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Draconic Magic and the Inherent Arcane Bloodline

Course Material for Dragons - Biology, Sociology, and Magic, a Classroom at Androntel Academy


      As creatures of great age, charisma and legendary bloodlines, dragons are magnificent beasts as well as beings of great power, energy and magical abilities. Along with learning the most potent and effective spells in the wide array of the Arcane Arts, dragons have also learned to be extremely talented in spell resistance, draconic and magical feats, and inherent magical abilities.

      As dragons grow older, their powers and inner strength grow with them, gaining might and magical essence with age. Resistance to arcane energies, magical talents and frequency of ability use all increase while dragons become more magical with age.


      Typical magical abilities include:


Open Forum Classroom Area:
     Please feel free to field questions, comments, stories, or activities to this area, and they will be responded to as more work is done for this classroom area.

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Unit One :  -  Dragon Biology and Physical Features
Unit Two :  -  Draconic Personality and Sociology
Unit Three :  -  Draconic language and script
Unit Four :  -  Draconic Magic and Arcane Bloodline
Unit Five :  -  True Dragons
Earth-based Myth and Legend :  -  Earth Realm Dragons
Student, Scholar, Fan and Elftowner Artwork and Media Page  -  Dragon Artwork and Media

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2007-03-06 [DanClark]: Dragons being the closest representation of the power of the universe, as they age they attune themselves more and more to the frequency of the power that drives the universe forward. This being said, true dragons become stronger as they age, nearly unstoppable, because just as time moves on, so does the dragon's strength and unity to the surrounding environment. They understand and become the environment that they choose to reside in. This is to say that a dragon's strength is based on, and increases with the understanding of where it is and how best to tap into the universe. The understanding that they themselves are a part of the unifying force which is the universe, allows them to reshape those energies surrounding them.
As for the magic resistance, it is better to liken it to electricity: as energies are directed towards the dragon, those who are more attuned to the universe, and as such tend to be older, can redirect the energies gathered by the caster back to the origin of their gathering in the energy pool of the universe.
Let us look at the fire resistance of a red dragon: It’s natural connection with this form of energy allows for the perception that it is immune to such attacks, but if we look at the fire as energy, and the red dragon’s close relation to this particular form, the reality is that the energies directed against the red dragon in the form of fire simple are reabsorbed by the pool of universal power where from the dragon draws on a regular basis.

2007-03-10 [xido]: Very interesting discussion concept, and I agree, this is very insightful. Do you have any references for this, or is this primary research on the creatures in their natural habitats?

Have any others had experiences of this 'universal energy' within the draconic bloodline, and how does this differ from elemental energies, or even the eastern concept of prana, the heavenly spiritual energy that permeates all of Creation?

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