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Douglas Adams: Mostly Harmless review

It's finally done! The final part of the Hitchhiker series.
The final part brings back some of the old familiar characters like Trillian and her other version Tricia McMillan, who never left with Zaphod in the first place.
Ford Prefect finds an updated version from the Guidebook, which is stolen by Trillian's daughter Random (guess who the father is?) and this is why everyone returns to Earth - or some version of it - which is still mostly harmless.

The last part of the series is quite convoluted and ends in a way that you don't really understand what the heck just happened.

But it ends. Yay.

To conclude the series, the first part is a modern classic and it still made me laugh at times. The rest is quite dull and boring, and I doubt I won't be reading these again.
But for those who've enjoyed the series this final part is of course compulsory.

/ [Caterin S.]

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