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Here Are Completed Requests That Are Just Samples of What We Can Do:
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~If you wish to have a dragon, please feel free to place your name in DA Requests, but please realize that creating your dragon may take some time, so, we plead for your patience. Oh, and also we have a wiki for adopting dragons that are already made.Thanks. ^_^~


Dragons Club
Dragon Adoption is now a division of the brand new Dragons Club! All dragon admirers welcome! Picture clickable

Notice In Dragons Club Chatroom:

Attention to all members! ^_^ Please invite your friends and put up one of the wiki banners in your ET house if you can! The goal is to get at least 50 members. When we reach that goal we're going to have a major party!!

Each new member must state the person's name who invited him or her. That person mentioned will get a badge. The one with the most badges will be given a prize and a golden crown with a dragon on it!

Drawn by [Zab]. Thank you, [Zab]!!

The golden crown!
Drawn by [Eyonic]. Thank you!

Choice Prizes:

1. A chance to get a dragon of your choice to adopt from Dragon Adoption

2. A chance to request a custom-made dragon from one of our fine artists.

3. Or a custom-made dragon graphic to decorate your house with by [Kazurramah] or [Eyonic]

By courtesy of Dragon Adoption

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2007-06-10 [Demon Epona]: >>

2007-07-29 [Dreamseller]: Elftown doesn`t want no dragons. if you want stuff like that, go play neopets. -.-;

2007-07-29 [Calico Tiger]: That's not exactly true :) It's someone's personal preference if they want to adopt dragons or not. Not Elftown's as a whole. B'sides.... Neopets has too many annoying ads, hehe!

2007-07-29 [Demon Epona]: Ok, just by saying that you've ticked me off, but I'm going to explain nicely to you. Elftown is a fantasy and SciFi comunity. Dragons are considered part of fantasy. Agreeing with Tiger, it's a peresonal choice to like dragons or not.

And also neopets freakinig SUCKS!!!

2007-07-30 [Kazurramah]: Thanks, u 2. ^_^

2007-07-30 [Demon Epona]: Of course!

2007-07-30 [Kazurramah]: ^^

2007-09-08 [Kazurramah]: *sighs* Dreamseller, b nice... please? I'm not a big fan of arguing. I've dealt with 2 much...

2007-11-09 [Rising Death Dragon]: angelique rose, normally how long would it take to draw a dragon?

2007-11-10 [Kazurramah]: a while. but right now I'm dealing with school.
my dad would kill me if i failed. lol

2007-11-19 [Rising Death Dragon]: same.....

2008-07-06 [Kazurramah]: Everyone still here?

2008-07-07 [Fearathress]: wow....

2008-07-07 [Kazurramah]: It's been kind of quiet here, so i thought I might ask

2008-07-07 [Fearathress]: yea i am here.

2008-07-07 [Kazurramah]: *dances* we are at the half way mark on Dragons club.

2008-07-07 [Fearathress]: is that good?

2008-07-07 [Kazurramah]: yes ^^

2008-07-07 [Fearathress]: Cool!!

2008-07-07 [Kazurramah]: *dances more* Which means the campaign is half way over. lol. I think more need to participate though. There hasn't been a whole lot of recent activity

2008-07-10 [Rising Death Dragon]: what dragons club?

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