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Draconic Clan

The Dragons of the Fantasy Realms and Earth Realm

From the Elftown Clans & RP Council
And the Fantasy Race GOP and Minorities = The Fantasy Majority or GOP

By []</center>


     In the Draconic Hall of Representatives, a very important meeting is taking place:
Pesh'tilionicus ([xido]) heads to the front of the Clan Dwelling, next to the Clan Chairperson's Seat, and begins archiving information about the Clan's history. [K'jesrya] now leads the Clan as Chairperson.


  - Draconic Clan History01

Summary / Body of Content

Creatures of The Creature List:
  - Dragons & Draconic Races
  - Dragon Kith:
    - Kobolds
    - Wyverns


Laws & Clan Structure:
  - First come, first serve
  - Each Bloodline (draconic species) gets a representative for the Draconic Representatives.
  - To become a Draconic Representative, you may not lead another Clan. Members of other Clans may be Members of the Draconic Clan.
  - A chairperson leads the discussions, chosen by nominees and a vote
  - A scribe archives the discussions and notates important things on the Clan page
  - Clan art and media is applicable on Dracology, a classroom on dragons and draconic lore
  - The Draconic Clan Chairperson votes for the Clan in the GOP house

Important Polls:


The Fantasy Majority House Leader: [de Morte] (Undead Clan)

Draconic Clan Chairperson: [K'jesrya] (Draconic Clan)
Clan archivist and Scribe: [xido] (Draconic Clan)

Draconic Representatives


  - [xido] - Will's Dragons
  - [ArchangelGabriel]
  - [Dwarf Ronin]
  - [Firous] - Lōrendàr Fàhlen
  - [K'jesrya] - Sylvien
  - [Dasner]
  - [The Dizzy Raven]
  - [Nicolai Antredias] - Nicolai Antredias


Updates & Events
  - The Clan's new Chairperson, [K'jesrya], now leads and votes for the Clan! (2007-4-25)
  - Pesh would like to train another Clan member on how to archive and scribe the pages! (2007-4-1)


Creature_List / The Creature List

Elftown Creature Marathon

Representative Poll: <poll:73926>

Wiki Fiction Roleplay & WFR Guild Members
WFR Application Page & WFR Character Template

Take Elftown Back!

Dragon & Dragons

Dracology by [ArchangelGabriel]

Dragons - Biology, Sociology, and Magic by [xido]

Draconic Races > WFR Char RACE Page

Book of Dragons, the Draconomicon or the 'Grimoire Draconis'

Androntel Academy

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2007-02-17 [The Dizzy Raven]: Awesome wiki! thanks for inviting me ^^

2007-02-19 [xido]: "Absolutely," the young draconic secretary answers the newcomer. "And who may I inform the Clan members has arrived?"

Gleaming at the new face, she smiles broadly, her metallic scales glinting in the lantern lights. Outside, the evernight starry sky of the Draconic realm made the light within seem even brighter.

"I can add your name to the roster, if you wish," she suggests, hoping to coerce the new representative in the ways of the Clan. "Pesh has begun the meeting, and you are welcome to any Seat you wish," she informs the newest member, indicating that she represent a given faction of the lineages of the Clan.
"Do you have any concerns over your bloodline that you'd me to help you with," she offers, hoping to be of service.
-will (secretary Meeinuiulo, Copper Dragon servant)

2007-02-19 [xido]: (OOC link for reference:) draco_tp
The password on this page has been removed, since only forum members may edit it. Thanks!

2007-02-21 [xido]: Draco-[xido] (Pesh) states the first four laws of the Draconic Clan Law:
- "No member of more than one Clan may leader the Draconic Clan as Clan Leader. This means Dragons will only be led by full-blooded Dragons, and not 'Multiple Clan Members', or Half-Dragons. For this reason, [xido] must give up his rights to the Human Clans and Duergar Dwarf Clan leadership to others or else lose his Draconic Clan Leader status. He chooses [Torr-maat] to act as Duergar Dwarf Clan Chief if he agrees. [Kim_Lundin] will act as FESL Leader, because he is currently the only member of the Minor Clans, or those Clans with 1% or lower populations, according to the Representative Poll, <poll:73926>"
- "First come, first who acts, attains. This means those act first, get the reward first."
- "Dragons will be proactive in the RP Council. A Draconic Clan Hall will be set up for Dragons to mingle and work."
- "From here on in, all major decisions will be made my a majority vote (poll), led by [xido] until a new Clan Leader is chosen. Council members who choose to lead the Draconic Clan will do so as equal members to Will's Dragons, and must choose a bloodline to represent from the above list. Non-Council members who wish to join as Representatives will first be put to a duel."

"And so, it is the law which is right and just."

Draco-[xido] steps down for the night, to rest, and do some more work on the Hall.

2007-02-21 [Torr-maat]: no I am going to be Tauric clan leader....I don't have the stomach to be a dwarf

2007-02-22 [xido]: Great! I will make sure that [Kim_Lundin] makes himself the Dwarfin Clan Moderator, and if you get the chance to post a little on the Duergar / Duergar Dwarf / Duergar Dwarf Clan pages, feel free. You know it better than I. I just know where to find the graphics media for it... ;)

2007-02-22 [xido]: Make sure that you invite a Centaur advisor at some point, so that people understand the 'Tauric' concept, and see the initial race to the Tauric Clan. There are some really cool pages on Centaurs out there too.

The Tauric Clan might actually give you a platform for the Horns of Torrant Guild to take hold in the public eye. Make sure the goal of the organization is clearly stated in the introduction, so that all who enter know their place in it. ;)

2007-02-22 [xido]: "Ahem," Pesh speaks, "[Dwarf Ronin] has been added to the list. From here on in, all Draconic Clan Members may add themselves to the List. Draco-Grolar, we welcome you into our dwelling. Soon, we will have a wonderful Draconic Clan Hall to dine and celebrate in, but for now, we are just getting started. Feel free to make yourself at home and do as you please. All Dragons are welcome here."

2007-02-22 [Firous]: I would like to join...

2007-02-25 [Dasner]: "As would I." a little plumed wyvern says.

2007-02-26 [K'jesrya]: Perhaps I could request to join as well.

2007-03-06 [xido]: All have been added. Please choose a bloodline to represent, or make a new one up (Dragons are flexible, but true bloodlines do exist). Ask me if you don't know which to choose, and give me an idea of what you're going for... Especially if you don't know D&D dragons or the ideas behind the book, 'Dragonology'.

2007-03-06 [Dasner]: I know a TINY bit about D&D and I've read some of the Dragonology book. *reads anything about dragons*

2007-03-06 [Firous]: I just need a name but I want to be a silver....unless I could use Loron? She is a silver dragon who can use magics to change forms to a moon elf. She's mainly a healer.

2007-03-10 [xido]: Loron sounds like a worthy choice, based on that description. Do you have a character page for her? You can use that in place of your own name, if you choose.

2007-03-10 [K'jesrya]: I also have a Draconic Character that i use in a RP here on elftown, her name is Sylvien, and she is Loron's sister. You can go to Sylvien to look at her if you wish

2007-03-19 [xido]: OOC: Wow, great to see such cool characters, from both of you.

For right now, I was thinking that only one member of each bloodline (since there are so many) would represent each member of that bloodline. Since first come - first serve is the rule at the moment, Firous has the position of leading the Silver Dragons. If you would like to challenge her position, it will need to be dealt with peacefully, and with wisdom.

Also, the Draconic Clan is too much for me to lead, with all the Elftown Clans needing direction and leading. I am going to open the floor for another dragon to lead the Clan as the future Draconic Clan Chairperson. I will represent three Draconic lineages until someone chooses to usurp the Black and Brass bloodlines from me. I will permanently reside as the Sand Dragon, Pesh'tilionicus.

IC: Pesh stands at the front of the room, holding a gilded scroll in his cloddy talons, speaking aloud to the whole of the Clan:
"Hear ye, that the Draconic Clan seeks a new chairperson to supercede the ancient bloodlines of the dragons of Elftown! Every nominee (and yes, you may nominate others) should comment hither, to lead us in our convocations heretoforth!"

(OOC: we need a leader to take my place, and lead the discussions on dragons. I will tell you all more later about the future of Dracology as well.)

2007-03-23 [K'jesrya]: That sounds interesting. I do not wish to challenge her position, she will carry it well.

IC: Standing, looking to her younger sister that now holds position over the others of their bloodline, Sylvien holds her head up high and seeks the eyes of Pesh. "I hereby wish to enter into the thoughts of the other representatives to take up the mantle of our beloved Draconic Clan Chairperson. Should it please the rest of the council, I will await your decisions and will take whatever decision you should choose with great humility and understanding." Bowing her head to the current Chair, as well as Pesh and her sister, she resumes her seat.

2007-03-26 [xido]: Pesh looks to the shining silver dragon, and asks, "And Sylvien, with what skills which you possess would you raise our Clan to Glory in the Elftown Clans? What would your policies be, and would you make any changes for the future of our Clan?"
He waits patiently for her answer, which along with her self-nomination, constitutes a viable application to the position of Clan Chairperson.

2007-03-26 [K'jesrya]: "I will uphold the current our current laws and structures, for without them we would have not gotten thus far. I shall carry out any discussions that may be pertinant to us here in the Draconic Clan, as well as any other clan that may seek guidence. I alone cannot raise our Clan to Glory, but by working together with the representatives as well as the other Clans, we can not only bring Glory to our Clan, but to others and back to Elftown. I will take whatever vices or ideas that concern our clan, and I will discuss them with the others, and bring it to the attention of the council so that it may all be discussed and a decision come to fairly. I alone cannot do these things...but we as a council, if I am accepted to this position, I will be the council's voice, not judge and jury." Bowing low to Pesh, Sylvien awaits whatever decision the rest of the council will come to.

2007-04-02 [xido]: Pesh smiles, adoring her thoughtful answer.
"These are great attributes for a leader and Draconic Chairperson," he comments respectfully. "Are there any here who oppose this nomination or reasoning, Yay or Nay?" he asks the Clan members and Representatives.

2007-04-02 [K'jesrya]: Sylvien stands, and awaits the answers of the Council Members

2007-04-02 [xido]: IC:
Pesh begins, "Nay, I do not oppose."

Drolivekk responds, "Nay, she is suitable."

The daunting eyes of the cruel and sinister Ebony Black Dragon seated in the rear of the Chambers sneers. "Yay, on the grounds of being ugly."

Pesh stands abashedly for the reasoning. Drolivekk scolds her.

"Oh, alright, if you can't count ugliness as a punitive reason against leading... NAY. She can lead the damned Clan if she is required to do so."

Pesh gives her an eye and says, "Munlinthuriwythir, do you oppose this motion or not?"

"Nay. I submit to the whims of the Clan once more."

Drolivekk is tired of her antics, but says nothing, only sighing. "Hmph."

2007-04-02 [K'jesrya]: Taken aback at the Black's statement, Sylvien had to catch herself from allowing her mouth to hang open in shock. Taking a calming breath, she continued to stand and await the Council's final decision.

2007-04-02 [Firous]: Loren Smiles, "Nay, she will do a fine job."

2007-04-16 [xido]: "Since there are no objections, and with the decision of the current Draconic Clan Council, Sylvien will be the Clan Chairperson henceforth, until she or the Council deems it necessary for a change in position. Best wishes to you, Lady Sylvien of the Draconic Clan, in your new position and responsibilities. The RP Council welcomes you wholeheartedly."

2007-04-16 [K'jesrya]: "Thank you. I hope that I will be able to handle the council's decision well." Bowing her head, Sylvien returns to her seat

2007-04-20 [xido]: Pesh lays down the large parchment he had been reviewing and revising, and gestures to the Ebon black throne-like draconic-styled lounger, which had been left unattended since Drolivekk went to Polyhieronia to lead the discussions in the Groves of the Council Hall.
"Please, milady, feel free to take the Seat of the Chairperson," he beckons her, his body half bowing to lead her eyes to the High Seat. The 'throne' was located at a singular notch in the round table at which they sat. The only notch cut into the curved edge of the great table, it allowed the Chairperson to sit somewhat inside the circle, so that all could see and hear the Speaker who rested on its flexible and luxurious seat.
"Perhaps as your first motions, we could tackle the idea of an ECM Dragon session, or build a Draconic Hall in which to hold Council. First on my list of things to consider is what the Clan wishes to do with its space and content, as well as future contests and polls. Any ideas?" Pesh asks as he gives Sylvien time to acquire her new seat at the Great Table.

2007-04-23 [K'jesrya]: Slightly embarrassed, Sylvièn stands from her former seat with the others of her kind, she makes her way to the seat of the Chairperson with as much dignity that she can muster. Seating herself slowly, she takes in the council from this position, then turning to Pesh responds to his questioning. "I believe that a Draconic Hall in which we may hold council is a good idea, and perhaps we can think on a place where representatives from all the Clans may meet and discuss their wants and needs with members of other councils so the impact of said desires can be foreseen. As to the ECM Dragon session, it would be interesting to see how others view the multitude of Dragon Kind. If you wish to hold other contests, perhaps a design for a Draconic Hall, or designs for an All Clan Meeting Hall.” Waiting to see the council’s reactions to her first motions as the Speaker for all of her blood.

2007-04-26 [xido]: "How wonderful," Pesh replies. "These are great ideas. Would you mean for an All-Clan Meeting Hall, such as Polyhieronia, for such a need? An image of the location would indeed be fun and interesting. An Open RP Area Such as a Draconic Hall of Representatives might work well."
He goes about making important notations about the Clan's recent motions.

OOC: if you have a wikipage for a draconic character of yours, feel free to add it next to your name. I welcome all who wish to participate openly. So far, this is fun, and not too much for me to document. I will be archiving tonight before I go to bed. ;)
-will (Pesh)

2008-01-26 [xido]: ECM-Dragon-Art_Commentary for ECM Dragon Art:

The password to view is 'draco'. Sign in as a member to be involved. Contact me by message if you're unsure of what to do, and I will begin the discussion this coming week. I will be in-character as three Draconic Clan Representatives - Pesh, Drolivekk, and Thuriwyther (Copper, Brass, and Black Dragons).

All are welcome.

2008-01-31 [K'jesrya]: Oi, [xido] you have the draconic clan behind you, and though I realize that this little tiff has come to a rather sharp end, I just wanted to let you know that. Anyway, it probably doesn't mean much now, but yeah.

2008-01-31 [Artsieladie]: Will, I have deleted all comments pertaining to this subject, the couple of mine here (yours here, Will, is your decision), on the ECM Dragon Art & the working page for the ECM Mods, except I reposted [Hedda]'s, b/c I felt he made his point about such very clear. I just left out his target's name. I am friends with both of you & I feel bad about how this all turned out. <img:stuff/cr-gif.gif>

2008-01-31 [Firous]: They act as though we aren't artists too... Granted I don't draw but that doesn't mean that none of us do. And even when I do I don't act they way that they did. [K'jesrya] is Ash posting a picture? If so I say the clan votes for it!

2008-01-31 [Artsieladie]: Actually, I told Will that if you want to critique mine, "Nobility", I have no problem with this. Maybe if I step forward, others will see there is nothing to be alarmed about. I also told [Hedda] that I am willing to do this & I'm a person that tries to keep my word. <img:stuff/sm-gif.gif>

2008-01-31 [K'jesrya]: [Firous] i am not sure if Ash is going to post a pic or not, but the one that she was drawing last night looks great. If she does, it will most likely be posted tonight.

2008-03-19 [xido]: Please message me personally if you would like an update on the ECM Dragon Art discussion. Now that the contest is over, the Draconic Clan will critique the artwork because it is the public property of Elftown now. We will observe all images submitted, as they are the most diverse array of entries on a dragon-related topic to one page.

Again, I will be in character, and you may be as well - or you may be your Self. This is not a closed-door event, but it will also not be openly advertised on related ECM pages, or the Creature_List. You may invite anyone you choose, and all are welcome.

I will again be in character as my three current dragons - Will's Dragons.

It will be a fun, creative, and free-form event about dragons.

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