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Below the ruins of the fallen Vraisynn Palace, in the Lands of Qor

Gogann the RedHorn

Prior to Utter Chaos:
Old DITS01 - The first chapter in the 'Down in the Sewers' Page, the history of Gogann and Imorphixius' activities.

From Out of the City > Encounter with Imorphixius



     When he awoke, Kim's eyes had been shedding tears as if he'd witnessed a revelation. The warmth of being filled with the power of the eternity beyond the physical realm had awakened something inside of him, as if answering a distinct and unspoken prayer to his inner nature.
     He was still lying prone against the wall, his arms still in the place of the open shackles while he slumped down somewhat. In the dark chamber, the small fire still lie smoldering, almost coals, and the seven pillars of energy still stand in the room like silver-green statues, glowing a pale, eerie light in the shadowy depths. The being was nowhere to be found, and the mind-place he occupied before was nothing more than a strong memory; its feeling and depth still penetrated him as if he had watched the greatest play of his life.
     When Buddha had seen his eyes open, he spoke to him, "Kim! Hey buddy, are you alright?" Angel still lie asleep in her shackles, and Kim momentarily wondered if she was unconscious or worse, dead.
     "It looked like he hypnotized you or something... Do you feel alright?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm all right." Kim answered "Actually, I feel greater than I have for a long time..." he turned his attention to Angel, and suddently felt bad for being in such a good mood while the others apparently weren't "How is it with her?" he asked, his voice filled with concern.

     "I'm okay, but I think he poisoned us or something. I don't feel so hot. And," Buddha said, looking longingly at his now-unconscious lover, "I can't seem to wake Angel, and it's too far to reach in order to shake her... I've tried."
     As his sweat-drenched brown hair fell from the tied braids in front of his face, Buddha looked thoughtfully at Kim.
     "It looked like he had hypnotized you, Kim," he said at last. "Do you REALLY feel alright? Are you evil or something now?"

"What? Evil? No, not more than usual, at least." Kim answered Buddha and tried to smile, it came out a bit weak, though. He rose from the floor and walked up to Angel "Has she moved at all since we came here?" he asked. Carefully he touches Angel's wrist and searches for a pulse.

     "Well, I just had to check... Then again, if you WERE evil, you probably wouldn't tell me anyways... So I'll just have to go with my wits on it," Buddha says, forcing a smile after their long and continuing ordeal.

     Though weak, there is indeed a pulse in Angel's veins. The flesh of her wrist feels cold and clammy, though with the feeling of the air in this dungeon-like hall, it's not all that surprising. The look on her sleeping unconscious face is what bothers them both: it is a mix of revulsion and pain, which does not change or move.

     "I haven't seen her move a budge since we got down here and he took that thing off her face. Does she feel alright? I can't reach her..." He makes a crude attempt to reach against the bonds of his shackles, and fails. The drying slime on her face masks the subtle beauty that she has always given off to her close friends. Seeing her in this state makes them both a bit uneasy.

"She has a pulse... though it's faint, and she feels cold..." Kim answered with a concerned voice "If only I had my pack... but maybe..." he stood up from the ground "Maybe there's something in here I could use..." he began to search the room for anything that could help, especially blankets and medicines.

     Some torn rags line the outer edge of the walls in the damp cellar, though no medicines outside of mold and lichen can be found nearby. Just outside the light of the eerie ritual magic emanating from the center of the room the hall-like construction parts in two directions: one goes toward a crumbled wall that has toppled in on itself in the ruins; the other leads toward a closed iron door.

Kim looked at the rags and sighed before picking them up. He put away those he found too damp and carried the rest of them to Angel "This'll have to do for now, at least they should keep her warm." he said to Buddha while spreading the pieces of cloth evenly over Angel.

     As he placed the only slightly damp cloth over Angel's body, she moaned in tortured agony and sweat immediately soaked the rags from her skin as she moved ever so slightly in the shackles. Her groaning sounds were accentuated by her languid and consciousless motions, as if in spite of their restlessness and lack of bodily control.
     It was obvious they'd been poisoned in some form. Angel's flesh was white as a stone-washed cotton bedsheet, and Buddha looked completely ragged, despite his assured sense of confidence. His monk training was working well for him, but watching his lover croon and writhe had obviously shaken his self worth since he felt so hopeless. While he understood Kim's facial mannerisms, he couldn't understand why this man had become so immune to the dark place around them now. The look on Buddha's face became one of confusion, mixed with a sense of silent curiosity. He watched as Kim worked, not saying anything. Secretly, he wished that he would free them both.
     Tending to Angel had opened something up with himself, and Kim felt a certain warmth creeping up from somewhere deep within himself. He paused while it seemed to subside every few seconds. The rags now damp with sweat on Angel's body seemed alive with activity, yet remained still and silent. The threads they were composed of was a fantastic and sweeping universe of thought and wonder in front of him, and as the salty moisture seeped its way into the threads, he felt as if this moment were like a story unfolding; a story about himself, and his purpose in this realm.

(Kim's Mantric Awakening - Self-Manifestation, Pranic Healing, Miracles, Body Chakras, Spiritual Unity, Missing Pieces of Himself, Possibility of Evil/Disharmony, Possiblity of Beauty)

     Before he knew what had happened, he was sure that this warmth inside of him was the second revelation. Though the ones inside the room were the only ones present, Kim felt another presence within and around himself that mirrored his own power in this thought-place.
     In reality, he was sure that he was looking down at his hands when his soul opened up inside his chest. As Buddha spoke aloud, "Kim, are you alright?" Kim was certain that he was. His assurance was actively shown in his lack of needing to answer his friend.
     The power inside his body was deafening. He wondered how Buddha could not be aware of it. He did not seem to notice, however, when Kim's body became flames of color and energy. Seven wheels spun around on his spinal column, and the chakras were the colors of a rainbow. Chakras in his hands, feet, arms, legs, head, and a surround halo of aural energy were also obvious in Kim's vision. He had been granted the gift of True Sight - a divine power marking one with God-sight. He knew immediately that this was something he had earned in a previous life, when he had saved a poor old elderly woman from quicksand on a very different world known as Tiamat. In this life, he had shown himself to be a hero and a confident, neighborly person. This spiritual medal of honor he could see hanging near his heart chakra, and he wondered when his totem would appear. This last thought seemed strange to Kim at first, then became obvious that it had been a memory of a previous life as well. He must have a totem spirit somewhere, he had thought to himself.

     In his mind, Kim can hear a soothing voice, a melodic tune:
You have the power within you. This power shows itself to Kim a spark of light inside his body.
You have the choice to do many things. Some will be for one reason, while others will be done for another. These reasons seem like good and evil, and they are the black and white energies fighting for supremacy inside his soul. Kim's internal power is strong and sure.
You can take hold of miracles or dooms if you choose. I will grant you now the ability to achieve one such miracle of your choice. One day, you will have to learn how to accomplish them yourself, in order to be legendary. In his mind's eye, Kim can see himself doing a variety of things in the near future. Each seems plausible, but his sense of free will is the most powerful tool he currently has:
  - he breaks the shackles, freeing Angel
  - he heals Angel, then frees Buddha to help him
  - he allows Angel to pass on mercifully
  - he uses his power to save himself
  - he uses his power to save the others, while causing himself harm and remaining imprisoned
  - he chooses to leave for help
  - he kills them both to prove his loyalty to his new power
  - he commands Buddha to sleep, and takes Angel with him when he leaves
  - he commands the entity known as Imorphixius to come and tell him what is happening in this chamber
  - he destroys the central fire
  - he commands reality to change in some minor way
  - he commands reality to change in a major way, but falls unconscious
  - he sends Angel to another plane or world
  - he sends Buddha to another plane or world
  - he summons the most helpful entity he knows or wishes to have here with him
  - he uses his God-sight to find a better way to see this situation, then chooses his miracle
  - he uses his God-sight to see inside Angel, like above

     An eye opens up in his heart, mind, and hands, and he can see many things he could not see before.

To Kim, there was only one thing he knew, he had to find a way to help Angel and Buddha. The problem he faced was that despite that he knew his goal, he had troubles to decide the best way to do it. He somehow knew that he could heal Angel, she was clearly the one who most needed healing, but if he did, would she still be trapped down here? Perhaps if Buddha helped him, the two of them together could get her out. But what if they couldn't? Perhaps he should focus on freeing them from their chains first and healing her later. Or perhaps he could send her to the others to tend to and worry about getting Buddha out after that.
All the possible options made him feel a little dizzy, some of them he hated himself for ever even thinking about. He should call for the being who brought them here and ask him to make everything more clear, he was after all the one who had helped him realise that he was somehow more than he had previously thought he was. But would Imorphixius let him help his friends?
Another moan from Angel suddenly washed away all conflict and made his choice clear, however. There was no time to try to figure things out now, action must be taken at once. He knelt down by her and put his hand on her forehead, the single word 'Heal' sounded in his mind.

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2007-06-29 [Kim_Lundin]: Oh, and we don't bother with the Will save. Let's just say I failed it quite miserably and the only thing that remains is that tiny voice.

2007-07-05 [xido]: I can work with that. ;)

Law & Good = Veil / Ethereal energy; Neutral = Umbra / Astral energy Either would be fitting, I would think. If still completely unsure, or you feel that he may not really have a developed Divine Spark, you could always choose Mixed, which is gray and unfamiliar to other Energy Paths. I will not force you to choose one now, but for the sake of showing you something important, I want to make the visual elements of the storyline correct.

2007-07-07 [Kim_Lundin]: I think I understand roughly what those things are, but I don't really understand what they mean. I've read the pages once, will try to read them again and see if it becomes clearer.

2007-07-09 [xido]: Inside the soul, there is the Self. The Self was created from a Divine Spark. Inside one's soul, you can find that Divine Spark, the same shard of light connected to the rest of the cosmos, and it is made of one of a series of energies. Typically they work in a positive-neutral-negative manner. In this sense:
positive = Veil / Ether / Law / Good (life);
neutral = Umbra / Astral / Thought / Dreams;
and negative = Void / Shadow / Chaos / Evil (death)

Not all of these factors are necessary for your choice. Like say, if you were chaotic good. You would be able to lean more toward Void because of the chaos factor, and Veil because of the positive energy factor... either way it is allowable and completely up to the choice of the individual.

So, for you, what is most important is that Kim Lundin knows what his Divine Spark looks like. What energy would best describe him, of those three? (I wish I could offer Permea, which is more earth-like than the others, but it does not become present in the cosmos until after the Epicene happens... If you felt drawn to that one, I would tell you that your Divine Spark was gray and 'mixed', and that it would form after the energy of Permea is present in the universe...)

Another way to see it is more elemental:
fire = veil
air = umbra
earth = permea
water = void

2007-07-12 [Kim_Lundin]: I had to juggle it in my head a while, but I think Veil is the one most fitting. He's more good than neutral, and I don't feel he's chaotic enough to warrant the Void one... it's a tricky one though, this is one of those moments where more choices and nuances would have been useful.
I'll take the Veil though, before I change my mind.

2007-07-13 [xido]: That's fine. It gets more diverse and with more choices later, but the Divine Spark is like the basis of it...

For simplicity's sake, he expects that you will say not to return. Something about this place makes you feel really good, and inside, you think you're ready for whatever is coming your way. We'll talk more about the other voice later... ;)

2007-07-16 [Kim_Lundin]: Ooh... a mysterious voice :D Now I'll be all excited until I find out who popped in to scare me/warn me/just say "hi"

2007-07-20 [xido]: OOC: you're still enamored by Imorphixius, and think of him without fear or hatred (even though he's not here), and nothing else is different about you that you can immediately tell, aside from feeling like you just touched heaven. Even though the Divine Spark was corrupted by shadow (Void), it did not harm you in any way that you can tell. In fact, you nearly didn't even notice... But then, there is still that seed of doubt planted somewhere deep inside.

Now, any questions yet?

2007-07-22 [Kim_Lundin]: I'll try to avoid to forget that. But I'll act like normal concerning all other things, right?

2007-07-23 [xido]: yes, indeed.

2007-08-01 [Kim_Lundin]: Just have to know, am I still free from the shackles or have they been put back on?

2007-09-04 [xido]: you're free... the others are not. ;)

2007-09-05 [Kim_Lundin]: Okay, just needed to know if I was free to move around in the room.

2007-09-28 [xido]: Sorry about not posting. Gotta make time at work to get on here... ;P

I will give you a great post here real soon. You will soon be on your way to immortality, my dearest friend Kim.

Remember Inath? I am posting it up an D&, and it is getting some real attention.
See for what has been happening so far. ;) Super fun.

2007-10-02 [Kim_Lundin]: Don't worry, Mask of the Betrayer cast Dominate Person on me... :D
Now that page'll take some of my time, especially since I haven't read Deities and Demigods. It's interesting though, even though I'll never remember the names of the castes and all that. <_<

2007-10-03 [Kim_Lundin]: If you have the time, I really would like a short and simple explanation of the "Inath Affinities" part on the Inathpage. I've read it twice, but it just slips away the moment I think I understand it.

2008-03-16 [xido]: I think the definition of the word must be considered when you describe what an affinity is:

It is like a basic element, energy, or compound item/substance that your soul can bind together with itself in order to attain a semi-physical immortality. Depending on one's continuing changes, these affinities may change, and even non-physical immortality and purely physical immortality are possible to achieve. Affinities are the gateway to the spirit's grasp on the material world. Without affinities, our bodies would not harbor our souls. In the real world, our affinities would be blood, bone, flesh, spirit, and love, as well as philosophies and/or logical reasoning. As long as it is strong enough to survive Apocalypse, it would make a good Inath Affinity.

2008-03-16 [xido]: I archived the first part of this story. I can't promise to be active, but I want at least one Elftown Guild Member to experience the Epicene before it gets published...

Let me know if you have any ideas for Affinities, Totems, God-sight/True Sight, or miracles. Right now, your soul is still battling for light/darkness, but you still have control.

You will still need to find all those other missing parts of yourself - either to kill them, assimilate them into yourself, or do something to fix the missing parts of your soul brought on by having multiple bodies around the cosmos. I didn't include it in the post, but there are still things left unended. This is not the story's climax, believe it or not.

2008-04-08 [Kim_Lundin]: Heh, and surprised of that choice we are not. XD I'm such a goody-goody at times.

2008-04-11 [xido]: This I should powerplay Angel in her departure? I don't THINK she'd mind for the sake of a good story... I think.

2008-04-13 [Kim_Lundin]: Send her a message describing what happens and let her know that if there's anything she want to change in it, it's just to say so. That way we can keep it going without leaving her with no chance to make any input.

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