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Draconic Clan Historical Document 01

Archived by [xido] - Pesh of Will's Dragons

    "I present a notion," begins Pesh, speaking on behalf of the-roleplay-initiative, "that says that writing dialogue in the first person is not a sin, and to operate under the persona of another entity is entirely sane to do in public. So noting, there will commence a great deal more of the effort of role-playing in Elftown and abroad."
    Tapping the podium once for effect, he continues, "There will be a proposal written, one that will heretoforth summarize a need for the principles lain by the wise group, Take Elftown Back. As my first call of the actions of the dragons, a group is being constructed to deal with delivering media and content to this page and others, in correlation with the actions included in the-roleplay-initiative. Thank you."
    Going back to writing, he waits until others arrive before discussing the political and summarized nature of the Clan's duties.


    After a thorough discussion from a panel of dragons, [K'jesrya] is named Draconic Clan Chairperson. She is wished great fortune and wisdom to lead the Clan.

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