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Dragonball: Evolution review

I don't think anyone ever claimed this was going to be great cinema, and it certainly wasn't. It was a fun, silly version of the Dragonball story in which Goku must find the seven Dragonballs in order to stop Piccolo from taking over the earth. It fits with the manga and anime world in that there is a high degree of technology, yet plenty of somewhat primitive areas in the world. It's certainly not as in depth as the manga or anime, since it's only 80 minutes or so.

The story is rather goofy, but it's done fairly well. The acting is pretty good overall with Chow Yun-Fat being an excellent Master Roshi, James Marsters as a very unspikelike Piccolo, Justin Chatwin as a goofy-haired Goku, and Jaime Chung as a very hot Chichi!

The effects are over-the-top and visually interesting, so that fits perfectly for fans of Dragonball.

It's good stuff, really, but suffers from some script inconsistencies and major oversights in the original story. It easily could have been expanded by 20 minutes and greatly improved.

/ [Viking]

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