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2005-03-16 02:41:30
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Here's a little drabble I made. It's like a fanfic, it has Vegeta from Dragon Ball the show

The man plopped down on his old, lumpy mattress, thinking of everything that had happened this night, the fight with his wife, how he had hit her, yelling false accusations at her. Why? He thought why had he done it, done what he never wanted to do. Now he placed himself in the stereotype in which he never wanted to be in. He was, the battered child that grew up to batter his own family.

How could her throw those nasty assumptions at his two beloved ones which he cared for with all his being. As tortured as he was, he never wanted to give them any pain, he was supposed to protect them, not hurt them. She had fled the house with their son to her parents. How could he ever face them again? He screamed with rage and pain as he remembered her bruised teary eye, tears he caused.

He had enough! He opened his dresser moving his clothing around. Where the hell was his gun! She must have taken it. Frustrated he stomped into the kitchen throwing open everything, looking for something, anything. The last one held some knifes, grinning insanely he walked back to his bed.

Looking around the room for something to stop what he was about to do, all that’s here are his wife belongings and pictures. Pictures of his family, the family he doesn’t deserve. Gripping the knife, his knuckles turning white, he plunged it into his stomach letting his blood spur all over the tan carpet. Slowly pulling it out, he laid back and closed his eyes. Finally, finally, Vegeta was free.

Want to my house? [blbardsley]

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2008-08-19 [Duke Devlin]: That was so sad. :(
I love Vegeta. <3 Well written. :)

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