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Note: When there's more entries about different kinds of dragons, they'll probably get their own pages (like the mer-people). Until then, they'll be posted here.

Types: Cold-drakes, Fire-drakes, Long-worms, Were-worms
Other Names: Worms
Meaning: Ultimately from the Greek drakon, meaning 'serpent'

Mighty reptilian creatures who ranked among the most feared of the servants of the Dark Lord. Of the origins of dragons, no tale tells; the first of them to be seen was Glaurung, Father of Dragons, who first issued from Angband in the middle of the First Age. After Glaurung came many others to strike fear into Elves and Men for the next three ages; among them were Ancalagon the first winged dragon, Scatha who dwelt in the cold northern wastes, and Smaug, last of the great dragons.

Dragons have powers of intelligence and speech, and many are also able to cast the dragon-spell, a bewildering confusion that affects any who gaze into the eye of the creature.

The dragons were not destroyed at the end of the Third Age; some are said to have survived to our own time, but the great worms and drakes of the Elder Days are no more.

Dragon -Dragons are incredably rare to come by. Most are thousands upon thousands of years old, and some have been known to live up to two million years before going to the wyvern in the sky, as they refer to it. Dragons come in many variaties, some evil, some good, and some who don't care. All dragons have wings, and they all can breathe fire. They all have exeptionaly good eye-sight, the can see up to five times the distance of humans, and can see in the dark nearly as well as they can in the light. Dragons have diffrent stages of age, wyrmling, infant, very young, young, pubertic, maturing, adult, mature adult, wyrm, and great wyrm. There are legends about dragons that have grown older and more powerfull than greatwyrms. . .
Here is a list of the common dragon species:
Good dragons:
Gold- the most powerfull good dragon there is. they are a shining gold color, and when they reach maturaty, some can blind lesser beings (meaning all non-dragons) by reflecting the sun's most harmfull rays. Their eyes are gold when they are young, but lose their color and become egg-white later on in life. They are extremley intelligent, and can even read minds when they reach the Mature adult stage. Gold dragons are noble and honorable, and sometimes help adventuring heros IF their quest is pure and just. Gold dragons can transform into a humanoid shape at will. (Humanoid can be anything from human to elvish to orcish)
Silver- not as powerfull as Gold dragons, but are still EXTREMLEY powerfull. They are a lot like gold dragons, so much so that they are exactly the same exept for color, strength, and what they belive to be good. Silver dragons will embark on any quest, so long as it doesn't involve senseless killing, but they have a very high price on their servaces.
Metalic-Metalic dragons are a metalic-blue color, and are esentially good, but they have no problem with stealing for what they want. They will never kill for no reason or for their personal gain, but they are known to keep hords of gold and platinum and other valuables. They don't have the ability to blind things with their scales, and their eyes are a greenish/blue color their whole life. As far as adventuring goes, they usually won't risk their own life for anyone else, or for any concept of good. They will help in a special cases, but those are usually cases that involve more gold than any one person has. They are not quite as strong as silver dragons, but are still EXTREMLEY powerfull. It is absolutley imposible for metalic dragons to read minds, because they aren't as smart as gold and silver dragons. Their average intelligence is that of a smart humanoid.
Evil Dragons:
Red-Red dragons are the most powerfull of the evil dragons. They are just as powerfull and have all the same abilities and gold dragons. They usually live near a village or town, and regularley torment and pillage that village or town. They keep a large amount of treasure, and will kill anything that crosses their path instantley. Red dragons are very cunning and smart.
Black-Black dragons are a deep black color, and are no where near as strong as gold or red dragons, but are, as always, EXTREMLEY powerfull. They cannot blind people, and their eyes are blck their whole life. They can hide in the shadows, if they are large enough, and they can hide underwater in marshes or swamps. They are very evil, and if they ever come across any form of life exept dragons or other stronger creatures, they will attempt to kill and eat it. They value treasure over all else, and will do anything to find it. They are about as smart as a regular humanoid.
White- White dragons are very uninteligent. they live to hunt, and the only things they can do is fight and kill. They are weaker than other dragons, but are still, not to seem repetative, but they really are EXTREMLEY powerfull. They are good as npcs, but are very bad pcs.
As you can probabley tell, I've left a lot to the imagination, and that's because there is no certain type of dragon, they are all diffrent, and are only similar in how they look and how they act.
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