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Dragon's Chyld Studio at Elftown

A local access to the works and photography from Dragon's Chyld Studio
also found on Deviant Art at

Older work - Dragon's Chyld Studio at Elftown 2

All images © 1970 - © 2008 Marion Z. Skydancer & Dragon's Chyld Studio

Revisions in Progress

Nicky - Chattooga Sprite

Along the Chattooga river are areas where the rafters and boaters paddle their canoes and kayak, and every now and then we had to just stop and let them go by. Nicky watched them now and then as they paddled by.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Happy Sprite

No place is Nicky happier than in the trees, and the branches of those growing along the river brought out the mischievous sprite.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Innocence in Green

There are times when you can see nothing but innocence in the pose and the demeanor that Nicky expresses. Deep in the green beauty of the river, she sits as if a ruby has taken life from the veins of gems that run through this area and is embraced by the life of the forest around her.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Little Mermaid

Nicky is a natural water spirit, a strong swimmer and loves laying on the rocks. I cannot think of anyone more like the little mermaid than she is on the edge of the river.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Tree Sprite

Nicky is never happier than when playing and dancing in the trees. Here she on the banks of the Chattooga river doing acrobatics in the branches.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Wild Wood Fae


Looking rather dangerous, Nicky in a stream near the Bertram trail not far from White Stone Mountain.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Whiteside Sun Child


Nicky is a true child of the mountains, and very comfortable being one with the ancient stone and the life of the forest.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Whiteside Pixie


Nicky is a true child of the mountains, and very comfortable being one with the ancient stone and the life of the forest.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Whiteside Dancer


Nicky throughly enjoying the opportunity to dance with the sky and the cliff at Whiteside Mountain.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Whiteside Dancer #2


Nicky throughly enjoying the opportunity to dance with the sky and the cliff at Whiteside Mountain.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Whiteside Dancer #3


Nicky throughly enjoying the opportunity to dance with the sky and the cliff at Whiteside Mountain.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Water Baby


Playing quite happily in a mountain stream on the edge of the Smoky Mountain National Park, Nicky is in her element.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Sun Spot Stream


Looking rather lovely, Nicky in a stream near the Bertram trail not far from White Stone Mountain.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Summoning the Muse


Nicky summons the muse in the morning light, the fresh sweep of the storm clearing the air.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Summoning Rainbows


The naked spirit of the mountain reaches out and summons forth a rainbow.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Sultry Naiad


You have to be a bit careful of some of the mountain Naiads, they can be tricky, sometimes friendly, but also ones like this are responsible for the hot springs and you might just get a bit burnt.
Nicky in a stream near the Bertram trail not far from White Stone Mountain.
Print Available here:

Nicky - Osage Adventure


Nicky finds many adventures on Osage Mountain and sees the need to swing across a stream.
Print Available here:

Storytelling Faery


Modern folk may be all a twitter about their Ipod and MP3 players, their audiobooks and their plastic music, but those in the know will always have a live reading or performance of their favorite songs and stories.
Print Available here:

Pine Mountain Dryad


A true spirit of the forest and a marvelous dancer also.
Print Available here:

Pine Mountain Dryad #2


A true spirit of the forest and a marvelous dancer also.
Print Available here:

Broken Wing Faery


Poor Faery has a broken ankle so this is a get well Faery for her.

Flittering around the wood now and then an accident can happen and then the wizard has to do a bit of repair work.

Print Available here:

Beware the Ides of March


You have been warned! {grin}
Print Available here:

Once Upon a Campsite


Memories of Journeys Past
Print Available here:

"Blue Nude Fae"


Mystical mirrors can do more than just show you things, they can also summon things, and what more entertaining than a lovely Blue Nude Faery?

Print Available here:

"Wizard's Candle Fae"


Very useful to have one of the brighter fae's help out when you need a good light.

Featuring As the bright little fae.
Print Available here:

"StarWay Wormholes"


Using a Pegasus Stargate to visit my Phoenix Dragon at the Isle of Wyrms. A gateway not only between galaxies, but between the real world and the virtual world.
Print Available here:

"Wizard Revealed"


Magick is a dance. As is Art. We dance with the muse, the invisible spirits of inspiration, and the elusive Fae of self expression.
Print Available here:

"A Phoenix Valentine"


No matter what the day is for true, may your heart be healed, your pain be soothed, your companions be precious and your tears be few.
Blessed thanks to all of my Muses, supporters and fans.

"Lin Hearts Faery"


The very cute [Linderel] in a valentine feature.

Some fae are very close to their magical friends, be they wizards, or dragons or merfolk or unicorns. They are companions, flirts, loving helpers and do lots of little things to keep their chosen folk company. Possibly the closest thing to a romantic faery, their passions are just as deep and hot, but are more gentle and attached to specific individuals.
Print Available here:

"Aeolynn Fae"


Now and then a bit of extra illumination makes the crystal balls work better.

[Aeolynn] as the Fae reading lamp.

Print Available here:

"Nana Spring Thaw Fae"


[Jitter] as the marvelous Fae
So what does a wizard do when the snow is too deep and its time to plant the garden? Why, conjure up a Spring Thaw Fae and nurture her to full strength so she can go and clear the snow and ice and warm the soil for planting. Quite obvious. {grins}
Print Available here:

"Starr Fyre Fae Puzzle"


The amazingly beautiful [irulan]

And with any luck, a nicely difficult puzzle.

Starr Fyre Fae are very good for expanding the mind and looking into the universe. Only thing is, the mystic energies they emit can scramble your mind. Think along the lines of psychoactive elixir but in the fae dust from their wings. Even the sheen of musk on their skin can send any ordinary human off on a major soul trip if you touch them. Not everyone has the stability or the sense of self to survive their experiences intact, but those that do, find a level of passion and understanding of their own connections to the universe that is well beyond any ordinary mortal view.
Puzzle Available here:

"Nikki Valentine Ice Fae"


Very rare species of Ice Fae, the Valentine Faery is a bit different from your warmer Valentine Heart Fae, and can sooth a broken heart or break one rather viciously. They are easily aroused and can be great fun or a nightmare depending on how you strike their fancy. Changeable, and quick to anger, they are also extremely passionate and uninhibited if they decide they like you.

One of my little fae muses, [wicked fae mage], for her special valentine request.

Print Available here:

"Adara Succubus"


Birthday art for [de Morte]

Print Available here:

"Admiranda Water Baby Puzzle"


"Heart Nude with Leaves Puzzle"


"Misty Blue Flute Fae Puzzle"


"Citrine Lin Faery Puzzle"


The rare Gem Faery species are not often seen. This unusual Citrine Faery seems to be resting in a crystal vug.

The very cute and cuddly [Linderel]
Puzzle Available here:

"Crystal Fyre Faery Puzzle"


Living deep in the gem filled voids of stone and volcanic fissures, the very rarely seen Gem Faery species is quite an experience. They can be incredibly elusive and are able to cast many illusions to lead folk astray.

The marvelous [irulan]
Puzzle Available here:

"Tropical Frost Faery Puzzle"


A very rare capture, the tropical frost fae is that mischevious creature that rides the polar waves and when it gets deep into the tropics, takes great delight in frosting and playing with the tropical flowers. You can sometimes see their foot prints in frosty pollen as they love to play with the stamens of the large tropical blooms.

The ice loving [Faery] having a ball with a willing lily.
Puzzle Available here:

"Misty Blue Star Fae Puzzle"


Great fun, this should be a medium difficulty puzzle. A puzzled puzzle. And a good excuse to do another Misty Muse piece.
Puzzle Available here:

"Thea's Cave Dancer Puzzle"


A puzzle crafted for my spirit sister Thea.
Puzzle Available here:

"Thea's Forest Muse Puzzle"


Thea's muse, Moonhawk posing in the forest fantasy of the Bartram Trail near Highlands, NC.
Puzzle Available here:

"Wizard's Sage Spirit"


My precious Muse Rose, spirit of the sage and carrier of prayers. The sage smoke carries the needs and prayers of the people to the sky spirits, and as with other natural forces, the vision of beings within the smoke is a common knowledge amongst wizards and shamans.
Print Available here:

"Frost Faery"


One of my dear muses [Faery] who truly has ice for blood I think sometimes, as she gets along quite well nude in the chill of winter. She is a natural for an Ice Fae.

Print Available here:

"Raven's Shadows"


The ever lovely Raven.
Print Available here:

"Raven Toe"


The ever marvelous and lovely Raven.

Print Available here:

"Lady Goddess"


Forest Muse Astara
Print Available here:

"Wizard's Muse"


For where are the visions of our art if not in the spirit of the muse? From whence comes the expressive inspiration of our souls if not from the bodies, love and gifts of our muse.

For them is the honor of the work, that through the touch of creation do we bring to man the windows on the divine. It is not the flesh of the art, but the courage, the inner light and shadows, of those that teach us, that lead us and that raise us up to the peaks and yes, throws us into the depths of our art. They are each unique, each precious, each the drive and the fires, the intensity and the power behind our brush, our chisel, our need to capture and experience and share the images that burn in our minds and hearts.

Give them your most pure appreciation and wonder, for they are the very essence of "Art".

My deepest appreciation in honor of the many inspiring souls that have touched my journey in my work and my life. These are a few, and many that are not visible but are surely there.

My dearest Rose, my Goddess of the Muse my own precious.
Dear Misty, a great friend and continually supporting my work and life.
[Faery], dear friend and wondrous model and muse.
[Linderel] Friend and writer, model and beautiful nude muse
Johanna, brilliant artist and delightful friend
[irulan] an old and valued friend and muse, and a darned good adviser
Lovely [Daisy_Sandybanks] wonderful artist and my best nude surfer muse, a dear friend
Moonhawk, a muse for many years and one that certainly helped me develop my love for the mountains and the wonders of the nude in nature.

And so many many more that have touched my life and been part of my work.

to all of you,
Thank you
Print Available here:

"Unknown Waterfall, Jackson Creek, North Carolina"


Print Available here:

"Looking Glass Falls Nude"


Looking Glass Falls, near Brevard, North Carolina

Wet, raining actually, plus the windblown mist from the falls.

Print Available here:

"Wizard's Night" *-* "Wizard's Night #2" *-* "Wizard's Night #3"

<img250*0:stuff/Wizards-Night.png> <img250*0:stuff/Wizards-Night-2.png> <img250*0:stuff/Wizards-Night-3.png>

Its as natural as breathing, it is only skin. A long night of work past, it is time to consider bed and rest.

In support of the respecting and honoring the Muses, how can I ask of my muses to give their bodies to the art, if I am ashamed of mine? Nothing special, nothing amazing, just an old man going to some rest. The Wizard is the magick within, and that never dies. Please take time to also read catsagecat's journal and support the project and drop a respectful and kind note to the muses of my Fae and Muse art pieces showing your support and gratitude for their work.
Print Available here: *-* *-*

"Kelley Drow Fae"


Another old friend, though a bit of a dark fae, a drow to be exact. Comes by usually around the dark moon.

My muse Kelley [aliandre]
Print Available here:

"Alathea Fae Visits"


After a long absence, the Fae Alathea comes by to see what all the other Fae are busy with. And to visit her favorite wizard. [ButterflyFairy]
Print Available here:

"Wizard's Burlesque Fae"


A good friend a local muse here in the mountains, Nichole is having her birthday in a few days, so this is for her. She is just that sort of bubbly daring spirit that delights in fun and dancing and entertaining her friends.

Even though they do not actually wear anything usually, even the fae can be influenced by the art, entertainment and human activities around them. This particular fae was born in an old Vaudeville theater and watched the performers and entertainers do their routines for many years before the theater was left abandoned. She still likes to play the parts for her favorite wizard.

Print Available here:

"Wizard's Eros"


There are of course many forms of love, of ones work, of ones family, of ones mate, of ones life, of ones self. Wizards are no different, only perhaps more aware of the natural flow of life energies and the fires of the unseen passions and pure emotions of the Fae.

My Dear Muse, Rose.
One should expect passionate art when working with such a Muse and having Gingersnaps for snacks. :D

Print Available here:

"Keeper of the Wizard's Candy"


It is not a good idea to go filching a Wizard's treats, he just may have something or someone guarding them. I happen to have a fondness for coffee caramels. is the sword wielding Fae
Print available here:

"Nikki Wicked Fae"


Her very first nude fae, Nikki the rather wicked faery, do not be deceived by her shy demeanor. I have it on good authority she not only bites but is very good at leading her prey astray.
Print available here:

"Northern Lake Faery Puzzle"


Original photo by Jean-François Lauzon-Joset shot on commission.

A beautiful Northern Lake Faery sitting on a rock in the lake, thinking perhaps of a nice fresh lunch of Pike or Lake Trout.

The lovely [Faery] is the Muse in this work.

Puzzle is avaiable here:

"Never Be Disturbed Mug"


"Never be disturbed
by what might have been,
its only a step in the journey
of what will be."
© 2009 Marion Z. Skydancer

My lovely muse - [Faery]
Mug Available at:

"Fires of Creation Mug"


"We are the fuel for the fires of creation
and the Muse is the Keeper
of the Smelter.

From us is burnt the dross
of mankind,
to cast in eternity
the soul of man as art.”
© 2009 Marion Z. Skydancer

My fiery Muse is [irulan]
Mug Available at:

"Wizard's Garden Fae"


Some have a green thumb, a feel for earth and seed,
A good wizard has a Garden Fae, gifted in the lore,
A love to hold and delight in as she fills the garden,
Bright blooms and good foods, all in Her care.
Print Available at:

"Wizard's JitterFae Egg"


Nearly ready to revive from a long hibernation, a flame fae sleeps in her magical egg, carefully looked after and kept safe by her wizard friend.

Flame Fae Muse - [Jitter]
Print Available at:

"Wizard's Shy Flutterby"


Every true wizard knows that faery are little nature spirits, and nature beings simply do not wear other than what nature gives them, wings and skin and magick. However with all the human developments springing up and taking over the forests and the fields, now and then a young new fae may get confused and influenced by the bright bits of cloth hanging from clothes lines, or caught in the shrub, having been snatched by the playful sylphs, and they get odd ideas of their own image. This little flutterby fae is a bit shy, and having been rescued from a side garden where she had been hiding in the zucchini plants, is unsure and wrapped up in a bit of scarf she found laying about.

The lovely example of Fae is who showed such enthusiasm, I could not let it go unreplied to.
Print Available at:

"Wizard's Fire Succubus"


Sometimes a wizard needs a more persuasive means of influencing the nobility or the keeper of the treasury. A beautiful and sensual fire succubus can be just the thing to bring them dreams and experiences that make them more amenable to funding magical projects.

The lovely [Linderel] as the friendly little demon.
Print Available at:

"Akia Frost Fae"


Now and then if your very careful and quiet you can find the winter fae that live along the rivers and mountain streams, usually in the icy spray where the waters crystallize on the rock and trees.
Print Available at:

"Glitter Frost Fae"


One of the really bright and flashy fae, the glitter frost faery is that flash of brilliant sun reflecting off the frost, and the sheer beauty of the female form is nearly hidden under the shimmer of the ice crystals.
Print Available at:

"Wizard's Muse-ic #1"


A mystic mirror, a talented musical fae, a bit of music of the spheres caught and focused in the mirror and we have our delightful entertainment for the wizard's home.

A lovely friend with her bass as our muse.

Print Available at:

"Ember Star Fae"


Add a bit more Fae egg dust and just a touch of the Blue Dragon potion and you have an Ember Fae with flaming blue wings. The most delightful muse [Faery] arises from the mystic flames.
Print Available at:

"Blue Dragon Elixer"


Every great working needs the right ingredients, and Dragon Elixers are one of the most powerful, and the most rare.
Print Available at:

"Blue Dragon Fae"


After an application of the Blue Dragon Elixer, and a good jigger of fae egg dust, we get a blue and gold Dragon Fae. Dragon and Faery Alchemy has its own disciplines and rewards for the work.

Print Available at:

"A Wizard's Rose"


A bit of an early valentine art work for

"A Wizard's Rose"
Drawn from what dreams,
the memories of gentle youth,
deep sweet thrum of blood through strong hearts,
the breath of fragrance in the very skin.

Arise the passions of latent fires,
warming the belly and soul,
bringing forth the renewed waters,
embracing the spring once more,
and winter melts away from old bones.
Print Available at:

Captured Dance


Frozen in time, the dancer's spirit encased in imperishable magick.
Print Available at:

Nichola Ice Fae


The lovely Australian Nichola
Print Available at:

Amy Foxglove Fae


A birthday present for my lovely friend and muse, and sometimes agent {grins} [irulan]

Many thanks to for her beautiful foxglove.
Print Available at:

Thea's Pick Calendar


A special Calendar for my spirit sister Thea, a brilliant singer and songwriter, which she selected from my library of work. Naturally your invited to share in the celebration of art if you like.

Thea's Kitchen -
Calendar Available at:

Pine Mountain Renee


From a shoot with the most incredible muse Renee at Pine Mountain near Asheville, NC.

Calendar Available at:

Rae - Chilly Nude Calendar


Rae, [Reilala] starring as the Chilly Nude, a tale of gooseflesh, naked chills, and the North Carolina mountains in winter!
Calendar Available at:

Wizard at Rest


Then in the night as the quiet of the world settles around, a time to relax, to read a bit and have a nice tea with a splash of spiced rum.

Whispers of tales from far away, or stories penned in the fields of creative souls, presented in crisp pages, dancing words and engaging thoughts.

The art has many forms, in images, words, dance, the line of a string, the beat of a drum. A woman’s curve, a man’s strike up on heated iron, the silver throat of a flute.

The true wizards in the world are the creators, the dancers, the potters and painters, the naked bodies on rocks and ledge, the eye in the camera and the brush on the page. Magic is within us, if only we accept our gifts, and let them lead us to that which gives us life, not a belief, not a faith, but the fires and shadows, the joys and pains within ourselves.

The Gentle Night of Dreams is one of the many realms of Wizards, where they rest and find new strength. It flows from the natural world and the spirits of the Muses, that bless us with their beauty and their thoughts, their love and their generous gifts. Without them our art suffers and our visions fade. Yet by their touch, they bring renewal and visions, the very weave of creation to our hands, our touch, our movements and our dance. They Journey with me in the dark and the light, in the dim summers twilight filled with fairy laughter, and in the brilliant shimmer of snow on the mountains, as they run naked in the snow, and glide upon the icy winds.

Magic is the touch of the spirit on page and canvas, or in the thrill of a guitar moving the heart. When you can, be the Muse to another, and be willing to accept the Muse given by those that love you, that care for you, and that dance for you. And be generous in your love for them, for they are our family and our clan, our spirit and our souls.
Print Available at:

Precious Companion


Many Mystical folk have certain companions they are particularly fond of. Familars for witches, pets that are unusually intelligent and wise, and sometimes a very dear companion that is closer and more precious than most folk could understand. A soul that is happy to be with you and journey with you and advise you and share its own spirit and beauty with you. Perhaps this is what a muse is to an artist.

The most marvelous and talented
Print Available at:

Winter Fae Comes to Franklin


Swirling snow and leaden skies, but in the chill bite of winter, a bright sparkling visitor on frosted wings. [Linderel]
Print Available at:

The Art that is Rae Calendar


Doing these calendars really takes some thinking. But here is a presentation of [Reilala] in her marvelously shadowed expressiveness and corset.
Calendar Available at:




Very simple but expressive self portrait. I think it says it all. {Large Grin}
Print Available at:

Gordian RAE


We gave [Reilala] a carved gourd bowl and let her be herself. 
Print Available at:

Eyes of Rae


In the darkness she watches you.. [Reilala]
Print Available at:

Light In Rae


Slightly more intimately illuminated [Reilala]
Print Available at:

Light of Rae


[Reilala] all wrapped up in lights and contemplating Yule.
Print Available at:

Light Rae


[Reilala] all wrapped up in lights.
Print Available at:

Rae Zendi


The Flexi Zen [Reilala] from this evenings shoot.
Print Available at:

Rae's Blade


The sometimes dangerous, but always intriguing [Reilala] from this evenings shoot.
Print Available at:

Rae's Corset


The remarkable [Reilala] from an early December studio shoot.
Print Available at:

Rae's Strings


The ubiquitous nude with guitar. However, that particular guitar has created music heard by thousands of people, and is an instrument loaned by the wonderful Thea of Thea and the Greenman, for the sake of the art, and she played a most marvelous mini concert for us while we were having a break for lunch.
Print Available at:

Little Assistant


Every photographer needs an assistant, sometimes to hold things, sometimes to help with costumes, and sometimes, all you need is someone to patiently stand there while you fiddle with lights.
Print Available at:

Wizard Guitar


While we were over at Thea's shooting Rae in the snow and doing some thematic images, I picked up the guitar we were using as a prop and figured, why not. Now understand, I do not play the guitar, keyboards are more my style, but its a fun image I think, and just the thing while you are waiting on your model to thaw out from being in the snow in the nude.
Print Available at:

Grandfather's Memories


"Grandfather's Memories"
In the dim winter light, a memory of a child grown, or perhaps lost, as the grandfather remembers the laughter and the tears, the yule seasons past.
Print Available at:

Blue Ridge Raven Calendar


Calendar Available at:

A Vision in Green Calendar


Calendar Available at:

Views of a Mountain Goddess Calendar


Calendar Available at:

Cookie Fairy Calendar


All my lovely Cookie Fairy folk in one place. If you want a signed copy, you will have message me so we can work out shipping and all.

Please refer to the individual prints for all the folk that are included. Sarah Cookie Fae Franka Cookie Fae Melissa Cookie Fae Sirfy Cookie Fae Natalie Cookie Fae Merry Cookie Fae Johanna Cookie Fae Marie Cookie Fae Rose Cookie Fae Misty Cookie Fae Annalee Cookie Fae Sugar Lamifae Fiona Cookie Fairy

Calendar Available at:

Bamboo Frost Fairy


My lovely friend and most excellent nude model, [irulan] as the curious little frost fairy that came in a nifty bamboo box. I think she may be wondering what her house is doing in Kris Kringle's bag, and I know Kris is a bit surprised by the contents. {Grin}
Print Available at:

For those that wish to use it, the Official Skydancer Arts Supporter Stamp! {grin}

Older work - Dragon's Chyld Studio at Elftown 2

All images © 1970 - © 2008 Marion Z. Skydancer & Dragon's Chyld Studio




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2008-03-08 [Skydancer]: Well, I am delighted you find it so. :)

2008-03-08 [Chrysilla]: The pleasure is all mine.

2008-10-11 [Flisky]: I've found I really do look forward to seeing this page under my wiki change alerts. No matter what the image, it always seems to calm me just to scroll through and take a look at some of the new images or to rediscover my favorites. I've said it before, your work is beautiful.

2008-10-12 [Skydancer]: Very kind, though in truth, more comes from the muses than from me. :)

2008-11-15 [Lady Mallory]: love your work ^-^

2008-11-15 [Skydancer]: Thank you, very kind. :)

2008-11-15 [Lady Mallory]: cant wait for the winter fae!!

2009-01-22 [wicked fae mage]: You again, are absolutely amazing.

2009-01-22 [Skydancer]: Well thank you, most kind of you.

2009-01-22 [wicked fae mage]: And you are most deserving of the praise you get.

I am so proud to be able to call myself a muse ^^

2009-02-06 [jaraden]: i gotta say, not only is your art here fantastic, not only do i love the models and the sheer variety of their poses but i also adore the locations you've chosen!!!!! dear sweet gods, you must live is a pretty wonderful place, all those stunning locations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus i gotta say i MUST draw you sometime.. you've got the most amazing profile and cracteristic... so classic dude!!! one of these days i'm gonna highjack a photo of you and secretly do a portrait of yah!! soonish, i'm laboured at the minute with projects, but beware.. it'll be soon and when you leaste expect it!!!!
har har!!!

*runs off cackling*

2009-02-10 [jaraden]: superb... MWAH HA HA HA!!!!!!

*sneaks off to pilfer images of Skydancer..*

2009-02-13 [jaraden]: excellent, i've found the image i want to pilfer of you right here... yah-har... excellent!!!!! plus i've taken a second hard look at the vast array of photos featured here and again i was spell-bound!!! there are a few which are just mind blowing, the rest are magnificent but like i said, there are a few that took my breath away!!! the ones with teh model perched on what i imagine is a hillside sprinkled with snow caught my eye, she must have been frozen!!!! yipes.. but the way you are able to get your models to take such AMAZING poses is fanominal, and you have a brilliant eye for catching superb photos!!!!!! jsut amazing kid!!!!!!!!!

2009-02-13 [Skydancer]: :)

2009-07-13 [jaraden]: wonderful new photos skydancer!!! as per usual!!!!

2009-08-01 [Nioniel]: Ooohhh *hadn't seen this page before*
I love the cookie pictures! I remember that seeing those for the first time was when I first began to contact you!
You're such an amazing photographer!

2009-08-01 [Skydancer]: aww, well thank you. Perhaps one day you and your hubby can come down to western NC and we can do a photo expedition.

2009-08-01 [Nioniel]: *thinks that would be awesome*

2010-07-06 [Dilios]: Great artwork, you have an amazing eye for backgrounds. And the models are very photogenic too. Very nice. I especially like the use of the Chattanooga River and the Mountains both places I like to Visit.

2010-12-16 [jaraden]: jsut popped back to check the place out again! forgot hwo stunning the photos and poses are!! brilliant guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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