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Dragon Pass

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This place is a treacherous pass that winds through the Claw Rift Mountains. It is the only possible way from the east and west, to reach Esire. The place is filled with carnivorous animals. Even worse are the monsters at night, though orcs, goblins, and mountain giants are the least of your worries. Beasts that have no name stalk travelers; none wish to travel here without companions, for those that have have never been found. 
Treacherous cliffs and jagged rocks, as well as the harsh elements and violent storms, have added to the danger.
You feel unease seep through you as you begin your climb.
The trail is rough, and all but vanishes in other places.
Wild animal and beast calls fill the pass, and it seems to be darker then it should be.

Claw Rift Mountains



The Dragon Wood

Demorthan Castle

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2013-03-31 [Lirerial]: She nodded as her shadows rose up and covered the entrance, she closed her eyes nd concentrated until the dank, wet smell of a cave seeme to be amplified.

2013-03-31 [Silver Moon]: Soon they could hear the flapping of numerious wings. "I thought we detected monsters..." They could hear a voice say

2013-03-31 [Lirerial]: Shade's tail swished nervously. And her fur bristled as she waited tensely to see if they'd been detected

2014-02-26 [Silver Moon]: Two men rounded the corner followed by two large coal black griffins. The men stopped a good distance from them and surveyed them curiously. "Interesting. So...this is where the brat got off to. Turn her over and we needn't use violence."

2014-02-26 [Lirerial]: Hmmmm... Well that sucked. Perhaps if they'd asked nicely, Shade would've turned the girl over. After all she didn't give a rat's ass for the kid but their threat challenged her and she only lifted her lips to bare her teeth threateningly.

2014-02-26 [Silver Moon]: Shard gently shoved the girl further into their hiding place. "And just what is it you intend to do to her?"

"She is a deserter. Deserters are sentenced to death." One of the men replied.

"That's funny. You two are griffin riders. Last I knew a dragon soul was the sworn enemy of griffin riders. It is more likely you guys are from a hunting party and she got away from you. Sorry. But I don't like it when people pick on or kill those that are weaker and unable to defend themselves. It is cowardice to attack a child. Don't you agree love?" Shard asked looking to Shade for a moment.

The men sneered and stepped forward. Shard shifted form and bared his teeth

2014-02-26 [Lirerial]: "Eh not really." Shade answered with a shrug, "I couldn't care less what you want this girl for or what you did with her." She said and then smiled, the expression looked a bit scary on her face as she continued, "I'm just not going to let you have her for the hell of it." She finished as she drew out her sword and stepped up beside her mate.

2014-02-26 [Silver Moon]: Shard looked troubled for a moment but filed it away. He suddenly lashed out catching one of the men by surprise. "Don't let the griffins get to open ground or they may give us a run for our money. If we can keep them enclosed then they will pose little threat."


2014-02-26 [Lirerial]: Shade nodded and leapt forward, blocking the griffins escape route and holding her sword at ready.

(aww ok, see you next year lol jk jk)

2014-02-26 [Silver Moon]: (lol I am on. Sorry been really busy)

Blood sprayed onto the stones as Shard tore open one of the other men's throats. The remaining man attacked Shard savagely .

The griffin's screeched and attempted to strike at Shade. Though they were not in the open they still were formidable. Their sharp talons struck at her swiftly.

2014-02-26 [Lirerial]: Shade sidestepped the griffin's attack and swung her sword down hard on the limb, attempting to hack off the limb.

2014-02-26 [Silver Moon]: As she managed this maneuver the griffin let out a screech. The second griffin lashed out with its beak clamping down on her shoulder. It began to attempt to tear into her arm.

2014-02-26 [Lirerial]: Shade cried out as the griffin clamped on to her shoulder and immediately shifted forms, twisting her body to bury her teeth in the furry neck

2014-02-26 [Silver Moon]: It squawked letting go and attempting to slash at her.

She could hear Shard grunt in pain as his remaining foe managed to slash him across the hip. Shard growled and clamped down on the man's neck and began to bite down

2014-02-27 [Lirerial]: Shade dodged the slash, though her shoulder was injured and her speed was not what it was normally, she still turned and leapt towards the nearest griffin, fully intending to lay open the creature's throat.

2014-02-27 [Silver Moon]: After a few more minutes of battle both the men and the griffins were dead. Shard clutched his hip panting a little. He turned to look at Shade, "Are you alright love?"

2014-02-27 [Lirerial]: "Yes." Shade nodded as she shifted forms once more and approached him. "Are you?" She demanded as she circled him and looked for injuries.

2014-02-27 [Silver Moon]: "I believe so. He cut some of the muscle so I may be unable to move as quickly until I recover." He said as he attempted to inspect her arm

2014-02-27 [Lirerial]: Shade snarled, the sound a bit unnerving even with her human form as she heard of her mate's injuries. She forced herself to stay still as he checked her over, trying not to give away her own injury.

2014-02-27 [Silver Moon]: He growled as well when he saw her wound. "How bad is it?"

(Gotta go in a bit)

2014-02-27 [Lirerial]: ((Sry, had to chase down the kid and put her to bed))

"Not bad." Shade answered dismissively with a shrug. It wasn't horrible but it was certainly at least a little worse than she was letting on.

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