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Dragon Poetry

The poems are taken from the ECM Dragon Poetry contest.

1. The Dragon of Henwyreld by [Dark Side of the Moon] (Winner of the contest!)

2. Run Little Stick Men

From somewhere west the creature had come
To terrorize the stick figure kingdom.
The King called upon his mighty stick knights
To take up stick swords and stick up for their rights.
Off they marched, a whole bundle of them,
In search of the dragon, little brave stick men.

Softly and silently the stick figures crept
Into the lair where the fierce creature slept.
They drew out their swords, little mighty stick men,
And struck at the dragon again and again.

They swung and they poked but to no avail
Their stick swords useless against dragon scale.
In the midst of the battle the great beast awoke.
Out from his snout came a small puff of smoke.

It began as a growl, the pitch getting higher,
And ended with a roar and a wall of fire.
He lit them up, little match stick men,
At least it was over quickly for them.
He scorched them all, all save for one
Little smart stick man with the good sense to run.

Written by [stevedoyle]

3. So You Don't Believe in Dragons?

So you don’t believe in dragons?
Well, I’m here to say you’re wrong—
I’ve seen them roaming in their packs,
A hundred thousand strong!

So you don’t believe in dragons?
Well, I must admit I’m miffed—
Haven’t you ever seen them?
Shiny scales, so carefully spiffed!

So you don’t believe in dragons?
Well, you’re life must be a bore—
To never look up at the sky
And see flames burst as they soar!

So you don’t believe in dragons?
Well, you haven’t heard the tales of old—
Of how they barbecued brave knights,
Hoarded silver, bronze and gold!

So you don’t believe in dragons?
Well, that’s an ironic thing to do—
Considering the funny fact,
They don’t believe in disbelievers such as you!

So you don’t believe in dragons?
Well, if you think you’re right—
Then you shouldn’t look behind you,
While that dragon is in sight!

Written by [little flag]

4. Me and My Dragon…

Me and My Dragon we soar in the sky
We fly up high
We soar around in the clouds
We fly so up high I can reach the stars
Me and My Dragon we soar in the sky

Rolling, diving, we strive to fend off coming dragons
We try to survive to live another day
Rolling, diving, we strive to fend off coming dragons

We soar through the sky
We try to fly as fast as we can
When we do, we roll, dive, climb, and soar
Me and My Dragon we soar through the sky

Rolling, diving, evading fire from dragons
Flying, soaring, going fast to avoid hits
Rolling, diving, evading fire attacks as best we can

Becoming one with the dragon I fight with the dragon as best I can.
We finally win, with a lot of bruises.

Dragons then join us from near and far to soar with us.

We soar in the sky
We fly up high
We soar around in the clouds
We fly so up high I can reach the stars
Me and My Dragon we soar in the sky

Written by [Rising Death Dragon]

Personally sounds like a song to me.

5. A new king

All the dragons roam through the sky,
fighting about who will be their king
for the old one is about to die
for his death they're all stabbing.

A big black wyrm fights a green dragon,
but the green dragon can't be defeated
while the king is loaded on a wagon,
the fight is getting heated.

Many of them have wounds in either way,
they're burned and tired,
but the king has one last thing to say.
Everyone listened for he was admired.

"The new king will be,
the one who didn't fight!"

"That would be me",
said a little voice in the light.

He had no wings to fly,
was tiny but smart from nature,
while every dragon wondered 'why',
why this little creature.

The king said to everyone,
"He stayed and cared for me,
while you fought or ran,
only he shall also care for thee!"

And so became a little wingless beast,
the king of all the might.
There was a big feast,
that ended all the fight.

Written by [nehirwen]

6. dragons and elements

Flying through the air
No one who sees them
No one who can see them
No one who wants to see them
Dragons. Who live in the shadow waters of the earth

Existing only in fairytales
Stories only the younger ones believe
They are extinct to those who will not look
To the beautiful beasts they are
Dragons. Who can live in the fire of the earth

Slain in ancient myths
Told to one’s children for hundreds of years
They are so much different than those stories
For those who care to look beyond the tale
Dragons. Who cannot live on the earth itself

Surviving on minimum sources
Scared that they’ll be murdered
Hiding between the rocks and clouds
They will outlive humans
Dragons. Who live by the air around the earth

Now they are returning
More and more people who look beyond the clouds
More and more who see, feel, hear and smell them
They regain the faith of the ordinary
Dragons. Always living in the spirit of the earth

Written by [Decla]

7. The Coming of Dawn

'Neath the glorious amber light
That marks the coming of dawn
Beyond the trials of the night

Speak, dragon, what do you see?
Gazing into the young risen sun
The future, a spider's web woven free

Is there beauty in that light which you gaze upon?
Hope for a new millenium, ages past now ashes
Cleansing of sin, a chastised soul to don

Or is it blood staining the crimson sky
Dreams of war and strife to come
Know naught know the day you die

So stare upon the might of day
Bringing with it turns of unpredicted fate
Hold your dreams lest your courage sway

...For there is always hope with the coming of dawn

Written by [Lite]

8. O, Hail The Mighty Dragon!

O, hail the mighty dragon!
O, hail the mighty beast!
With advantage, extreme,
He reigns supreme
In a land from west to east.

This mighty beast, an emperor,
Of all places far and near.
He rules the world with fire,
Trembles all with fear.

O, hail the noble dragon!
O, hail the kingly beast!
He shakes the turf,
Riles the surf,
When his anger is released.

Bestowed a power so great,
He commands respect of all.
No man or creature deny him,
Or they are bound to fall.

O, hail the mighty dragon!
O, hail the mighty beast!
Majestic, unfurled,
He rules the world,
With no enemies in the least.

Written by [Artsieladie]

9. Classic Dragon's Lament (from 2003)

Your beautiful green eyes flash in fear
As I saunter my coils so near
You do not scream as virgins are wont;
You are far too precious to taunt.
You challenge morals I hold so dear.

I flick my forked tongue and smell your plight
You are not the only one, tonight!
I fail to understand why I must eat you
You charm more than the dragonesses I flew . . .
The Seeing One has lost his biological sight . . .

My yearning stomach grumbles for human flesh—
My priorities have become ensnared, enmeshed.
Hills of silver, stacks of platinum, towers of gold—
Love and unity are stronger concepts to behold
The passing matings are so distant, but so fresh.

The dragons are savage and fierce, but at what price?
After mating the pair breaks off; it’s never nice.
Humans are so fragile, so soft, so fleeting . . .
Yet true human love lasts for more than a meeting.
I yearn for a companion, but cannot break the ice!

You are so spirited, so beautiful and cute
Your wit and humor are of the highest repute
My keen ears have heard your captivating voice.
You present me with a terribly difficult choice—
You cast my entire existence into dispute!

My granting your freedom will embolden the slayers
Your preciousness strips away my primal layers.
I would treasure you, hold you so beloved, oh so dear . . .
Yet your mortality makes the hour of your death so near
My passion, begat by desperation, bubbles up and flares!

I need treasure and tributes to pass the listless hours.
My strength and magic have toppled many towers.
I have offspring who have generated offspring;
Love to an ancient is a momentous thing—
“Farewell. Forgive me. You are but a passing flower.”
As I purify you with my flame, my tears flow like a shower.

Written by [Paul Doyle]
Originally posted here in 2003:


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