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Dr. Scholl’s For Her Smooth my Sole review

The more that I have been working this winter, the more I can’t help but notice that my once beautifully-pedicured feet are no longer quite so beautiful. Long hours on my feet in uncomfortable, company-required shoes have begun to leave thick (ew!) calluses on my feet, and areas that were once smooth and soft are now hard and rough. 

A while back, while taking a sort of vacation from work, I found myself yearning to give myself a pedicure. After considering the whole idea for a minute, I decided that my husband could do with a bit of a pedicure as well, his feet were far worse than mine! As a spur-of-the-moment purchase while at a local retailer, I decided to pick up the Dr. Scholl’s For Her Smooth my Sole. I had seen the Ped-Egg advertisements on television a lot at that point, and figured that since the design of the two products were so similar, that the results must be the same too, right? Well, rather unexpectedly, I was wrong. I’ve no idea how solid a product the Ped-Egg is, but I know that I regret wasting my money on the Smooth my Sole. 

Dr. Scholl’s For Her Smooth my Sole is a bright, clear pink product that comes in a moderately hard, sealed plastic case. This case is predominately yellow and lavender in colour, and claims that due to the stainless steel, ProSharp micro file on the product, that the Smooth my Sole will gently remove rough, dry skin, as well as collect skin shavings within the plastic container in order to keep the whole ordeal mess-free! The rest of the case that the Smooth my Sole comes in continues to toss similar information out to the potential purchaser. The case depicts the Smooth my Sole being rubbed across a balloon, with the promise that the product is so gentle, that it won’t pop the balloon, claims that the product is specially designed to fit comfortably in the palm of a woman’s hand, and that, after the Smooth my Sole has effectively and completely removed all traces of calluses, that there are three smoothing pads within the case to provide the finishing touch on one’s feet. Well, for ten dollars, it was hard for me to turn all of those promises away. 

The hard, translucent, half-egg-shaped hot-pink, plastic case that makes up the largest part of the Smooth my Sole does, in fact, fit nicely into my hand. This portion of the product is intended to capture the skin shavings from one’s feet, so that one may keep their callus removing mess-free. Additionally, the case is translucent so that one may keep tabs on how much skin they have removed, kind of a gross idea, but whatever.

The next piece of the product is a hard, solid pink plastic piece which both fits perfectly into the clear, plastic egg-piece as well as contains the stainless steel callus removing section. This piece, at least the steel end of it, greatly resembles a cheese-grater. After running the grating side cautiously over a dry portion of my hand, I note that though the metal bits do not cut my hand, they do leave a few white scratch lines down it. I have not tested this product on a balloon, but I doubt that it would not pop it. I did manage to accidentally cut myself at one point with the Smooth my Sole, so I have little faith that something as delicate as a balloon would be safe. 

The third and final piece of this product is the hard, plastic topper, which is meant to be placed on top of the grating portion of the Smooth my Sole after one has finished using it. The only real use that this piece seems to have is to keep any remaining foot dust from ending up all over one’s dresser, desk, etcetera, where they would normally place the product to leave until it’s next use. 

After evaluating all of the pieces of the Smooth my Sole, I read through the instructions for use, which quickly and efficiently walked me through how to use my newly acquired product. The package states that the Smooth my Sole is most effective when used upon clean, dry feet. No worries there, I had only recently finished showering when I decided to give my new tool a try. After being certain that one’s feet are indeed clean and dry, the instructions state that one should then hold the Dr. Scholl’s For Her Smooth my Sole micro file in either hand and use gentle pressure moving back and forth to remove dry, rough skin. Obviously, one should stop use immediately should skin irritation occur or else the product begins to hurt the user. 

At this point, I began to get a bit frustrated. I was doing everything that the instructions said to do, beginning with the heel of my foot, the worst place for callus buildup, and though a bit of fine, white powder was gathering in the egg-shaped portion of the product, it didn’t really seem as though I was making much progress in my callus removal. I worked on the small heel portion of my left foot for about an hour before giving up completely. Not much more dust gathered in the egg-piece in all that time, and my feet just felt attacked rather than smoothed. Additionally, when I turned the whole thing upside down to place the “lid” upon it, the majority of the dust fell out from the egg-body. So much for being mess-free, now I had a nice, disgusting pile of foot-dust to vacuum up from the carpeting. Ick. 

Frustrated with the Smooth my Sole, I began using the smoothing pads that come with the product. These pads are rather thin, white, and are shaped like the Smooth my Sole. They also have the texture of sandpaper; though not very rough sandpaper, come to think of it. The instructions state that by rubbing these over one’s feet, they may buff and finish their feet to a beautifully pedicured look. However, with these, too, I gave up easily. Sandpaper would have been more effective than these sorry pieces of paper that tore with even small amounts of pressure applied to them. 

Cleaning up the Smooth my Sole is easy, the directions state that one should empty the skin shavings into the trash (assuming that they’re not already all over one’s floor) and wash the micro file with hot soapy water after every use. One should be sure to dry the product thoroughly before storage.

The product does come with a few warnings, which include that one ought to stop using the product if they have diabetes or poor blood circulation, that the product should not be used on warts, areas that are reddened, irritated, or blistered, that the product should not be used any further should one experience pain or skin irritation, that the product ought not to be shared, that the product is not intended to be used by more than one person, and that one ought to discontinue using the product should the product become bent or else otherwise damaged. The product should also be kept out of the reach of children. All of these warnings in mind, the only true warning one should heed is this: DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. One would have better results in buffing their feet should they choose to use a block of sandpaper or a razor blade. Even for only ten dollars, one is basically throwing their money away by purchasing such a shoddy product that not only does not work, but also causes little nicks to one’s skin as well as leaves a gross, powdery mess behind. 

Undoubtedly, this product is a great, big flop, which I do not recommend to anyone, anywhere. This product was made in China. 

/ [Nioniel]

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