field.

Username (or number or email):


2005-06-16 [Pinkdonkey]: hi ! is this wiki working and can we sign up or not ??

2005-06-24 [xido]: I can't promise a quick beginning, but you can post your name and keep watch on the page. It will be mostly informational, basing on D&D concepts, but there will also be room for otherworldly ideas and concept discussion, toward the end. Maybe this will be several classes, but I will try to make it simple to begin with. If you wish to contribute as an educated teacher on the subject, you may, but please let any final posts be looked over and edited by me, to fit the purposes of my own tabletop games based off of these wikis. Jashnia and the other Children of Selen are the main worlds of focus, and a further discussion could touch on topics like religion, evolution, etc.

2005-07-02 [xido]: Just adding in some links for future use. The first is an image gallery for the D&D book, Draconomicon, and the second is a full list of the D&D books and publications that art galleries are featured on.

2005-07-02 [xido]: It's a start. Anything else you'd like to know, that couldn't be covered there?

2005-07-02 [Pinkdonkey]: nope, I think everything's there =)

2005-10-10 [xido]: I think this could be run in a class-format style, with student/teahcer interaction, or it could be an info page, or whatever.

2005-10-12 [Nicolai Antredias]: this could be intresting

2005-11-02 [xido]: add your name, and I'll try to get it moving along soon... I will most definitely accept the help, no matter what it is... If I think it totally doesn't fit, I'll just edit it to make it fit. Otherwise, it's all in the book. ;)

2006-07-17 [xido]: This page is functional, though class material is still undergoing construction, since according to copyright law, it must be my own interpretation of the material, and not copied information. This class also will specifically refer to the use of such fantasy and real-world terms as they apply to Earth, to the Wiki Fiction Roleplay / Wiki Fantasy Roleplay, and the WFR's most common realm, Jashnia of the Selenar System. Anyone interested and willing to contribute info from their own WFR-supported realm is welcome to do so, upon proper application by [xido]. Feel free to field questions and comments to the Open Forum Classroom Area. Thanks, and best wishes!  -will

2006-08-10 [Hiuko]: Wow, this is big.

2006-08-15 [xido]: This is true. But, it will be complete and effective. ;)
Hopefully I will get my laptop fixed soon enough so that I can begin writing it out... :(

2006-08-31 [The Dizzy Raven]: *smiles* do I say it here then? ^^

2006-09-12 [xido]: Yes, indeed.  Thanks for joining. ;)

I added one final comment on the Dragons page before I found this response. Let me know what you think about that, and we may do a session on 'Earth Realm Dragons' in later times, after I have properly done some more work with my core subjects: the biology, culture and magic of dragons.

2006-09-12 [The Dizzy Raven]: I think your theory is well said and the 'Earth Realm Dragons' is a fine idea. ^_^

2006-09-16 [xido]: That section may well come in time. I am in real true college classes currently, and I will have to wait until I have a little more time to post the info presented here. Thanks for the comment and any other theories or ideas are always welcome.

2006-09-17 [The Dizzy Raven]: You're welcome

2006-11-17 [xido]: This class will consider each student based on his/her attendance, participation, research and storyline creation skills, as defined by [xido], and based on individual work:

I earned my Dragon Scales on Elftown!
1. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20blue.jpg>  2. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20violet.jpg>  3. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20ruby%20sapphire.jpg>  4. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20red.jpg>  5. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20sunwyrm.jpg>  6. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20brass.jpg>  7. <img:stuff/dragons%20scales%20-%20gold.jpg>  8. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20woodland.jpg>  9. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20emerald.jpg>  10. <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20crystal%20skywyrm.jpg>

1. Blue Dragon  2. Violet Dragon  3. Ruby Sapphire Dragon  4. Red Dragon  5. Sunwyrm  6. Brass Dragon  7. Gold Dragon  8. Woodland Drake  9. Emerald Dragon  10. Crystal Skywyrm

Initiate: Woodland Drake
Neophyte (Chromatic): Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Violet Dragon
Quester (Metallic): Brass Dragon, Gold Dragon
Sage (Gem): Ruby Sapphire Dragon, Emerald Dragon
Master (Wyrms): Sunwyrm, Crystal Skywyrm

Please also see the Elftown Mood Contest!

2006-11-17 [xido]: I am a <img:stuff/dragon%20scales%20-%20ruby%20sapphire.jpg> Ruby Sapphire Gem Dragon, Sage - First Degree

In case anyone was wondering...
Dragons - Class Grading and Degrees

2006-11-17 [The Dizzy Raven]: cool ^^

2006-11-20 [xido]: Feel free to add your name in if you want. It will keep going, the more I write about what I see in the resources we have available. ;)

2006-11-20 [The Dizzy Raven]: Thank you! Should I put my name under students?

2006-11-21 [xido]: Yes, please. I will post degrees as they are measured for each student, and I welcome all input, even if it is just your username on the Student List. ;)

Feel free to add comments or info on the Open Forum Area, or in the comments as you please.

2006-11-21 [The Dizzy Raven]: Thank you!

2006-11-22 [xido]: Absolutely, and thank you for posting your own name and degree up there. Excellent work! Just to let you know, because comments can be made in full, with new lines and coding and everything, all contribution posts can be made in the comments field here now instead of on the page. That way, I can edit the page for final content without everybody doing it, and everyone can still make comments openly to the page. I HOPE I just made it so that non-ET people can comment here....

2006-11-22 [The Dizzy Raven]: You are welcome. I felt proud to add my name up there. *smiles*
That's wonderful!!! I hope so as well. ^_^ You have an awesome way of working with things! I suppose this comes with being a teacher outside of the internet world? lol. I love the wiki so much!

2006-11-23 [xido]: I'm very glad that you feel that strongly about the class. I do try to make things as good as they can be, and I do try to teach as often as I can, so in that way it does help to teach outside the wiki. ;) I am very glad to have students and contributors to make this as informative of a page as it can be. ;D

2006-11-24 [The Dizzy Raven]: ^_^

May I please upload art that has to do with dragons?

2006-11-24 [The Dizzy Raven]: Thank you. ^_^ I shall

2006-12-07 [xido]: I have added your Blue Scales. Please refer to my msg to you about why I did not add the Violet Scales.

2006-12-08 [The Dizzy Raven]: *nods* I will. thanks! ^_^

2006-12-11 [xido]: I will be able to do more work on these pages between Dec. 17th and Dec. 31, when I am on break from classes.

2006-12-22 [DanClark]: And how does one join this interesting group?

2006-12-23 [xido]: Consider yourself in. Begin by watching the involved pages (Begin watching this wikipage) of the units, and the art/media page, and feel free to contribute your ideas, input, questions, and personal motivations/research, and as time goes by, all of these things will contribute to the overall effect of the pages here.

I am open to all comments, suggestions, and questions of all topics. I will add your name above if you would like me to, and watching all of these pages earns you a Woodland Drake degree in Dragon Scales... It means that you are a newly-applied student with an interest in the classroom area and its discussions on Dragons and the above page content. All pages can be commented on, and I will answer them as I have more and more time. Content will be posted to the page as I develop more discussion and rhetoric for the pages. ;)

Happy holidays, and thanks for your interest!

2006-12-27 [xido]: Thanks, and let me know by comment when you are watching all of these pages, Dan. ;)

2007-01-23 [The Dizzy Raven]: Thanks, will! ^_^

2007-01-23 [xido]: <img:44166_1164145221.gif><img:44166_1164903263.gif>
Thanks for helping out. I appreciate it. ;)
Give me ideas if you ever come up with another idea for assignments or future topics, too. I will post info that I like, but I will also try to cover topics that gain more and more interest, too. Assignments are open to discussion, but my degree offers are always final, unless noted otherwise. ;) I think that's fair. They are pretty clear on that page.

2007-01-23 [The Dizzy Raven]: You're welcome! Okay. ^_^

2007-01-24 [ArchangelGabriel]: Acctualy i was going to make a suggestion, i'd love to know what people think: How about combing the two pages? Adopting a common template and admin forum and let all the teachers do as they want. I realise looking back on it that dracology has gone pretty stale because the only person who ever worked on it was me. I think it would be good to get more people working on the same project. I would love to know what people think?

2007-01-28 [xido]: Anyone who openly opposes being posted on the Draconic Clan's members will be removed with care and understanding. Expect a few shifts in how to join and watch this page's content.

2007-02-07 [xido]: Lobsang, I am ready to see what you propose. The password is removed and the content prepped.

However we choose to separate it, it should be clear and concise. Whatever we create for content, let's create it in divions. I am open to and and all suggestions and edits, provided we use some measure of this content, and keep my language pages the same (or at least separately-formatted to accompany another project I have going).

If you would like, I would love to ask [Artsieladie] for some input on graphics, because she can make transparent images suitable for ET's wikipages.

2007-02-27 [DanClark]: Handbags?

2007-02-27 [Artsieladie]: I see I'm not the only one that's questioning the "handbag comment"! >..<

2007-02-28 [SilverFire]: Seems to be one of the problems of exported pages. -.-

2007-02-28 [Artsieladie]: Oh, you're right! That's it, b/c it's set at non-members can comment. Dah, me! Now why didn't I think of that? >..<

2007-03-06 [xido]: Should I pull that ability down to simply those who are on Elftown? I did it so that we could get web commenting from outside input as well, and I have many wikipages which are experiencing this issue....

(Thanks for the message, M'lady Artsie.)

2007-03-06 [Artsieladie]: You're welcome, but as long as comments with links of potential threats can be deleted, I, myself, like to know what outsiders think & there's always the possibility that some of these outsiders might like enough of what they see to want to join ET. If it becomes or is a bigger hassle than you feel it's worth, then I'd change the setting, even if for awhile. Sometimes things come in waves & then peter out. It's not like the setting can't be changed or adjusted. :P

2007-03-06 [xido]: Very true. Thanks for the input.

2007-03-06 [Artsieladie]: Eh, no thanks necessary for it just a mere thought, but you're welcome. :)

2007-04-27 [xido]: Thank you all who have been so patient with the changes to the classroom area. Please keep watch on this page and Dracology for more updates. Thanks to everyone who is willing to contribute. After we finalize the layout and list of pages, you will all get a note about which pages to watch and contribute to. Hopefully, all classroom pages will utilize the 'Dragon Handbook', wherever that ends up being.

We are currently developing a template on draco_tp which, when finished, will format all pages linked to it for graphics and formatting.

The ECM's next session is going to be for Dragons (which will most likely happen this spring-summer). The final content will be posted to Dragon on the Creature_List, and Dracology will set the bar high for others to showcase their writing and artistic talents.

The Draconic Clan is going to support these contests, and will most likely have a group to sponsor in the session.

Any other ideas or input? ;)

2008-08-12 [xido]: Holy gods, I have had no time to work on anything I really wanted to have finished. I hate life. :P ;)

2008-08-13 [The Dizzy Raven]: Would you like me to help with anything?

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